Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Floral Bird, Small

Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Floral Bird, Small

SwaddleMe Wrapsack

Main features

  • Bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect snug fit
  • Small size fits infants 7-14 pounds; Large size fits infants 14-20 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Nurse-Approved Blanket!

I got the SwaddleMe WrapBlanket for my new grandson. I love that his arms can be safely and comfortably secured so he can’t flair about and scratch himself, but also that the blanket can be adjusted so that there are “sleeves” when he no longer needs “swaddling.” My daughter-in-law is a nurse; she says she has heard that this type of blanket may help prevent SIDS – if that’s true, then this is definitely money well-spent! The zipper on the bottom of the blanket prevents it from being kicked off and also makes it easier to change diapers. I will definitely be getting more of these!

Rachel Manson, WA

Absolutely Adorable

Great print! Soft Material! Easy to swaddle baby! I love this blanket. It’s especially useful in that it can be used for babies in different ways as they age. Infants can be completely secured and as they grow, their arms can be freed. It’s a very cleverly designed blanket and I wish it were available when I had my own young children.

Allie Aurora, SD

Wish they had these a long time ago!

My younger sister just had her first baby. She said she has a hard time calming her down to go to sleep, she always seems to want to be held. I went out to see her and the new baby soon after she was born and took this with me. I saw what she was talking about when she tried to put her down for a nap.I got this out, we read the instructions and got to business. We put it on the baby which was really easy to do and only took a couple of minutes to do. My sister put her back in her bassinette and what do ya know… she went right to sleep!I was just floored. I have a 15 year old who was an extremely difficult baby who cried constantly. I remember trying to swaddle him in a receiving blanket like I was shown during a baby care class when I was pregnant and it NEVER worked, he always got out of it. I think if they had something like this back then both my son and I would have gotten a lot more sleep!My sister says she uses it (I left it with her when I came home) every time the baby lays down and it’s working like a charm and the baby is sleeping very well!

Erika Whites Creek, TN

Easy to use

This WrapSack blanket is really easy to use which I love. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to bundle your baby up in this. This product is extremely soft and comes in a cute pattern. One of the best things about this is there is a zipper at the bottom for diaper changes which is very convenient. I also love the sizing range on these as the small fits from 7-14 lbs so your baby can use it for a few months before growing out of it.

Priscilla Jacksonville, NY


Love this swaddler; the material is extremely soft and my favorite feature is the zipper at the bottom which allows you to check and change diaper. Also, while the material is soft it’s lightweight so it *is* perfect for summer.

Shannon Alexandria, MN

Nice but Don’t Care for Hard Velcro Tabs

This swaddle is soft and adorable. The zip at the bottom of the leg area is convenient for diaper changes, and the leg area in general is great in that it gives baby a lot of room for movement. One can achieve a nice snug swaddle, but I find the Velcro tabs to be hard and bulky when engaged. To wrap baby properly, the tabs sit behind baby’s back which could cause discomfort.I’m a big fan of the swaddle, but prefer using a blanket the old-fashioned way. I’m sure this wrap will be convenient and functional for those who don’t mind using Velcro.

Lela Dickey, ND

Great Sleepsack!

With so many swaddling products out there for new mom’s to try and knowing the benefits of swaddling for infant sleep, I wanted to make sure that I found a product that was safe and comfortable for our little girl. The SwaddleMe WrapSack was extremely convenient with the bottom zipper for those night time diaper changes. It is a great transitional product as baby begins to learn to sleep without swaddling. It is very easy to put on our little girl. The wrap is held together by velcro strips across the belly which stay in firmly in place. She hasn’t wiggled her way out yet! Our little one is very comfortable in it. The cotton is keeps her cool but snug enough to sleep comfortably. Plus she looks adorable in the pink elephant print! It is easy to clean as well and washes up nicely in the washing machine. It is a great addition to the SwaddleMe product line.

Dorothy Bazine, KS

Lightweight and great for summer!

I got this for my granddaughter, who was born in April. It is perfect for her as she loves being swaddled, but didn’t need the heavier weight SwaddleMe because it is getting warmer out. It is easy to put on and take off, and made of very soft material. I definitely recommend this!

Isabelle Sunman, IN