Summer Infant SwaddleMe Organic Adjustable Infant Wrap, Ivory, Large

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Organic Adjustable Infant Wrap, Ivory, Large

Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep. Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies. Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe is trusted by parents around the globe.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Stage 1: SwaddlePod, Stage 2: SwaddleMe, Stage 3: WrapSack, Stage 4: ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Never liked.

I bought one of these before my son was born. He never liked it because he liked his hands and arms up by his face and this doesn’t allow for that. It was a waste of money for us but I will keep it in case the next one might like it.

Fanny White Post, VA

Not my favorite swaddle blanket

My newborn daughter loved to be swaddled and slept many more hours while swaddled, but had started to houdini her way out of her current swaddle blanket. I was using the Miracle Blanket, which I love and recommend, but if I didn’t wrap it very securely, she was able to get her arms out and I didn’t like the thought of the loose blanket around her in bed. I bought this swaddle blanket hoping the velcro would help the blanket stay secure. Since she was on the border of the sizes, I sized up, thinking she’s only going to continue to grow – but I was wrong. I absolutely should have gone with the smaller size. The blanket should be smaller and fit securely, but this was too loose and she was able to wiggle her way free.I also am not a huge fan of the velcro. I swaddle her after she has fallen asleep, and I am about to put her down in her crib – but the velcro is so loud to unstick that it wakes her up, so the rocking to sleep has to start all over again. After using the SwaddleMe, the Miracle Blanket, and my newest fave – the Woombie, I would rate the SwaddleMe 3rd.

Maggie Cloutierville, LA

Small and baby kicks free!

I was excited to try the swaddleme out after all the positive reviews. I loved the fact that it was organic. Unfortunately, I hate to say I was disappointed.Here’s why:SMALL. We washed the swaddler before our son arrived home. He was 6 lbs 11 oz at birth and when we brought him home he was 6lbs 2 oz. Sadly, this swaddler shrunk after washing. My son is now 6 lbs 6 oz and I can tell this won’t fit him much longer! It was washed exactly as the packaging recommends.KICKS FREE. My son won’t stay contained in this swaddle. If he had his choice, he would have his hands out while he is sleeping. As most newborns, he kicks a lot at night and he wakes himself in the middle of the night because he gets so frustrated being in this swaddler.There is one slightly redeeming value about this swaddle, though. Its organic!I’ve since updated this review to include other swaddles I’ve tried out on my son from birth to six months. I hope you can use my experience when factoring in if this swaddle is right for you. If you are still on the fence, these are other swaddles that I tried with success on my son. Some were better for newborns than older infants:Newborn:aden + anais blue oh boy! muslin swaddles– these are great for a classic swaddle and are also great as burp cloths once your baby outgrows themMiracle Blanket -Baby Swaddling Blanket -Beige– this worked by far the best for us. He used this from birth to 6 months of age. when he got too tall for it, we just took his legs out of the bottom.Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle 100% Cotton, Cream, Small– these were perfect for cold nights. Plus if your child no longer likes to be swaddled you can remove the swaddle portion of the sleep sack.1+ Months to 6 Months:[ASIN:B000G0L2TM Miracle Blanket -Baby Swaddling Blanket -Beige]] — when my son got too tall for this, we took his legs out of the pocket and just swaddled his arms)aden + anais blue oh boy! muslin swaddlesaden + anais Slumber Muslin Sleeping Bag Single Layer, Jungle Jam – Elephant, Small– we now use these to keep my son warm on cool nights, they are a great alternative to swaddling)Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle 100% Cotton, Cream, Small- This is great for a baby that prefers to be swaddled with their arms out.

Tricia North Anson, ME

This will save your sanity

I love this thing, I got 4 as gifts. After about two weeks, blanket swaddling was useless- they get too strong-so we tried this out again. When we first tried the swaddleme my son was too small (6 1/2lbs) so it didn’t seem to fit right, I’d say they need to be at least 7 lbs to get an effective swaddle, but I may have just been doing it wrong.The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the diaper changing thing isn’t as easy as they make it seem, that velcro is really strong and if you have a baby that doesn’t appreciate the sound of a large piece of velcro opening, it might wake him up. If the velcro doesn’t wake him, lifting his legs out of the pocket probably will. Its also pretty difficult to get back into place when you’re done, but you have to or their arms might be able to bunch the swaddler around the neck and face. A zipper down the middle of the pocket would be helpful. I’ve never had any trouble with it going up around his neck other than when I tried to leave the leg part off after a diaper change, so that’s what i get.Overall, the swaddleme is so helpful!!! Im buying my second one right now in large!! I can only imagine what it would do for parents with a very colicky baby.

Sheree Savage, MD

Makes swaddling so easy

I wished I had used one of these with my first child. I bought 2 for my second baby and used it for 4 months. Well worth it. It made swaddling a cinch and changing diaper in the middle of the night seemless. Baby #2 slept so well at night and I’m sure this probably helped. I would definitely recommend this to all moms.

Briana Pontotoc, MS

Worked Great

I bought this for my son when he was a newborn and it worked great – he always broke out of swaddle blankets.

Deirdre Crosslake, MN

Great product

The only drawback to this swaddler is that it didn’t work for my 2.5 month old very well because he would kick out of it and/or get an arm stuck halfway out. I gifted it to a friend that had a newborn and she adores it though. Start young!

Bridget Morrow, LA

Stop Baby Squirming

This is a great swaddling blanket. It wraps easily. This will keep baby snuggly swaddled and cozy. By swaddling little ones it keeps them from jerking in their sleep and waking themselves up. The pressure of the wrapped blanket also makes them feel secure and safe.

Linda Alliance, NE

Very useful swaddler – we love it!

This swaddler couldn’t be easier to use. The velcro is perfect. We tried using the large cloths but this just makes our lives (and our baby’s life) a lot easier when we need to get her swaddled quickly and securely.

Callie Homeland, CA

Easy to use swaddle that can wrap a baby up fast!

I love these swaddles. The organic one is softer and more stretchy than the non-organic ones, so opt for the organic ones if you can. The Velcro does wear out (I have 2 that have no more grab) but they lasted for a long time. I started using the swaddles when my son was 4 weeks and now he is 4 months and we have a total of 5. They are getting to the point where he is a bit too long (25 inches) for the small swaddleme size. The large is very large so we are looking for swaddle transitional options now.

Roxie Mount Hope, KS

Nice product but for smaller babies only

This is a nice product I must admit – soft and cuddly and a good wrapper. However, my daughter is in the 99th percentile for height and starting at 1 month she could be wrapped in this for a month before she outgrew it. They should give height limits instead of weight limits – it would have saved me from buying this product and wasting my money on it for the short use I got from it.

Carolyn New Athens, OH

Nice Secure Swaddle

I’ve tried 4 different types of swaddle sacks/blankets and this one wraps baby the most snugly.Pros:- Soft fabric- Holds baby very snugly around the torso.Cons:- Baby can and will work her little hands out of the opening at the middle – it is important to have the right size swaddle. The fabric can get bunched up close to baby’s neck. Also be sure not position swaddle too high – I wrap it so the upper edge is just off the shoulder.- Although you can undo the bottom pouch to change the diaper without undoing the top, it often gets messed up and requires re-swaddling.How it compares to other swaddles:Summer Infant SwaddlePod: Very easy to use, lightweight, you don’t have to worry about layers of the fabric coming loose or getting up around baby’s face. Arms are not held securely – it is easy for baby to get hands out the neck of the swaddle, and she’s gotten a whole arm out once. They only come in one size, and baby outgrows them quickly.Halo Swaddle Sack: Heavier weight fabric, can be warm. Holds baby securely. Easy to use, well designed. Cloth. Can get loose around neck/face.Miracle Blanket: I do NOT recommend the miracle blanket. It is awkward to use, having to hold baby and wrap around and around and around, too many layers, yet comes undone.Standard Swaddle Blanket (I used Aden & Anais): I personally don’t care for the blanket-style swaddles, which come undone easily, and then present a suffocation hazard with the loose fabric.

Noreen Arnoldsburg, WV

Just like the Kiddopotamus Organic Swaddleme

This and the Kiddopotamus & Co. Organic Cotton SwaddleMe – Ivory were two of the best baby products I’ve had the pleasure to own. My 3 1/2 month old girl was a much better sleeper at night with these on. With a sleepsack or something else for night, she would wake up as soon as we tried to put her down. The swaddleme kept her arms from flailing and seemed to give her a secure and comforting feeling. I like how the organic fabric is soft, natural and doesn’t keep the baby too warm. It is much more stretchy than some other fabrics available, which means it fits a wider range of baby sizes, but can be easier for bigger babies to wiggle out.Since she started rolling onto her tummy, we’ve had to move onto theHalo Innovations SleepSack Organic Cotton Swaddle – Cats and Dogs, Newborn. The Swaddleme worked much better to help her sleep, and I also thought it was far superior to theMiracle Blanket – Baby Swaddling Blanket – Beige. I’d highly recommend it for any parent, but don’t order the large size until you see if your baby is rolling over at an early age (or you have an abnormally large infant).

Francisca Rose, NY

Different than non-organic swaddle, but still great!

We have owned five of the “regular” cotton swaddles, and they work great! We had to replace them after about two months of use because they shrank and the velcro started to wear down. I bought one of these because I read that it has a bit more stretch to it, and it most definitely does. My son is about 17 pounds now and this will fit him for another couple of months (he just LOVES to be swaddled). This will fit him longer than the non-organic swaddles. So far, after about ten washes, it’s held up well. If your baby is on the larger side, this is a great option!

Ellen Brickeys, AR

can’t live without

my newborn will not sleep unless he’s wrapped up in one of these, they have saved the day (and my sanity)

Pamala Satsuma, FL

No more blankets for us!

Once we found this product, we were hooked. Warm, comfortable, easy to use, and it gives peace of mind, too! Our son is now three months old, and we still wrap him in this every night. It keeps him from starting himself awake, knocking the pacifier out of his mouth, and seems to make him feel secure. My ONLY complaint (and it’s a small one) is that it seems to shrink slightly in the dryer, and so it has to air dry, but if you buy a couple, it’s not particularly inconvenient to wait for one to dry while using another. I won’t even register for blankets for the next baby – this is all we need!

Marva Colton, WA


This is the perfect item for a newborn baby.It is so easy to wrap the baby in. I would recommend to all new parents. Babies love the comfort of being "swaddled" and it really helps to settle the baby.

Sheree Yorkville, CA


I’ve used this on my two babies, and it works wonderful. They enjoyed being snugged and slept better through the night. I think these are great!

Marci Lowell, NC

My favorite swaddle sacks

This is super comfy and easy to get a tight swaddle with. They are also very inexpensive, so you could get two for the price of some other sacks out there. i definitely recommend.

Clare Coulee City, WA

Must have Swaddle me

This product met my expectation. Soft cotton material & that’s important in buying stuff for the baby. I recommend Do not put this in the dryer after washing to maintain the good quality of its velcro. Glad to have this for baby’s comfort. Must have for newborns.

Ophelia Eldorado, IL

A nice, organic, soft swaddle…

I have purchased several of these SwaddleMe blankets and generally I like them. They are quick and easy to use to swaddle your baby. You will either have a baby that HATES swaddles, like one of mine, and will successfully break out of every kind of swaddle. OR you will have a baby, like my other one, who LOVES to be swaddled. In the latter case, this is the best brand of swaddle. I didn’t care for the other ones. However, I found that the same size swaddle runs smaller or larger, which is frustrating. For SURE, the swaddles that say "deluxe" run larger than the regular ones of the same size. If it is a small and fits 7-14lbs, they should all be the same size fabric. I found that my baby did not fit regular swaddles, but did fit the deluxe ones and he was well within the pound range.Now with this one — it runs on the bigger side than ones of the same size, which is not a problem now because my baby can grow into it, but it is still frustrating. It makes it seem like Summer Infant may have some quality control issues.

Marva Herculaneum, MO

Must have

These swaddlers were a life saver. They kept my son calm. I even fashioned them into pants, so my baby could wear them in his swing.

Tori Ranchita, CA

dontknow what I would have done without this.

Loves this help our baby sleep when hes really fussy or over tired. He is growing out of the small/medium size and hes only 10 pounds 22in long. He was 6lb when born and itwas too big so worththe money.

Angela Aurora, MN

Love it!

This swaddle is perfect for summers in TX. My granddaughter was a wiggler from age of 2 weeks and no traditional swaddling blanket would stay put. This swaddle works and is easy to put on her. The velcro tabs at the top of the swaddle keep her arms secure and the pocket on the lower part of the swaddle keeps her legs from popping out of the swaddle. Wish I had invented this swaddle. Only thing that is a tiny problem is that the Velcro tabs are loud when releasing them so be sure to change your baby’s diaper before using the swaddle for nighttime wear.

Susanne Monee, IL