Summer Infant Temperature Tester

Summer Infant Temperature Tester

Ensure your child’s bath water is just right with the Disney Temperature Tester. It not only tests the water temperature but can be used as a bath toy too. Features: •Ensures bath time water temperature is just right •Cute Winnie the Pooh design •Floats and can be used as a bath toy

Main features

  • Ensures bath time water temperature is just right
  • Cute Winnie the Pooh design
  • Floats and can be used as a bath toy

Verified reviews


It’s okay

This worked great for awhile. Then water started leaking into it and we had to pull the bottom off to get the water out. Now we can’t get it back together. We can still throw the temperature testing part in the water to check if it is too hot or too cold, but if we let our daughter play with the Pooh part (yes, I know, it is not a toy), it gets lots of water in it again and it is hard to get it all back out. I don’t know why they didn’t just make it all one piece so water can’t get in it at all. But for the price, it isn’t too bad.

Clarice Lenox, IA

I love it and baby loves it!

make sure the temp. strip is submerged when reading the temp. accurate and super easy to use, my baby loves to try and grab at the pooh bear. so cute and really works.

Reba Ringgold, PA

NOT a bath toy, but an ok temperature tester

I bought this because we have a Winnie the Pooh nursery theme and I thought it would be nice to have a temperature tester (note: this is NOT a thermometer that measures the actual degrees temperature of the water–it only indicates COLD/IDEAL/HOT) which could also be used as a bath toy (as suggested by the description). But it cannot–the packaging clearly has a warning which states that this should NOT be used as a toy. Amazon should change the description to reflect that warning.

Melanie Irwin, ID


Perfect for quick temp checks during my daughters bath time. And it’s a cute toy for her to kick around in the water.

Madge Stockwell, IN

Pretty good

This will tell you if your bath water is way too hot or way too cold. My old one turned from orange to blue green to dark green so I could aim for the blue green to get the perfect temperature, which I loved. This one just turns from black to green, so it’s only good for the extremes. It’s cute and very durable, though.

Keri Clemson, SC

Cute but not precise

This is a cute water thermameter. However, for the frequency this is used (every night) I would suggest getting one that gives you the actual temperature, not just good, hot or cold.

Brianna Smiths Grove, KY