Summer Infant Swaddleme Microfleece, Blue, Large

Summer Infant Swaddleme Microfleece, Blue, Large

Wrap your baby in the comfort of the Summer Infant SwaddleMe, the original infant wrap. Swaddling soothes newborns by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb and helps prevent baby from startling awake so babies, and parents, sleep more soundly. SwaddleMe wings are adjustable for jus the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight. Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound! It’s a SwaddleMe World!

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Soft fabric wings hug baby close for a secure, comfortable swaddle
  • Self-fastening tabs adjust for a custom fit as baby grows
  • The foot pocket pops down for easy diaper checks and changes, with no need to unswaddle your baby
  • Our unique harness access slit allows the swaddleme to be used in swings, car seats and strollers so your baby can always have the comfort and warmth of the swaddleme
  • Birth to 3 months

Verified reviews


The product isn’t bad – just not what we wanted

Our daughter likes to move her arms when she sleeps – so we like swaddles that have an arm out option.This did not.We returned it without using.

Kaitlyn Exira, IA

It is a great purchase

This product is life saver. Can I imagine my life without it? Definitely no. My baby is sleeping through the night since the beginning. Now at two months two weeks she sleeps 11 hours because of it. The few times that I washed and it didn’t dry on time for her sleep I had sleepless nights. I would highly recommend this. It is great purchase and for the price that I paid it is well worth it. If there was 5+ in the rating I would have given.:-)

Louella Griffithsville, WV

I like it but ……..

Generally I like it. But as my baby was underweight when he was born. It was too big for him. Then when he was big enough he got irritated whenever I tried to put his arms inside. He likes to be free. But it really kept him warm in the coldest nights.

Savannah Irwin, PA

Great product but outrageous shipping!

These are great so I was going to buy more, until my cart showed a $31 shipping fee for two of them. Are you kidding me?! I’ll find them in a store.

Clarissa Shirleysburg, PA

Warning: size is for smaller babies

I bought it in a LARGE size for my then 2.5-month-old baby. NOTE that the STATED weight limit is wrong. This is for smaller babies. At 13 pounds my average (50th percentile!) baby doesn’t fit on the shoulder measure.The material is warm so I put her in light cotton pajamas and would recommend this for cool temperatures. Above 72F I think it would be too hot.PROS:- Uses Velcro closing, very easy to close.- Keeps baby wrapped.- Gives some freedom for stretching the legs.CONS:- The stated weight limit is WRONG. Buy with care.- Impossible to use and install practically in a car seat as stated. It sounds like a good idea but it fits and you don’t want a swaddle baby in a car seat. It could be difficult to take him out in case of emergency.In all, I would buy it again.Was my review helpful?

Corina Garland, NC

Purpose too Narrow – Available at Major Supercenters @ Lower Price

I am a newbie mom and purchased one of these while I was pregnant. Now it sits in a drawer having been tried once.SWADDLING NOT FOR ALL BABIES:Swaddling was a new strategy of calming babies that I caught wind of. As a mother of a 5-month-old, I have learned that there is no exact science when it comes to caring for a baby. I have a friend who swears by swaddling, whereas our baby resisted, kicked, and Houdini’ed out of our attempts from the day we brought her home from the hospital.JUST USE A BLANKET INSTEAD:This design narrows the use of the blanket to swaddling your baby, whereas if you were to use large receiving blankets there exists a wider range of uses: burping cloth, towel, etc. — in the event that your baby resists swaddling as well, the blankets will still serve a purpose. At the hospital, the nurses were very adept at swaddling with simple square receiving blankets and with some practice the technique was easy to take on.FOUND CHEAPER AT MAJOR RETAILERS:The material may differ, but I found the same brand swaddle blanket at a couple of different major retailers at around $5.99. I was impressed with the innovative design of the blanket; appeared to have the potential to make swaddling less of a hassle with the velcro fasteners, but the design did not hold up to our squirmy baby. Her limbs found freedom rather easily.Two stars given for: Impressive design and potential usage — If your baby likes swaddling that is!

Deidra Punta Gorda, FL

Large size seems hazardous for strong boy with will to turn over

We ordered this swaddling blanket to take advantage of the larger size once our son grew out of the first set of blankets made by the same producer:Summer Infant 3 Pack Cotton Knit Swaddleme, Blue/ White, Small/Medium. We loved those blankets, which really helped all of us get a good night’s sleep. Our son was quite happy in them as well.Our son is a big boy, and by three months had reached about 24 inches and 14 pounds — he had outgrown those smaller blankets in both length and girth. We needed a bigger blanket. But about the third time I used the blanket on him, I watched in horror as he succeeded in turning himself over onto his stomach, despite being restricted by the blanket. Without the use of his arms, he was stuck in a firmly face down position, with his nose and mouth buried in the mattress and unable to move out of that position. I unswaddled him immediately once it became clear that my boy wasn’t going to be able to get out of a potentially suffocating position.The pediatrician’s office says if he is strong enough and mobile enough to turn himself onto his stomach, he should have no problem turning his head or doing what he needs to do to avoid suffocation — the cause of SIDS. When he can use his arms, he uses them to prop himself up enough to turn his head calmly to the side, and then sleeps with no obstacles to breathing. So now that he is determined to constantly turn onto his stomach — if we turn him on his back, he is back on his stomach within half a minute — we don’t dare swaddle him anymore.If your child is big enough to need this larger blanket, and is also strong enough and determined enough to insist on rolling onto the stomach, you may want to think twice before using this blanket. I don’t want to risk having my boy immobilized face down on his stomach, so no more swaddling in our home.So, it turns out that we didn’t need this blanket. Although we loved the smaller ones, by the time our boy got big enough to need this larger size, his swaddling days were over. We just didn’t realize it.I don’t fault the product, really. The smaller ones were a godsend. I’d just recommend caution if your baby is big enough to need this larger size.

Rita Minter, AL

A bit too warm except in winter, otherwise fantastic

The regular cotton swaddleme’s stretch out so much we felt like we had to wash them every day to keep baby from pulling a houdini. This one had just the right amount of give without being too stretchy. Unfortunately it was pretty warm, nothing that would make baby overheat but it is definitely a winter and early spring swaddle.

Stacy Brinkley, AR

Soft & Cozy = Love

My son loves SwaddleMe products! He’s a little more than a month old and he’s been using them for 3-4 weeks now. I bought this for him because it was going to be cooler where we live. It’s not too heavy but keeps him nice and warm. SwaddleMe is soft and cozy. All of the SwaddleMe Products help him sleep easier and I will admit that they’ve 100% helped me and my husband sleep at night. Once he’s in his “baby straight jacket” he sleeps at least 4 hours a night, sometimes up to 6! So easy to use too! There is a video a person made on youtube if you have no idea how to put it on baby. Great investment!

Patti Dunkirk, NY

Runs small, but good quality and effective.. IF your baby is still tiny.

I would definitely recommend this swaddler (size large) to a parent of a 3mo’ old or LESS. My son is 4mo’s, 14lbs and a little over 21" and the size large we purchased is very tight when properly velcro’d. It straightens his legs for him and they are long enough to tug on the length of the swaddle at his toes and shoulders. When he was first-born, this type of tight-fitting swaddle would have been utterly PERFECT for him, so I would definitely say buy this if your baby isn’t over 14lbs. Now he is figuring out how to suck his thumb and likes to touch at things so when we swaddle him I like to give him enough room to at least turn his hand and feel the wrapping fabric around him, this swaddler does not allow that, haha.**If I was rating this based SOLELY on how it arrived to my home, it would have received less than zero stars. (I will post pictures after the review) The swaddler arrived in a well-packaged box with other items from my order, in a plastic snap-bag, and then folded over a bit of cardboard with the brand name and instructions, etc. Similar to how most fleece blankets are sold.. except this was so covered in fluffy purple/blue/black mold I almost hurled when I opened it. The mold was not on any of the other ordered items and was only inside of the plastic bag the swaddler was mailed in, so I know this happened at manufacturing. Two washes still haven’t washed out the visible damage the mold caused and I was forced to add bleach to the 3rd wash in order to make sure the mold was killed and the product able to use on my infant.Summary: purchase if you know how to kill mold, AND have a small baby. LOL.

Sara Green Sea, SC

Great item

I actually bought this at a different store but what a life saver. We didn’t use it till our son was about a month old because he was a preemie, and it was too big for him. We would swaddle him in a blanket and he would always manage to kick himself free of it and wake himself up. When we started using this wrap, it keeps him nice and snug and keeps him asleep ALOT longer than when hes not in it. We bought another swaddle blanket made by another company and it not only doesnt work as well, but good like trying to figure out how to properly use it. This one is simply and affective.

Etta Francisco, IN

Swaddle Me Baby

I prefer this blanket over others that I’ve tried because the velcro makes it stay in place and the baby can’t get out of it too easily, until they start to grow out of it. Just make sure you buy the right size (the first time I bought one I didn’t realize there were different sizes, and my baby grew out of it really fast). My babies seem to do better when they’re swaddled.

Penelope Kennebunkport, ME

Very nice secure swaddler!

These are great. Very easy to use, hold up well in the laundry, and, most importantly, the velcro closures are very secure and comfortable for the baby. Since I switched to using these for my twin girls, they stopped getting out of their swaddles at night => fewer wake ups during the night. During the first two months I would swaddle my LOs in a flannel receiving blanket and a stretchy thermal blanket. They started to kick and get out of their swaddles around 9 weeks, so I decided to try these and I am very happy. Also I do think that they are more comfortable for the kids, because there’s no bunched up fabric on the sides or underneath their behind.

Trudy Moulton, AL

LO didn’t like it.

I loved the fabric and how soft it was. Unfortunately, my LO didn’t like being swaddled (at all!) so I can’t really comment on the usefulness of this.

Winifred Smithboro, NY

Great product, super strong velcro

The SwaddleMe with microfleece is great, warm (not sure to use during really hot months) but the best part is the really strong velcro, very different than the other SwaddleMes. I highly recommend it, and it’s great that it comes in this large size!

Lesley Holliston, MA

No need to perfect your swaddle

This is a great cheat for people who don’t have a great swaddle technique. It’s fast and easy to swaddle when babies are asleep so you don’t wake them and the velcro seems to be good over a lot of washes.

Tisha Shepherd, MT

Warm and snug

I have a two month old who is 12 pounds and 23.5″, with long legs for her age. This swaddle works great and allows her room to kick around while still keeping her arms snug. It also leaves room for her to grow.

Charlene Ramseur, NC

Love these

We really love these! Compared to the Halo swaddle, I think this is better because it only ends up putting 2 layers of fleece across their chest (if you don’t pull the bottom part up very far), and the halo gives them 3. Our baby was getting too hot with the halo. So this one works very well, and they also have a cotton version that is great for summer. Buy the larger size though if you have a longer baby. Our baby was very long (25 inches by 2 months) and the small wouldn’t have fit him past maybe 6 weeks.

Deanne Glenelg, MD

Good swaddle

My baby was still loving the swaddle as she got older and several stores don’t sell swaddles but up to a certain sizes so we ordered this and used this one until we managed to get her out of the thing. Great buy and great quality.

Beatrice Frankfort, KY

Good Swaddler!

Works well for my infant daughter. I have been using this when she goes to sleep at night and it keeps her relaxed for longer periods of time than when I havent used it.

Enid Maben, MS

Theoretically, great.

I got this for my fifth baby with the intention of really swaddling this time. She was an April baby in Upstate NY. She is also a sweaty baby and likes her space. We used this maybe three times.If you’re getting it for summer weight, I found it too warm even for the spring time. Quality wise, it was nice and laundered well. It just didn’t really work for us.

Kathie Mancos, CO

Runs a little large, but love the product

We love the SwaddleMe items, and like this fleece version for the now cooler nights (we like sleeping in cooler conditions, but baby still needs to be warm!). This does seem a little large for our 15lb 5 month old, but the small/med is too small, so I guess the only way to make this perfect would be to offer a true small, med and then large version. Our baby sleeps much better/longer when wrapped in one of these – and no cold hands!

Jamie Lakewood, WI

These are awesome!

These were great at getting our baby to calm down and sleep. Babies often has muscle spasms that wake them up. This keeps them under control and makes me feel warm and comforted.

Anita Booneville, AR


Used these almost every single night, help babies sleep, worth their weight in gold for getting mom, dad, and baby a great night’s sleep. Wish I had these for my first kid too, but now I know!!! Would have been harder to use these if my baby had dirty diapers overnight, but as my daughter is always ‘dry’ at night (doesn’t pee in her sleep) never had to open/close the LOUD velcro. Super easy for dad to use too!!! 🙂

Mavis Dickens, NE

Not great for defiant babies

This looked great on Amazon and I read the reviews before buying two of these SwaddleMe fleeces. If you have a wriggly baby, or one that has strong limbs – then don’t buy this product. My baby at 2 weeks was pushing his way free. I was also given a couple of other velcro type swaddles, none of them worked. Finally I tried the Miracle Blanket. That is the ONLY swaddle that keeps a baby properly contained. We have only just stopped using it (baby is 4 months) because he has managed to work his fist out to suck and pacify himself each morning, which I believe is a sign that he’s ready to graduate to just a sleep sack. Just beware that these swaddles are expensive, so go with one that you know will work whether you have a more passive baby or not – the Miracle Blanket. No buttons, no velcro, just well positioned inner flaps for the arms, a pouch for the legs (which is separate from the arm flaps so you can change the diaper without undoing the entire swaddle) and then much longer flaps that wind around him and tuck in on the edge. They also do well in the washer/dryer. Hope this helps a bit!

Jasmine Maple Hill, NC

Great for Newborns

This is excellent for infants. It’s a very soft blanket that wraps snuggly. By keeping babies swaddled it prevents them from twitching and jerking themselves awake. It also makes them feel snug and safe.

Leeann Coyanosa, TX

great product but easier for baby to “break out”

I love the Summer Infant SwaddleMe and this one seemed like a great idea for those cold winter nights in Ohio. but because it is fleece it makes it easier for the baby to wiggle their little arms out of (at least my squirmy little man did) we only used this once or twice because the cotton ones kept him plenty warm enough. It is a great product for the price, but my little man could break out of a straight jacket i believe 🙂

Ella Lyons Falls, NY

Very convenient

MY little boy only sleeps swaddled and this is actually perfect. This is the only one swaddle than he can not untie. I like that it is large size, wish it was available in even larger, have no idea what i am going to do when he outgrows it

Joni West Point, VA

amazing swadde!

These truly are the most snug and the best swaddles for a newborn…and they are awfully cute to boot 🙂

Claudia Arapahoe, NC

Love the SwaddleMe

My 3 1/2 month old is really long and big for his age and the large fits him really well. Swaddling works wonders to help him sleep and he had started to break out of the muslin blanket we were using to swaddle him and it was waking him up at night. I decided to buy the SwaddleMe and I also use a receiving blanket to double swaddle his arms down and the combination works great! He sleeps all night and doesn’t get out. The fleece is really warm so I need to be careful that he doesn’t get overheated but so far, we love this swaddle blanket! And for the price, it is well worth it.

Stephanie Cottonwood, AZ