Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Sketchy Sport, Large

Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Sketchy Sport, Large

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Cotton WrapSack – Sketchy Sport Provide the perfect transition from swaddle to wearable blanket. SwaddleMe WrapSack is a safer alternative to loose blankets in the crib. It comfortably swaddles baby’s arms while allowing for more leg room and movement. Baby can sleep with both arms in, both arms out, or one of each. Simple and easy to use, WrapSack grows with baby as they learn to sleep without being swaddled.

Main features

  • Bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect snug fit
  • Small size fits infants 7-14 pounds; Large size fits infants 14-20 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


I prefer an actual swaddle blanket to using this wrap sack.

Like a lot of baby products, whether or not you see something like this as a must have item boils down to personal preference and your baby’s likes and dislikes. This SwaddleMe wrapsack isn’t our first experience with a wrapsack but our feelings about it are essentially the same: we can live without it. Personally, my husband and I prefer to swaddle our babies with swaddle blankets vs. a wrapsack. We feel like we get a better swaddle and the baby is happier. I was intrigued by this wrapsack because of the bottom zipper that would make those middle fo the night diaper changes a bit more convenient and because of the versatility that allows for a baby to have his or her arms free.What turns us off of the swaddle sacks the most is that they seem like baby straight jackets. We tried the swaddle sacks that a friend handed down to us for our third child and after the first few uses we decided they weren’t worth us using for her. With this one, we figured it was worth another try since this one seemed a little less complicated than the first ones we tried. Honsestly, I feel like these things are gimmacky and aren’t worth buying. I suppose they’re ok if you’re given them as hand me downs but I wouldn’t suggest running out and spending money on them.The design on the WrapSack I was sent for the purpose of this review is cute. It’s got dancing robots all over it on a striped background. The pattern is perfect for a little boy. The fabric design is the feature I like best. If Summer Infant made their awesome muslin SwaddleMe swaddle blankets (which I highly recommend if you are looking for good swaddling blankets) in this pattern I’d buy a set or two of them.

Terra Lake Pleasant, NY

Love it!

I wrote the same review on another pattern of this product, but we love this! I have been using the swaddleme blankets since my first son was born – and now that we have a 3rd son, I’m so glad to have found this product! He’s a large boy (at 6 months he weighed 17 pounds), so I ordered the large and it fits great. I can see how others say it runs large, but I would expect that, so that the child can fit in it throughout the whole weight range they have listed. Even though it does seem large, there is plenty of velcro to be able to wrap it as tight as you need, so I don’t find it to be overly large. I love it and I love that he can use it for a long time – I just wish there were more patterns, especially for a boy or even neutral.

Marian Scottsburg, VA

Nice and Snug.

My niece is a little kicker. It has left her with little marks on her ankles and lower legs from her toenails scratching her. So I thought this would be a great alternative to the blanket that I taught my sister to wrap her daughter in. The blanket idea never really took flight with my sister. I’ve wrapped all three of my children in blankets to keep them pacified. But I guess there is something to be said for wanting something old that’s updated with a bit of a twist. I don’t see the twist with this product. It does the same thing as swaddling your child in a blanket. It’s easy to wash and cute. But again, it does the same thing. And that is also why I am giving this five stars, it shares no difference in wrapping your in a blanket.

Pamala Goodrich, TX

great for our needs

The bottom zipper does make this so practical. It makes changing so much easier. We also like the cute pattern for boys.

Agnes Sequim, WA

A Decent Sleepsac

This is pretty much your typical swaddle sleep sac with one difference, there is a zipper which runs across the bottom to make it easier to access the diaper for changes. I found this slightly more convenient than the traditional swaddle sleepsacs which place the baby’s legs in a pocket. The sleep sacs are made of 100% cotton and are fairly lightweight. The velcro does appear to be strong enough in general to keep a younger baby contained, but I am not sure it would do the job on a baby older than maybe, 6-7 months. The size large in this sleep sac I would suspect is made for larger babies and not necessarily older babies.

Eddie Danielsville, PA

Very Nice – Highly recommended

This Summer SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket is good quality and is adorned with cute little robots. This fits 13-pound our test baby very nicely and seems to be very comfortable.The robot design is nice and fitting for both boys and girls.Highly Recommended!CFH

Caroline Karnak, IL

Good swaddle blanket for those that can’t wra

This is a very ncie swaddle blanket for parents (like myself) who never mastered wrapping baby in standard blankets for a swaddle. The material is super soft – thick enough to keep baby warm in a moderate environment but not too heavy. The design was cute and could be used for either gender. The large size is just that – if you’re seeking one for your newborn, definitely get a smaller size, but this seems fairly accurate in the weight guidelines, although it would still be large for a 14 lb baby.The design is great – easy to get on and off baby. Easy access through the bottom zipper for diaper changes without a complete clothing change or too much disruption. There’s a fair amount of adjustability in the side flaps. If you want a super tight swaddle, this is not going to accomplish that, but if you’re seeking something to provide comfort for baby, this will do the trick.

Aisha Good Thunder, MN

Could be a tad thicker, but nice otherwise

This 100% cotton wearable blanket is on par with the ComfortMe wearable blanket by the same makers ~~ Summer. The print is bright and cheery and the zipper along the bottom is a convenient addition. I especially like that the baby’s arms can remain free if you choose. We swaddled for almost the first year of our baby’s life and it made for very sound sleeping (by both baby and us!) so I recommend this. The Velcro was great and made positioning the arms and folds very simple. Just hope it stands up to more than a few dozen launderings. Instructions say to use cold water and tumble dry low. With such a high price, I would have expected a product made of thicker cotton. This feels quite flimsy and I’m not sure how many leaky diapers it will withstand before this has had it. I love products made the USA. This one is not….it’s made in China.

Krystal Holly Bluff, MS

Summer SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, What a Hoot, Small

I really love these SwaddleMe blankets. They are so much easier than swaddling with a square blanket. Not that that is very hard, but these actually stay in place and don’t have to be redone. Most babies love to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe and secure. there are babies who don’t like to be swaddled, in which case, they probably wouldn’t like these SwaddleMe Blankets. But for the majority, I think every mother should try these. I love them.

Rosemary Holt, MI

Poor design

I have other SwaddleMe products, and they are much more satisfactory than this. In general, the concept is that they’re swaddles for dummies. I.e., you don’t need to figure out the ridiculous trick that allows swaddling with a banal, square blanket. Instead, you can just use the velcro to turn a formless sack into its baby-straightjacket mode. For those of you without a screaming infant, that’s a major plus. A priori, I kind of imagined that they would lie there and gently submit to being swaddled (especially since they’re supposed to like it). But they don’t. They squirm and writhe and freak out. As such, velcro is a winner. (Although it is generally a nuisance all other times…). So, the other SwaddleMe products are a big win.This one is not so much.Let me start with the most obvious failure. The zipper runs not parallel to the length of the sleep sack (which is the way to do it that makes sense, because then you can just lay your baby inside), but rather transverse (which means that you have to pull it over the baby’s head, so…instant unhappiness). Ostensibly, this makes it easier to change diapers. But, as is so often the case, the distance between theory and practice is rather vast. In reality, this just makes it much much harder to get LT into the sleep sack, and results in fussing, crying, and wailing. And the baby isn’t happy either. As a side note, it also doesn’t really make it easier to change the child. Alone, this would make it suboptimal and undesirable.As they say, however, "But wait! There’s more!" To wit, despite the fact that the other SwaddleMe sleep sack that we have is Small, and this one is also Small, this one fits really poorly. LT is at…the 10th percentile or something like that in weight, and 75th percentile in length. So…not a huge baby. But it’s not the length that is the problem. It’s the girth. When I try to velcro the swaddle, it’s a little TOO straightjackety. It’s a bit ridiculous to imagine that many babies are going to fit well in this thing. I understand that swaddles should be tight but this is a bit extreme, reminding me of tasteless jokes from childhood.I was truly hoping that this would be an excellent product, like the Winter SwaddleMe that we have. I was pretty disappointed. Maybe the larger one will be better.

Stacy Patterson, IA

An excellent next step in sleepwear

When your little one is getting irritated with the confinement of the SwaddleMe, this is the perfect next step. The arm area is still snug and secure, but the leg area is wide open and much larger to allow them to move around a bit more. This is a great first step toward ditching the swaddle altogether. It is easy to swaddle them with one arm out in this, and then eventually both arms out. The sack snaps at their shoulders keeping it secure on them even when their arms are out. I found the wrap sack to be a bit big on my 11lb girl. When I had the vecro the tightest it would go, she was able to wiggle her arms out. I think another pound and it would have fit much better. Overall I really loved this wrap sack and would suggest it to anyone looking to start transitioning to a blanket.

Shirley Horsham, PA

Awesome summer sleep sack!

These are great sleep sacks when it is warmer! Our son is 7 months old and we live in the southwest and it is starting to get warmer. These sacks have a simple zippler that goes from the left shoulder all the way to the bottom right. This makes it incredibly easy to get the baby in and out. The sacks are machine washable and dryable so that also is a great convenience!

Lorraine Bonnyman, KY

Great material, swaddle function is wonderful, no use for the zipper

I just don’t have any use for the zipper functionality of this blanket. I never left the baby swaddled up and unzipped the bottom to change a diaper. The zipper doesn’t detract from the design it just doesn’t add to it at all. The material is very soft and cozy, and the swaddle straps are just so cozy and wonderful! My baby loves to be all snuggled up in it and I swear it helps him sleep longer and better.

Shawna Minto, ND

These are great

I really like these, they work very well for newborns, and if you get them used to them in the beginning, they will love them.Comes in many colors and sizes. keeps baby snuggled up for better sleep and warmth. the way it closes makes it easy, I never mastered the swaddling myself.Also has easy access for checking diapers. It says you can change a diaper without taking it off, but I was not that talented.

Blanche Eagle, CO

Much better than the Swaddlers that we originally purchased

I wish we had these about three years ago. They snaps are nice because the child will not be able to push out. We had problems with the other swaddlers because our kids would bust their little arms out and work on getting out of the swaddlers. Even if they were able to bust their arms out of these, the wrapsack will still stay on the child. Thus far our son has stayed in these and has not even worked his arms out. The material is a little thin and not extremely warm but the child should be fine with some good warm pajamas in the winter time. The zipper on the bottom is nice for diaper changes. It also helps to keep them swaddled up so that he doesn’t play with his diaper while doing the diaper change!

Anne Sutter, IL

Swaddling is good, but this product isn’t necessary

I’ve found swaddling to be extremely helpful with my child, as have many other parents. But it’s not all that hard to do with a simple flannel blanket (hint: just go to the fabric store and buy cotton flannel in a print you like), and this product doesn’t make it all that much easier. Still, the fabric is nice, the velcro and snaps somewhat helpful, and it does achieve the same calming swaddling effect. It’d make a nice baby shower gift I suppose. It’s just not the most cost effective way to swaddle, and the added convenience isn’t all that much.

Carolyn Richview, IL

Great Price & Long Use

Some of the other sleep bags can be pretty pricey, so I was happy to find this one that was more reasonable. Having a zipper at the bottom is just ideal. It is wonderful to be able to change a sleeping baby after a feeding without disturbing the whole house. It is pretty light weight, so great for summer, but I’m not sure that I would use during the winter as I’d have to layer it pretty heavily. Overall with the great flexibility, inexpensive cost and cute designs… I will be purchasing more of these to give as gifts.

Bridget Bretz, WV

cute product

I like that this product is made in a way that is easy to get baby in and out. The zipper at the bottom is a nice idea, since it allows the arms to remain swaddled during diaper changes if the baby is sleepy. The material is 100% cotton (but made in China) and the yellow, green and white owl pattern is cute and gender neutral. The weight of the material is appropriate for summer. I’m just not convinced about the need for a transitioning swaddle, especially for 7-14 pound babies. There is a limited timeframe during which this is of use. If a baby likes to be swaddled, then a full swaddle would be more effective. And if the baby doesn’t like swaddling, then this product wouldn’t be useful.

Carissa Hatton, WA


This product is absolutely adorable. The material is very light and soft. It can be used as a light blanket over a baby’s gown on a cool day. It is simple and easy to wrap.

Dolly Ragley, LA

Better than I expected

I have one SwaddleMe, and one Halo Sleepsack with swaddle, and I was surprised to find that I like the SwaddleMe more, because I exclusively used the Halos when he was smaller. I thought I would be annoyed with how the velcro works, but I’m not. It is very strong velcro, and you really have to tug it to release it when the baby’s not wearing it. However, I do prefer the vertical zipper of the Halo to the horizontal SwaddleMe.

Blanca Adamsville, AL

easy to use

I really only used these as the blanket part with arms out. My son stopped being swaddled quickly after I bought these. Great product, but I wish I would have just bought the zip up blankets, because after the swaddle part I don’t see the point of these blankets, you are better off just buying the Summer SwaddleMe real swaddles.

Lauri Calabasas, CA

Nice swaddle blanket, though the print isn’t my favorite.

I have loved Summer swaddle blankets for years. They are a good price, good quality, and available everywhere. This particular swaddle blanket is no different. The fabric is nice and thick, and the blanket washes well. (Just remember to fold the velcro flaps over so the velcro doesn’t attach to–and ruin–any other clothes or blankets in the wash load.) This blanket has snaps at the top, which is a new-to-me feature, and it helps keep the blanket in place; Baby ends up wearing the blanket more like a shirt. I thought that was a nice design improvement.My only gripe is that the Sketchy Sport design is a little dingy, even right out of the packaging–and it gets even more faded after its washed. Not a huge deal, since, let’s face it, these blankets get puked on, peed on, pooped on, etc., anyway. But I’d probably go for a different print next time.

Doreen Little Rock, IA

Cute Fabric – Very LightWeight

This is a cute little blanket wrapper, and it’s just the right weight for warm weather. It runs large, and the robot pattern is more boyish than it appears in the picture. The access zipper is a nice feature, and the zipper they used seems to be of good quality.All things being equal, I wish this were not made in China, and I wish it were possible to swaddle baby’s legs a bit more securely, too.

Debra Reelsville, IN

Great Sleep Sac, Lightweight and Versatile

Summer has come out with a great swaddle blanket for babies, size small fits infants 7-14 lbs and size large fits infants 14-20 lbs. This wearable blanket has 4 different stages, a SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack and a ComfortMe stage. Its available for boys and girls!The SwaddlePod – creates a womb like feeling for baby, ideal for newborns.The SwaddleMe – provides a snug fit for a safer, better sleep.The WrapSack – grows with a baby as they learn to sleep without being swaddled, it allows more movement and can keep arms in or out of the blanket.The ComfortMe a wearable blanket, extended sleeves to keep babys arms warm. It has a bottom zipper for easy access to diaper changes.I absolutely love that their is a bottom zipper so you can diaper change without disturbing baby. The soft side wings fasten and can readjust with a hook and loop system, to create a perfect snug fit. The zipper access is also hidden well so baby can’t access it themselves.

Nora Dwight, NE

Excited to use it for baby!

Our babies have historically not slept super well and this go around we are giving swaddling a try. In the past swaddling has just proven too tricky for me- I’ve never mastered a good swaddle. This time we have several Summer SwaddleMe products all washed and ready to go for baby. In playing around trying this out on a doll, I am impressed with the simplicity of the design and I think having this larger size (and it is HUGE) on hand will make transitioning much easier as baby grows.

Antionette Ray City, GA

Summer SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, What a Hoot, Small

The Summer SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, What a Hoot, Small is a quality product. I loved the bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without having to disturb the baby. It was a great feature so we even though the baby might wake up you don’t have to fight putting the swaddle back on.The material wasn’t as nice as other brands hence the 4 instead of 5 stars.

Sherrie Simpson, KS

Love the Summer wearable blankets

I have used Summer swaddle blankets, wrapsacks, and wearable blankets for years and I love them. While my favorite is the wearable blankets, I love these swaddle blankets when babies are small. Many parents have trouble perfecting the "baby burrito" swaddle wrap, some babies (like my twins) manage to escape from even the tightest traditional "swaddle job". These swaddle blankets do a great job of keeping baby snugly swaddled, and make "escape" nearly impossible. I like the fact that swaddle blankets, and wearable blankets makes extra bedding in the crib unnecessary – which can help prevent SIDS. I love the Summer line of products, and I always suggest them to new parents.

Ronda Sutherland, IA

a must have

My newborn needed to be swaddled to stay asleep for any length of time. Trying to swaddle with a blanket was too hard for me because I just couldn’t get it tight enough. This product has velcro to help keep it snug and I like that the bottom pouch can be undone for diaper changes. I prefer the design of the Summer swaddlers better than the Sleep Sack brand (I have one of those, too.)

Cindy Perry Park, KY

Nice quality

This is a nice quality wrap sack. It is sports themed in case it’s hard to see on the picture. Seems like it would hold up with Washings.

Jasmin Cardiff By The Sea, CA

for those who can’t swaddle to save their life.

Babies love to be swaddled up tight. the problem with this is that no matter how many times I practice, I cannot get the dang thing to stay on. these swaddle me sleep sacks are great. I can just lay her in it and fold the sides over her arms. they velcro together and keep her nice and tight in there. This summer one is great for right now, it’s lightweight, so it’s not too hot. the design on this is adorable as well. They are easily washable and dry-able, but they do come out a bit off if you use a dryer. i would hang this if you can. I recommend getting a few of these for your newborn-3 month old child.

Tricia Elliott, SC