Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Woof Woof, Large

Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Woof Woof, Large


Main features

  • Bottom zipper for easy diaper changes without disturbing baby
  • Secure design prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect snug fit
  • Small size fits infants 7-14 pounds; Large size fits infants 14-20 pounds
  • SwaddleMe has four stages of wearable blankets to help baby sleep soundly from day 1: SwaddlePod, SwaddleMe, WrapSack, ComfortMe

Verified reviews


Adorable and Functional!

This fabric is perfect for both boys and girls. I like the large size because it can snugly fit bigger babies up to 20 pounds. It is easy to adjust and easy to fasten. I have tried knock-off brands before but the SwaddleMe from Summer Infant really does make a difference. I like to buy these as baby shower gifts!

Brigitte Simms, MT

Great transition piece

My infant son is growing out of his swaddles (and seems to struggle against them), but he doesn’t sleep as well in a full sleep sack, which is really more like a loose, wearable blanket. This WrapSack is the perfect transition piece! It holds his arms snugly in place and gives him that swaddle feel, but the bottom part is just like a sleep sack, and it’s very loose. He is getting used to that extra freedom for his legs while still feeling comfortable with his arms in something that feels like a swaddle. We love this and use it every night. This is perfect for those babies who don’t like to be so tightly confined as in a full swaddle but still like to have the comfort of swaddled arms (to soothe that startle reflex).

Rene Port Republic, VA

Very nice

We used Swaddleme for our child and this came just in time for us to try a larger size as she is growing. Keeping babies nice and secure while they sleep ensures they get a nice solid slumber so they wake themselves far less if at all from those sudden movements their bodies inadvertently make. Perfect and always good quality.

Karin Hawley, MN

Great Swaddle

My baby still likes to be swaddled if he gets over tired, he likes the snuggness and the pressure in the cocoon. This large fits him nicely and hes in the lb range on the package (14 to 20lbs). The best part for me is it holds baby in place better than other swaddles because it encloses around the top of baby too. A lot of other swaddles dont do that which made it hardrr to keep baby in if he got his legs loose. I also like the zipper diaper feature to not have to disturb babys arms if sleeping or content.My son has also used the transition feature into a nightime blanket sack. This is definately handy and you get more use out of this for a longer time period. Once your baby is rolling over, its not safe to swaddle in case they get stuck.Fabric is cute. It washes well with my other baby items. Great product.

Tracey Battery Park, VA

Much bigger than stated

I bought this for our seven month old…. 20lbs, 27". I was nervous that it wouldn’t fit since the weight maximum is 20lbs. He has SO much room to grow in this WrapSack. I expect it will fit him for quite some time. The pattern is lovely, the fabric is soft and cozy. I love the bottom zipper. I also love that it snaps over the shoulders to prevent the sack from slipping down the body during the night. Our baby is ready to sleep with at least one arm outside of the swaddle. The way the body wrapping pieces of this WrapSack attach to the sack, the fabric sort of pulls and gathers at the back when the wrap isn’t up across the shoulders. It digs into the back of Baby’s armpit. It doesn’t look comfortable at all and I little guy didn’t sleep well in it. If you’re still binding both arms, I’d say this sack is terrific but that’s not what I wanted it for. The description specifically notes that the arms can be worn inside or out. I disagree.

Pamela Nellis, WV

Makes my grandson very comfortable

I got the swaddle me wrap for the times that I am babysitting for my new grandson. He seems to be very comfortable in it and falls right to sleep. I love the way it keeps his arms in or out. I keep his arms in it, so he doesn’t scratch his face. It’s also great for when he needs to be changed, because you don’t have to undress him. It’s machine washable as well. I’m thinking of buying a few more, just to have them when this one is being washed.

Shannon Voss, TX

Nope. Not Better than Small

I have other SwaddleMe products, and they are much more satisfactory than this. In general, the concept is that they’re swaddles for dummies. I.e., you don’t need to figure out the ridiculous trick that allows swaddling with a banal, square blanket. Instead, you can just use the velcro to turn a formless sack into its baby-straightjacket mode. For those of you without a screaming infant, that’s a major plus. A priori, I kind of imagined that they would lie there and gently submit to being swaddled (especially since they’re supposed to like it). But they don’t. They squirm and writhe and freak out. As such, velcro is a winner. (Although it is generally a nuisance all other times…). So, the other SwaddleMe products are a big win.This one is not so much.Let me start with the most obvious failure. The zipper runs not parallel to the length of the sleep sack (which is the way to do it that makes sense, because then you can just lay your baby inside), but rather transverse (which means that you have to pull it over the baby’s head, so…instant unhappiness). Ostensibly, this makes it easier to change diapers. But, as is so often the case, the distance between theory and practice is rather vast. In reality, this just makes it much much harder to get LT into the sleep sack, and results in fussing, crying, and wailing. And the baby isn’t happy either. As a side note, it also doesn’t really make it easier to change the child. Alone, this would make it suboptimal and undesirable.As they say, however, "But wait! There’s more!" To wit, despite the fact that the other SwaddleMe sleep sack that we have is Small, and this one is also Small, this one fits really poorly. LT is at…the 10th percentile or something like that in weight, and 75th percentile in length. So…not a huge baby. But it’s not the length that is the problem. It’s the girth. When I try to velcro the swaddle, it’s a little TOO straightjackety. It’s a bit ridiculous to imagine that many babies are going to fit well in this thing. I understand that swaddles should be tight but this is a bit extreme, reminding me of tasteless jokes from childhood.I was truly hoping that this would be an excellent product, like the Winter SwaddleMe that we have. I was pretty disappointed.I said all of that about the small size swaddle, and I was really hoping that the larger one would be better. But it really isn’t. There is no middle ground here; our baby falls squarely between the sizes, and the large SwaddleMe is too big, and doesn’t effectively swaddle.In a nod to sanity and to retain my sense of composure, I did what I always do with two star products. I tossed it aside, and went and got something else. In this case, I got the Halo 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, Amazon Product: B003E6OBMA, which I would give four stars.All my other complaints about the small exist here as well. Just go get something better.

Ramona Manitou Springs, CO

So glad I found this!

I have been using the swaddleme blankets since my first son was born – and now that we have a 3rd son, I’m so glad to have found this product! He’s a large boy (at 6 months he weighed 17 pounds), so I ordered the large and it fits great. I can see how others say it runs large, but I would expect that, so that the child can fit in it throughout the whole weight range they have listed. Even though it does seem large, there is plenty of velcro to be able to wrap it as tight as you need, so I don’t find it to be overly large. I love it and I love that he can use it for a long time – I just wish there were more patterns, especially for a boy or even neutral.

Frankie Milliken, CO

Cute design

This is so cute! Great for parents who love dogs. Bright colors for the the dog bones and nice quality of material.

Myra Grant Town, WV

much easier than actually swaddling.

Screw swaddling blankets. I like swaddle sacks better; much easier to use. This one is less bulky than the halo kind, and keeps baby snugglier. The zipper on the bottom is a handy feature too, although I imagine for most babies you’re not going to use it because it will wake them up, nonetheless.

Stefanie Swanton, VT

Love The Size

This is great for parents who don’t know how to swaddle the old-fashioned way. Cute design for boys and girls. Good size for bigger babies.

Penny Amboy, MN

Four Woofs for This Wearable Blanket

My six-month-old granddaughter, who is past the swaddling stage, looks cozy and content in this sleep sack. I love that it’s 100% coating and printed with darling dogs, an animal she is starting to identify. The pattern is delightfully gender-neutral…we have OD’d on pink.This is a good way to keep a baby warm at night during the summer and the price is right. I wouldn’t mind one in my size.

Lucia Rentz, GA