Summer Infant SwaddleMe Sack, Cheeky Cheetah, Small

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Sack, Cheeky Cheetah, Small

Wrap your baby in the comfort of the summer infant SwaddleMe, the original adjustable infant wrap. Swaddling soothes newborns by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb and helps prevent baby from startling awake so babies, and parents, sleep more soundly. SwaddleMe wings are adjustable for just the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight. Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound.

Main features

  • Soft fabric wings hug baby close and stay securely fastened and readjust as baby grows for a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch pops open for easy diaper changes – no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • 2 way zipper for easy diaper changing

Verified reviews


Love the two way zipper!

As other reviewers have mentioned, once you wash these you often get a little shrinkage which can make the front zipper not lie flat. However, I am not lying it flat, since my baby is not flat, so I don’t find this to be a problem. It also seems to depend how I wash it the first time – I have 5 of these and it is a bigger problem with some than others; in some it is barely noticeable. My favorite part about these is the two-way zipper, it makes it extremely easy to put on and off and the get at baby’s lower half for diaper changes. I MUCH prefer these to the Halo sleep sacks for this reason, having to connect the zipper at the top of the sack while my baby is squirming around is not fun with the Halos, the two-way zipper on these solves that problem!

Rosemary Springtown, PA

Love the double zipper!

We have three different brands of sleep sacks in our house, and while the aden+anais sleep sack is the best lightweight sleep sack, this one is my favorite all-around sleep sack, and it’s mostly because of the double zipper! Most sleep sacks I’ve seen have the one zipper that zips from the bottom to make for easier diaper changes (which are great). But then you have to fumble with connecting the zipper at the top, near the baby’s face, when you’re putting the sleep sack on them. With this sleep sack, the zippers zip down to put it on or take it off, and you zip up one of the zippers to the face to close it. For diaper changes, there’s a 2nd zipper at the bottom that lets you access the diaper! It’s so simple and so handy. Plus this pattern (safari crew) is so cute!

Sheri Rosser, TX

We love these.

The designs are cuter, the fabric is nice, and they cost WAY less than Halo’s sleep sacks. We graduated from the swaddleme for babies to this adn love them. Our daughter sleeps great and stays warm without the danger of kicking her blanket onto her face. Good stuff.

Tiffany Athens, GA

Great for Bed-time

We love the Summer Infant Swaddleme Sack! We have another brand name sleep sack, which we also like, but this one is even better. We love the double zipper- it makes diaper changes in the night super easy. And, we also like that the top has a small fabric piece that will cover the zipper end so it doesn’t scratch the baby’s neck or chin. The fabric is a nice weight, not too heavy, and it should fit her for months to come. It is also several dollars cheaper than the other brand we currently own, which is a bonus. When she grows out of the small size, we will purchase the next size up in the Summer Infant brand.

Lessie Melrose, LA

Love Swaddlemes!

I received and purchased several sleep sacks for both of my children over the years. My now 4 year old had 2 by this company and now my son has 2. I also have the Halo sacks as well. What i like better about this sack is that it is thicker and a bit more narrow. The Halo i feel like sometimes I may lose him in the amount of fabric there is for his legs.This bag is narrower and I like that better then having all the extra fabric. Both my kids are not big leg stretchers so neither needed the extra leg room either.The sack has held up great in the washer and dryer. I put it on normal cycles and have not noticed any shrinkage. The cotton material is nice and soft and the Zoo print is very cute.

Rosalinda Oviedo, FL

Great for sleeping, more suited towards boys

When I bought this on amazon, I wanted a change and bought blue instead of having everything pink. It does look a little more suited towards boys, but it’s still cute and pretty much unisex. It has held up in the wash and I love that is has two zippers on it that open in either direction. This makes nighttime diaper changes easier to access without unzipping the entire sleep sack. Lightweight cotton and great for sleeping. I recommend it over the Halo brand.

Tonia Sage, AR

Two Way Zipper is Awesome

I love that the Summer wearable blanket has a two way zipper. My little one always struggles with me everytime we get her dressed for bed and it can be impossible to try and line up the two sides of the very small zippers on the other brands of wearable blankets. The two way zipper makes it so easy to zip it right up even with her wriggling all over the place. The fabric felt a little rough and scratchy when I first took it out of the package, but after the first wash it felt nice and soft and has gotten softer with each washing.

Rae Brewster, NE

Great sleep sacks

These are a great alternative to the Halo sleep sacks – slightly more affordable and lighter weight, so great for the summer. My favorite feature is that the zipper zips both ways – great for late night diaper changes!

Elisha Balsam, NC

Nice light sleep sack

I love this sleep sack for the sole reason that is has two zippers! You don’t have to worry about accidently undoing the zipper completely during middle of the night diaper changes. I also like that it has the fabric to cover the zipper so it doesn’t irriate the baby’s face.

Gretchen Olustee, FL

Love this!

I’m very pleased with the quality of this sleep sack. Makes a great extra light layer. I definitely recommend it!

Vivian Elizabeth, IN

thin fabric ; good zipper design; compare w/ Halo

I have this sleep sack and several cotton halo brand sacks. This sleepsack is quite thin like a tshirt. Thus even over footed jammies I worry about her being cold particularly given that the parents are under a comforter. It means that we keep the bedroom warmer than is comfortable for us (about69). The solid color halo sacks are a thicker cotton fir which I think 67 degrees is ok when over footed jammies.However the zipper design on the summer sack is far superior. It zips both ways. Thus you can zip it all the way open top to bottom to get baby in or out or you can unzip just the bottom for a diaper change or to keep baby cool in the early warm part of evening (I like to leave the bottom open and then zip it later when the room cools off, without waking baby) . And you don’t have to thread thezipper. With halo you have to "start " thezipper like on a sweatshirt which can be hard in low light with a wriggling baby. Halo does allowopen the bottom forndiaper change.

Alisha Hilliard, FL

great sack for the price

Love the swaddleme sack, it is lightweight, zips in 2 directions which is a huge plus. I bought 3 for my baby to sleep in. We put a long sleeved shirt underneath so her arms don’t get cold. The only thing is the fabric shrinks so the zipper area curls up after washing. This can get annoying as sometimes near the top the curling ends up with a bunch of fabric slobbered on. Baby is now about 11 lbs and the small fits great, I suspect it will for a while still.

Jaclyn Blodgett Mills, NY


Fits true to size. Gives me peace of mind because I don’t have to worry about blankets getting in my sons face. I also love that it has has a zipper at the top and bottom which makes it very easy to change diapers in the middle of the night.

Claudette Slaton, TX

Nice Sleep Sack

I like these sleeps sacks fine but I honestly prefer the Halo Sleep Sacks more. This material seems thinner and stiffer, also these are more rounded at the bottom which makes them feel a little smaller in the length. My daughter is very tall for her age and the longer length is good for her. It is still a nice product, but I have to admit I would buy more of the Halo sacks before I would buy these again.

Grace Ottertail, MN


I love these little sleep sacks. Not only are they cute but practical!!! They are just the right thickness so baby doesn’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. And when you live in Texas overheating is an issue and this sleep sack has solved it!! Quality construction and cute design.Must have!!

Claudette Middlesex, NC

Best I have found.

I like these sacks. The zipper opens from both ends. It works very well for a child in a pavlic harness as there is plenty of leg room. We usually put a long-sleeve onesie on underneath.The only con is that the zipper bunches up a bit at the top near the chin.

Jeannine Ashford, AL

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Sack, Monkey Barrels, and Sweet Owls Girl (Small)

I got the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Sack in Monkey Barrels and Sweet Owls, both in small for my twin girls. They’re currently about 13.5 lbs each, and it fits them just right. They use this sack on warmer nights while on colder nights, they use the Halo Sleepsack Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket. What I like about this sleep sack is that it has a dual zipper (there’s one at the top and one at the bottom). Makes it convenient to take baby out of the sack, or change diapers if needed. If my girls outgrow this by summer time, I’m probably going to buy the next size up. So I would totally recommend this one!

Eloise Shelbyville, TN

Still worried about SIDS so we use Sleep Sacks

We are not comfortable yet in letting our baby sleep in the crib with blankets at eight months old. This our baby’s "sleeping bag". I think we will be growing out of it soon though since she is starting to stand and climb. I am afraid of her tripping herself while wearing it. We particularly like the fact that this has the zipper that pulls up from the bottom and the top. Not all sleep sacks do that. The material is very soft after a couple of washes and is fairly thick.

Deena Ambler, AK

Best sleep sack out there

I researched and looked at a lot of sleep sacks before choosing this one. I like Summer Infant the best as the zipper can be opened from the top or bottom (Halo can’t), which makes it easier to get on as well as keep it on during nighttime diaper changes. A medium fits a 14-15 pound / 25″ long baby very well, with room to grow. The prints are very cute too.

Francis Medford, NJ

Five Stars

Perfect weight for a spring summer fall sleeper.

Celeste Nelson, PA

Zipper function

I have two of these. They work great in that the zipper can be done from above or below and you don’t have to fiddle with trying to put it together. The quality has been good. I prefer it over Halo but really like Dee Dee for cold nights.

Alberta Custer, WA

Does the job

Not as nice as the halo ones, but did the trick for a spare at Grandma’s house. Cute print, thin fabric.

Simone Watson, LA

Great Product for Child Sleep Safety!

Love the sleep sack! I love that this one has two zipper pulls so you can go up to change a diaper or down to remove. The material is thin but not too thin – perfect for Florida summers. My only complaint about this sleep sack is that when the zipper pull is up by the child’s chin the zipper pull cover is not very large and you really have to tuck the zipper pull in there so it won’t stick out or point upwards towards the child’s chin.I would most definitely buy another and this is a great way to keep blankets (and SIDS) out of the crib!!

Betsy Kettleman City, CA

Light but sturdy

I really like these bags (I have 2). I too love the double zipper it makes diaper changes so much quicker. We live in AZ so these bags work great for our weather most of the time. Very comfortable fabric and washes well.

Esther Coalmont, CO

Great Sleep Sack

Summer Infant Swaddleme Sacks are my favorite sleep sacks because they zip form the bottom up. You never have to fit the two sides of the zipper together, which makes putting the sack on the baby very easy.

Marisol Haines Falls, NY

Beautifull, light , wonderfull for day use !!

This is a beautifull garment. Cottoned manufactured, for caribean wheather.I love its designe, colorfull and practical way to wear.Thank you !!

Jimmie Maitland, FL

a bit big, but serves it purpose

I bought this before my DD was born. I have started using it now that she is 3 months old. It is good for keeping her legs warm, since she likes to kick away the blanket we put over her. It would be great if this can come with long sleeves, just so it can protect her arms and legs from mozzie bites. It is also way too big for DD, but that’s ok because her legs have space to kick and thrash around in. 🙂

Aimee Clanton, AL

Love it!

I LOVE these sleep sacks. My baby HATES being swaddled, so these sleep sacks work great. I also love that there are zippers at both the top and bottom of the sack. I have purchased 4 of these so far and am very satisfied with them!

Deborah Snyder, NE

Great sleeper.

Great sleeper. Love the zipper for ease of use and the material is light weight so no worries about over heating. Great price.

Bernadette Markleville, IN