Summer Infant Swaddleme Graduate Cotton Knit, Sports

Summer Infant Swaddleme Graduate Cotton Knit, Sports

An adorable swaddle for your little sports fan. The Summer Infant SwaddleMe® Graduate allows for a seamless transition from swaddling to a wearable blanket. The SwaddleMe Graduate comfortably swaddles baby’s arms while allowing for more leg room and movement. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into the blanket and wrap the swaddle wing around him. Wrap the swaddle wing under the baby’s arms when he no longer needs to be swaddled. The two-way zipper allows for quick diaper changes without unswaddling baby.

Main features

  • Comfortably swaddles babies arms while allowing leg movement
  • Soft cotton knit for comfort and warmth
  • Two way zipper makes it easy to change diapers without unswaddling baby
  • Fits 14-22 pounds

Verified reviews


Worst baby product I own

The other reviewers are right. This is the first time I ordered a baby product in a hurry and didn’t read the reviews.The material is a cute pattern…that is the only nice thing I can say. I have a big baby (8.5 lbs at birth, by 2 months she was in the 86th and 60th percentiles for height and weight) and it was way too big for her at 3 and 4 months old. Most pediatricians recommend swaddling only for the first few months, so when exactly is she supposed to wear this?No matter how I swaddled, hands by sides or hands by face, she got out of this because the velcro “swaddle” piece is just too big.I thought maybe I could use this as JUST a sleep sack since it is so adorable, but the swaddle piece does not detach.Basically this was a worthless purchase and it was immediately thrown into our yard sale. No point in keeping it for our next baby. Don’t waste your time.

Olive Carmel Valley, CA

didn’t use it much

To be honest, by the time your kid is big enough to fit into this, they are so strong they will be able to claw their way out of it. I bought this for my daughter because I was addicted to swaddling and couldn’t let go, even though my sisters kept telling me to get over it. She was getting too big for the standard swaddles. I tried it once and she wasn’t very happy in it. I finally realized she’s a big girl and we broke her of the swaddle in one night, where she started sleeping 11-12 hrs through the night. If you have a big baby who loves a swaddle, go for it. If you have an unhappy big baby and you’re obsessed with swaddling, I recommend just going cold turkey no swaddle, and in a few days they will figure out how to roll onto their belly and will sleep like angels.

Ada Borup, MN

Good for the “graduate” not a great swaddle

I like this for a sleep sack but the swaddle part doesn’t keep my little mover/wiggler in. He always got his hands underneath and would move the swaddle part…so if you need a good swaddle…this isnt the greatest, but it is a good lightweight sleep sack. I wanted a swaddle for 14-22lbs that was cotton. I ended up getting the organic summers infant cotton swaddle and it stretches to fit my 18lb little boy.

Lauren Santa Fe, MO

Good sleep sack

I bought this to wean our 7-month-old out of his swaddle. However, it was looser than I expected, and he was out of it in a flash. The good part is that it doubles as a sleep sack, so I still got some use out of it.

Millicent New Milford, CT

Completely unusable for us.

We used the original Summer Infant SwaddleMe wraps (not the graduates ones) and loved them. They were a godsend for us because our son who could work his way out of any blanket swaddle could not get out of them. When he outgrew the ones we had, we tried the graduate ones.For us, they totally did not work because they did not hold his arms at all. He was out completely in a matter of seconds. It was very disappointing.

Cora Chadron, NE

Dangerous product IMO

My problem with this item is not that it doesn’t swaddle well. As a “graduate” I expected as much. However, what I was not expecting was my son’s getting out of the swaddle involving him pulling the fabric taught around his nose and mouth. I was keeping on eye on him so I was able to get it off of him, and even if I wasn’t my baby is strong and would have probably been fine, but still! Seeing your baby’s mouth and nose covered is scary! I may end up using this as a sleep sack, as the fabric is nice. I also may use it to swaddle him with one arm out to try and “train” him. That way there will be a gap for air if he pulls the other arm out. But, as a swaddler, I say this product is not very safe.

Leeann Stollings, WV