Summer Infant Tiny Diner for Highchairs, Blue

Summer Infant Tiny Diner for Highchairs, Blue

Founded in 1985 with the invention of the baby bouncer seat, Summer Infant has always understood the joys, and challenges, of being the parent of a new baby. After all, we’re parents, too. Today, that insight and ongoing commitment to innovation has made us one of the leading infant product companies in the world. From our best rated monitors, bedrails, booster seats and baths, to feeding, bedding, bath and travel gear, we’re more dedicated than ever to creating safe, well made products that help make life the best it can be for parents and their babies. Tiny Diner is perfect for on the go toddlers. The Tiny Diner provides a safe clean eating surface and a built in scoop to catch the mess and rolls up compactly for travel. Suction cups keep the Tiny Diner firmly in place.

Main features

  • The patented design protects children from germy surfaces while keeping spills off their laps
  • Kids eat directly off the mat and the built in scoop catches the inevitable drips and dribbles, and the outer rim of the placemat contains wet messes
  • Tiny Diner rolls away into its built in scoop, so it’s ready when you need it
  • Strong suction cups keep the Tiny Diner where you put it
  • Phthalate compliant materials that contain no latex, PVC or BPA

Verified reviews


Not very easy to use

In theory, this product should be great. The problem is, that when you unroll it to use it, it doesn’t lay flat very well. It wants to roll back up. The part that is supposed to catch food wants to roll back up, as well. The suction cups don’t seem to stick to very many surfaces. We only used this 10 times or so before we gave up. Eating off the table may not be as sanitary, but it doesn’t drive us crazy and cause huge distractions for our 1 year old.

Tabatha Karnack, TX

Perfect Fit

I purchased this dining mat after reading the reviews of the Inglesia fast table chair. It has a lip tray perfect for the chair space between seat and counter. The mat is not cheap plastic, has three suction cups, wipes easily, and looks cute too.I look forward to using it with Her bowls and cups, will prevent sliding accidents. The lip tray catches any stray toys or drips now. My dog wishes otherwise though.Highly recommend the Summer Diner Mat.

Gena Wellston, OH

Nice convenience

This mat is really great to have around when out with the wee ones. It rolls up pretty nice to be kept in the diaper/gear bag. The suction cups keep it attached to the table. And the whole point is to keep your kids food off the dirty tables at the restaurant or your dirty relatives. If you’re kid is at the finger food stage and you like to eat out often then I’d highly recommend getting this.

Karyn Wendel, CA

I like it.. wanted to love it..

Im hoping some day somebody invents something that can get 5 stars! This seemed good at 1st.. and tho I dont dislike it.. I havent used it in the last month so I guess it isnt one of my top items. My son lasts about 5 minutes into the meal before he rips it up off the table and tosses it. Even at 8 months old, suction cups on toys only enticed him to removed them as opposed to play with them. But I was hopeful this would save my table & clean up. My 1st complaint was the 2nd time I used it, the sauce from the spaghetti he was eating permanently stained it. NOTHING I did would remove it.. even trips through the dishwasher. So their went bringing it places because it just looked dirty & like I never cleaned it. I may take it out again today & see if I like it better…. will update if its more positive now.

Angelica Huntington, WV

Mine had problems

I took this out of the box and it was light green, but then it turned a weird mottled blackish green color in a few days. I hadn’t used it yet or cleaned it with anything. So, it looks really grungy and I would never take it out in public.

Sadie Highland Park, MI

Love the pocket!

Our baby seems to think plates are frisbees, and I’m just not okay with putting food directly on a restaurant table (this is my second child and I’m still not okay with it), so after a meal where my husband and I both ate our food while using an elbow to pin down a napkin, we decided we had to find a better solution. We bought some of those disposable place mats with sticky tape that work well and do the same job, but I absolutely LOVE the pocket on this that helps to contain our spills so I don’t have so much to clean up before we leave (or feel bad about what I’m unable to clean and have to leave behind). I also love that it’s reusable. The only problem is it doesn’t stick well to all surfaces (which is the reason I gave it 4 of 5 stars). We have the hardest time with wooden tables, but even then we usually are able to get at least half of the suction cups to stay so it’s still able to do it’s job. My favorite part? The way it rolls up into itself, containing the mess, so we can just throw it in the diaper bag and take care of it once we’re home!

Nadia Blandville, WV

Love it, hate it, but would still get it (update: oozing oil — yuck)

Original 4 star review:Love it: travels everywhere with us; rolls up nicely in the tray at the bottom end; material is durable so aside from some nicks and scratches it mat still looks good. It grips smooth surfaces with suction cups, which is a plus.s We use this with Inglesina 2013 Fast Table Chair, where it works brilliantly as we put the mat under the two table grips. Feels much better to have the baby eat off his mat than table of unknown cleanliness at a restaurant. Also when visiting friends, helps to keep the mess under control.Hate it because as the animals and nursery rhyme shown on the mat have raised edges. These edges catch all kinds of food and particles making this mat incredible difficult to clean. Also the silicone surface is a bit sticky, so you really need to clean with a sponge or towel, not with paper towels.If I could find the same thing without the useless raised patterns I would buy it and give it 5 stars. As it stands, I haven’t found anything better than this, so would recommend it with the qualification above.Updated 3 star review: After only hand washing it the mat has begun to ooze some sort oily residue. Not only a disturbing but don’t want the baby eating off that. Not sure why. Could be because it was in the sun a lot? Not sure, but be warned! We’ll try replace it since it’s pretty darned useful…

Susanna Mcgrew, NE

just ok…

I wanted to love this – it’s a brilliant idea. But it just didn’t measure up. The suction cups only stick to some surfaces and it’s pretty easy for my little girl (15 months old) to peel the placemat up which sort of defeats the purpose. We still use it sometimes, but it just wasn’t as awesome as I hoped…

Elnora Mount Prospect, IL

Almost perfect

I purchased this placemat to use with theInglesina 2012 Fast Table Chair, Liquirizia. The food-catching trough fits perfectly between the arms of the chair but the “wings” of the mat don’t lie flat – a minor inconvenience. The placemat is easy to transport, easy to clean, and sticks to most surfaces. Sure, the suction cups could be better – one of my 9 month old twins likes to pull up the mat and chew on it – but I also have a wooden table and never expected the suction cups to fully adhere to the surface. Overall I recommend this purchase.

Evangeline South Bend, NE

Best thing ever for restaurants!

We had one of these in the past and lost it, so when my son was ready for finger foods recently, I had to get another! It’s so nice to have when we go out to eat. I don’t have to worry about how clean the table is and the slightly grippy surface makes it easier for him to pick up food. The suction cups hold well, it’s easy to wipe clean and roll up, and fits nicely in the diaper bag. Several people have commented on it and asked where we got it.

Lara Chaffee, NY

Not as good as old version?

We already had one of these. I think it was the same model, but am not positive. The other one was more pliable and rolled up easier. This one is a little stiff. I’d like the old material, but if I didn’t have the first one I wouldn’t know that this one was thicker. So if you have an older one, be advised. If not, this is still a good product.

Keri Gainesville, FL

Don’t use too early

We got this when my son was around 10 months. I loved the idea of having a sanitary place to put pieces of food for him to eat without worrying he’d chuck a plate across the restaurant. However, he was able to tear this up off the table very easily. After a few failed attempts, we put it away. He’s now 16 months and I pulled it back out and we’ve had 2 successful dinners out without him trying to tear it off the table. I think we just needed to get past the stage where he needed to throw everything in front of him.

Rae Cameron Mills, NY

Must have for baby who goes out to eat.

My friend told me this was a must have for our baby and she was right. We use this every time we go out to eat. The only downside is the occasional table cloth where this won’t stick.

Summer Balsam Lake, WI

A must have!

This thing is great! Other reviewers say that it becomes misshapen when ran through the dishwasher so I have never run mine through a dishwasher – I just wipe it off. This gives me peace of mind when eating out. I know my daughter isn’t eating off of a filthy surface when I use this. I especially love the catch tray.

Susie Ritzville, WA

Great for Restaurants

I had one of these from 4 years ago that was a Kiddopatomus brand. I used it for two children and it worked wonderfully. Then when I had twins I needed one more. This was the best price I could find. It is the exact same (other than color) as my other one. It seems to be just as well made. I do not put mine in the dishwasher. I have never had a problem washing them when I got home from eating out with just hot water and soap (I might have forgotten them accidentally for a couple days and they still cleaned up extremely easily). The packaging does say not to leave them rolled up all the time. My old one was rolled up for over a year and it didn’t take more than a day of being left out before it would stay down properly. These are great for young children (mine are 9 months) who are just learning to feed themselves but might be too young for a plate. This also helps keep the babies from chewing on the table.

Rosemarie Williamsport, IN

Doesn’t stay down

This would work if you had some way to keep it flat in travel or only used at home. We bought to use at reestaurants and because we had to fold it up everytime, when we unfolded it wouldn’t lay flat or attach. Never attached to tables with the shiny varnish. Used about 5 times and passed along. Did like the catch trough though!!

Blanca Aimwell, LA


This product total sucks. Except it doesn’t suck which is why it sucks. It comes rolled up like a burrito with HUGE creases in it. We tried to suction cup it to the table hoping the suction cups would keep the creases flat and keep it from rolling but they they wouldn’t suction to the table. It’s completely useless. Company needs to find a new way to package these before they will ever be useful.

Jodie Lake Fork, ID

best item for a toddler in restuarants

my 16 month son loves eating right of the table. He will throw what ever plates & spoons on to the floor. So the best thing my hubby & I could get is this contraption. It has made meal times much more enjoyable.

Dorothy Homedale, ID

This is essential for your diaper bag or trunk of car — get 2 if you dine out a lot

We lived in a hotel for 2 months and dined in every corner cafe across Europe. This placemat turned any crusty bistro table (or hotel desk) into an appealing dining spot for my 1 year old. Once your kid’s done eating, just wipe off any major crud and roll it up dirty. Voilà! The table has a nice clean spot to play with trucks or other toys while mom and dad pay the bill. My son is 16 months and we still use this every time we eat out.

Edna Springfield, MA

Gave it away

I wanted to like and use this but it didn’t work with my high chair. It didn’t seem to unfold and lay flat very well. I was disappointed and ended up giving it away fairly quickly.

Libby Kansas, OK

Great for Dining Out!

We’ve gotten a lot of use out of this. We’ve used it for dining out and for picnics. It’s easy to clean and contains our little ones mess. I use a rubber band to keep it rolled up and even roll the bib up in it to make it easy to take with us.

Alexandra Sanford, FL

Does not suction!

I don’t know why I keep buying these placemats b/c they don’t work. I have (2) baby blue ones for my toddler sons and just bought this pink one for my 7 month old. This rubber on this pink mat is more stiff than the (2) blue ones. So, it puckers and does not lay flat. The suction cups do not work. The only reason I use this is b/c of that little catch-all scoop between child and table. Don’t be fooled by the advertised "edge to contain spills". It’s like the height of (5) pieces of paper. A decent spill goes right over that "lip".Maybe with time, detergents in the dishwasher will soften this mat. Right now, it’s a chew toy for my 7 month old daughter while her brother eat their meals.I usually return stuff if I’m not satisfied, but this time I’m just swallowing the 10 bucks.

Eloise West Augusta, VA

Great for on the go!

I got this at the recommendation of a friend who swore by this for her little one when they went out to eat. I love the idea of it and it works okay. The only problem is that the suction cup thingies that hold it to a surface don’t hold very well and because it’s "stored" rolled up for easy transport in the diaper bag and on the go, it’s in a "rolled" position that needs the suction cuppies to hold it down otherwise it just rolls back up. Because it doesn’t stay put well, even after wetting the suction cups, my little will just pull it up and dump the contents all over himself and the table. The lil catch tray is a genius little add on, and when the placemat stays in place, it does catch dribbles and food bits that are dropped from table to mouth.

Abby Ruffs Dale, PA

Great for taking to restaurants

This placemat is great for taking with us to restaurants. It’s more sanitary than the tabletops for sure! And it catches food in the little flap. The suction pods are great too to keep it from moving on the table. Easy to clean.

Jerry Sherman, CT

Not for us

Good concept but since it doesn’t work on many surfaces, it was hard for us to use this when we’re at restaurants. It was hard to unroll as well. Well you could unroll but it just doesn’t stay unrolled, which just makes it easy for kids to peel off.

Mabel Caspar, CA

Stupid designs catch food

The suction cups are worthless and my 9m olds have been peeling them up for months. THe Embossed designs make it less easy to just quickly wipe clean. The one thing I do love is the the little catch scoop that fits between the highchair and the counter, but I don’t even bother with the placemat anymore, because the twins only occasionally drop things on accidents.

Deann Royal Oak, MI

Great on glass not so much on wood

We love this on a glass table at my in-laws, but when we have it on our wooden table at home it doesn’t stick as well and our daughter pulls it up which causes quite a mess as everything on top comes up with it!

Coleen Springfield, LA

Glad I bought it

Perfect table mat, a must if you are buying the Chico caddy chair. It traps all the food from falling down making it much easier for baby to get the food into his mouth.

Kathleen Selfridge, ND

Does not work on wood tables

This just didn’t work as expected on a wood table as the suction cups could not fasten to the slight grain texture on our table. Maybe OK for plastic or other very smooth surfaces, but the people I know ALL have wood dining tables!

Shana Romney, WV

Must have!

I have 2 of these tiny diners and they are a lifesaver both at home and when out at restaurants. Provides a clean and easy to clean surface for babies and toddlers to eat off of. Especially handy when you have a little one that likes to throw utensils and dishes. When they are new they tend to be stiff an you may have to lay something down when you unroll them, but it with regular use it becomes more pliable. These hold up very well, have had mine for 3 years now with no sign of wear and tear other than some fading.

Lora Perry, ME