Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Pink

Summer Infant Tiny Diner, Pink

The TinyDiner from Summer Infant is a perfect on-the-go placemat that features a built-in scoop to catch your baby’s mess while eating. The mat provides a safe, clean eating surface and has suction cups to keep it in place. Portable placemat with built-in scoop to catch the mess Provides safe, clean eating surface Suctions cups keep the TinyDiner in place Durables 100% waterproof material Made from TPE; a non-latex, non-PVC, non-phthalate, non-BPA material Easily rolls up for on-the-go

Main features

  • The patented design protects children from germy surfaces while keeping spills off their laps
  • The built-in scoop catches the inevitable drips and dribbles, and the outer rim of the placemat contains wet messes
  • Tinydiner rolls away into its built-in scoop, so it’s ready when you need it
  • Strong suction cups keep the tinydiner where you put it, kids eat directly off the mat, so no worries about plates ending up on the floor
  • At mealtime, it unrolls into a generous 12″x18″ eating and playing surface that stays securely in place

Verified reviews


It gets the job done…

This place-mat is good in theory. In fact, it does a great job protecting my son from icky table germs when he is eating finger foods. Unfortunately, like most toddlers he seeks out challenges, and is able rip the entire mat of the table within seconds now. He thinks it’s a game and laughs every time. With that said, at least it does a good job at staying put. Don’t think anything without a suction cup would work at all for us. Another downside is that this mat is a little on the bulky side. Definitely not something you can just keep in your diaper bag. I keep mine stashed in my car for when we eat out. Not a perfect product, but glad I have it!

Genevieve Hometown, WV

Fantastic!! Love This product!! Worth the $$$!!!

I purchased two of these at the recommendation of a friend, almost 3 years ago for my 1st child and now use them for my second child too. This is wonderful when they started eating finger foods and we would go out for dinner. I didn’t have to worry about her (like all kids, licking, biting or as kids always end up doing) eating food off the dirty table tops! The suction cups are strong enough to hold it in place, during a lot of rigerous pulling and tugging which was awesome because my youngest is always trying to yank it off. So far she hasn’t had much success and she’s a strong little one!We just attach it to the table, sit her in the high chair and she can feed herself finger foods and I don’t have to stress out trying to keep her clean! When she’s done eating, I just roll it up, (it’s designed to fold into itself and stay that way, until we get home. I wash it, roll it up and it goes back in the diaper bag for the next time. This is also great, because she’s always done eating before us, you can roll it up leaving a clean “play” area on the table. I would definitly recommend them!!!When attaching to the table tops, make sure you dampen the suction cups with a little moisture from the outside of your drink glass and it will stay in place even better!Buy this! You won’t regret it!

Alma Williamsport, PA

More fun as a toy than a placemat.

I got this for my eight-month-old since we were working on baby-led weaning (seeBaby-Led Weaningfor more information) and I didn’t love putting food directly on the table, especially when we were eating out. As soon as I put it in front of him, he made it his job to dislodge it from the table. The suction cups were not match for his curiosity and fearsome pull.Not wanting to fight that battle, I rolled it up and put it away for “later”, a time in which he’d be more interested in eating for sustenance than exploring his food and surroundings. That time never came. At almost two and a half years old, he’d much better about not dropping food, so the little pouch would just be an invitation to store food in.Quality-wise, it’s fine. It does roll up and tuck in the pouch, which is cute, but then it doesn’t lay flat on the table even with the suction cups engaged. And since it doesn’t work as a placemat, it really doesn’t matter how easy it is to store and transport. I didn’t return it, but I’m also not going to use it with his younger brother (now eight months old). I guess I’ll eventually donate it to Goodwill.Bottom line: It’s more fun for babies to play with than eat off of. The suction cups can’t withstand the single-minded focus of a determined infant/toddler. Skip it.

Lily Crestline, CA

Waste of money!

We bought two of these for our 14-month-old twins to use when we eat out. What a waste of money! We used them for the first time on Friday. First of all, the suction cups did NOT stay securely in place no matter how firmly we pressed them down. The top kept rolling up. Our boys didn’t really mess with them at first but halfway through the meal, one of them easily pulled the whole placemat off the table and all the food on the placemat and in the little “trough” went flying!Great idea in theory; I wish they actually worked!I gave this two stars instead of one because it *might* work better for a younger baby (6-9 months or so).

Britney Libertyville, IA


I’m very disappointed with this mat. After reading all the good reviews, I thought I’d love it. My daughter is 9 months old and is starting to eat finger foods, so we thought this would be great for her. The mat is made to roll up for storage, so the edges curl and provide a great place for her to grab the mat. Within seconds the mat is torn off and is being thrown onto the ground. Perhaps this is just my daughter, but I think most toddlers would do the same. Maybe there’s a secret to keeping the suction cups on that I don’t know about? I prefer the single use disposable plastic mats with the sticky edges.

Jimmie Leamington, UT

An ok purchase

I bought this item after seeing several frind’s with it. It worked ok for a while. It now seems to have a hard time staying flat. Not sure why. My son is also old enough to unstick it from the table. I now just use sanitizer wipes on the restaurants table. I could of done without this purchase. I should of just used the money for case of sani wipes. 🙂

Winnie Spring Grove, IL

Looks better in the pictures

Easy to clean. The area where the food falls in is a great idea, but it doesn’t stay in place. The worst is that it is all wrinkle not like the pictures, it comes in a package all folded. Anyway, it is ok, not great.

Alma Merryville, LA


I bought this when my little one was just learning to feed herself. It is in the "must have" category. It suctions to the table, has a little pocket to catch food that ends up in the lap, and then rolls up in a nice little package to be taken home and cleaned later. So many people have asked me where I got this, when we’re out. Plus, it’s nice to know your little one isn’t touching the actual table, making it more hygienic. LOVE.

Young Jacobsburg, OH

Brighter pink than pictured but I love anyways

We had this originally for our first daughter and for the second one I knew I needed to order a replacement. The suction cups work great to keep the mat in place and this is much better for my daughter to chew on than the random restaurant table. the only thing to be aware of is that we received one that is more fuchsia than baby pink (which didnt bother me)

Pam Mc Lean, VA

Great product for the 6-12 month age

Face it, they’re going to eat off the table. This is a nice sanitary option for eating out, plus the pocket catches lots of food allowing it to be recycled rather than on the ground and thrown out. It has a short useful life, but is indispensable during that time.

Carlene North Norwich, NY

Great placemat .. just not for wooden tables.

It is what it is. A tray with a small catch tray. And it does what it’s supposed to do. Only word of caution … if you have a wooden table, it’s not going to stick. This will stick on plastic, glass, laminate and pretty much any other table OTHER THAN wood. I plop this on her high chair tray because honestly, removing the high chair tray and cleaning the awkwardly sized tray is more cumbersome and this is flexible and light. It covers the tray and after she’s done, I roll it up in the sink for cleaning. It dries quickly and can be easily stored in my diaper bag for when we go out. I knocked 1 star off because if you’re trying to use this on a wood table, it’s pretty much useless cause my toddler will push it away and it ends up making more of a mess.

Janet Silver Spring, MD

Great product

This is a wonderful product! It goes great with a clip on chair. I only wish there were a few more styles and materials.

Becky Sparkman, AR

Did they shrink?

We have been using this product for our son for over a year. I think this is about the 6th one we have bought (they get stained and get little nicks and cuts over time). We use it for a hook on high chair, over the handles, and it has always been a perfect fit, until this one. It it super stiff and definitely smaller than the regular ones. I didn’t bother sending it back since we used it but I am definitely disappointed.

Maude Holton, KS


I really wanted to love this. But I can’t. It comes rolled up which I get, but then won’t lay flat. I’ve left it flat with books on top of it for a few days and it seems to help. THEN you have the issues where the suction cups don’t actually work on any surface that isn’t completely smooth. We have a wood table and it just doesn’t stick well. Which renders it useless with a 10 month old who flaps around a lot!

Julia Mingus, TX

Seems ideal but not practical in real life.

Doesn’t unroll flat easily- have to really work on it. We have yet to get it to stick to a table so it is always falling off. The genius little food catcher sticks out and is right where the toddler leans; leaning on it causes the food to dump out, so it is less than genius. Would not recommend this product.

Celina Braden, TN


I really like this placemat for feeding my toddler. It doesn’t slide around, is easy to clean, and has a little pocket thing to catch any food that would otherwise end up in his lap or the floor.

Lilia Lewistown, OH

No complaints – surprised how useful it was/is!

I saw a friend using one of these years ago, so when I had kinds and saw one at a garage sale, I grabbed it. Shocked how useful it is! I have a one year old and we’ve used it countless times now at restaurants, people’s houses, outdoor barbecues on the patio… It has been great and I really did not think we’d use it as much as we have. I have never had any issues with the suction cups. Yes, my son is learning to get them off, but there are so many and they stick so well he has not been successful in doing anything that’d get the whole thing off the table (granted, we also usually bring a toy or two to keep him occupied when we’re at a restaurant, and don’t unroll this thing till we’re ready to eat). I also disagree with the reviewer who said the size was inconvenient. You can actually roll this up and tuck it into itself, so we do keep it in our diaper bag at all times and haven’t had a problem (and what’s more — now it’s there for those unscheduled stops). A good tool, and I was more shocked than anyone to say that!

Ashlee Jackson, CA

Works great

I bought two of these, one in pink and one in green. My daughter really likes having a place mat and I like having one that catches food before hitting her clothes or the floor. This works great, is easy to clean, and is the perfect size.

Lelia Weikert, PA

nice concept, but doesn’t work

I loved the idea, reusable place mat that i could use when out that could fit in my diaper bag for on the go…. The suction cups don’t work, then get folded in the rolling up process and never quite unfold all the way again. I spent most of my meal trying to push it back down and it would spring back up, most times before my daughter could even pull it back up. we used it for probably about 2ish months when my daughter was around 10 months old. we finally bit the bullet and bought the disposable ones for a road trip. The Tiny Diner is sitting on my counter, waiting to go to charity. Save your money and don’t buy

Lea Divernon, IL

Must have

I get this as a gift for every baby shower I attend. In restaurants, people routinely come up to me and ask what it is, what it’s called, and where I got it.It minimizes food on the floor, keeps my daughter’s mouth, hands and food off of the tables, suctions onto most surfaces, folds up when dirty so the mess is self-contained, and we can use clips to tether toys to it and keep them off the floor.The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because it has gotten discolored- particularly by tomato sauce. So even though it’s clean, it looks kind of brown and dirty (we have the blue). Wish they darker colors or patterns to mask this.

Yvonne Clay, TX

It’s OK

The premise is good, but the execution just isn’t quite there. The shape is great…the trough part is good, but the material is a little too thick. The thickness causes it to stay furled up when you unfold it, so much so that the suction cups can’t always hold it down. I know that it can vary with the tables, but even on smooth tables it has trouble. It wasn’t too much money and *IS* useble, don’t get me wrong…just a little bit of a hassle dealing with it.

Rena Wattsville, VA


I just bought another one of these so now we have 2. It folds up in itself so it fits nicely in the diaper bag, and contains the extra crumbs if you can’t clean it while you’re out. The catch tray at the front is fantastic- much better than depending on the bib, but together they do a decent job. I put them on top of everything on the top rack of the dishwasher and it comes out perfectly clean. Minus one start because the texture is kind of gummy so you really have to scrub at crumbs to get them off, making it impossible to clean it with just a diaper wipe at the table. I haven’t had any problems with the suction cups not working- they’re pretty strong and there are lots.

Kim Redwater, TX

A Must Have

I bought this for restaurant outings and I can’t tell you how many people are amazed by it. The little tray catches fallen bites, it keeps her food sanitary and allows me feed my daughter what I bring or what’s there without worrying about germs or dishes. We started using it when my daughter could sit in a highchair. She is 15 months now and we use it all the time. A great shower gift instead of an outfit they may not even get to wear!

Rosanne Bevier, MO

Gotta have this when eating at a restaurant!

The person who invented this is a genius! This is a wonderful placemat for babies and toddlers when dining in a restaurant. It’s washable and extremely portable.

Gladys Austin, NV

Top 5 must-have baby gear

I love our Tiny Diner placemat! We have used this for over a year every time we go out to eat. It lives in our diaper bag. It is made of durable, flexible rubber and cleans up very easily with a wet wipe. It will occasionally stain but the stains have all eventually washed out (without any intense scrubbing or harsh chemicals). Either way, we didn’t buy it because it was pretty. My husband and I have both worked in restaurants. The bus boys usually use the same rag to wipe up tables all night long. I did NOT want my kid eating off that. This also keeps a lot of food from ending up on the floor or in his lap. We have had multiple waitstaff comment on what a great item it is. I will admit it sticks to some surfaces better than others. The cleaning agents used on the table seem to play a part in how well the suction cups adhere. I would saw it sticks well 80% of the time. We use it 100% of the time. Our little guy is used to it so he doesn’t bother trying to pull it up if it is not stuck down. We give this as a baby gift all the time. I highly recommend it.

Letitia Comstock, WI


Buy this! It stays in place, easy to clean, doesn’t stain, catches food before it his the lap or floor. Spaghetti sauce won’t stain this mat and anything else ou can serve on it. Solid buy, I bought two!

Judith Nisswa, MN

Nice, Big Mat

I like the size of this mat. We just returned from vacation, which is the reason I purchased this mat to begin with, and it was a great travel piece. It rolls up nicely so you can toss it in a bag and head out. The suction cups worked just fine for us, and the catch tray kept a lot of food out of my 11 month old’s lap.My only complaint is that the nursery rhyme design makes it a little difficult to wipe easily. You need to scrub with a brush to get all of the food off. Not a problem if you have access to a brush and sink, but when you want to wipe it down and throw it back into your bag after a meal, it’s problematic. I threw some plastic grocery bags in my diaper bag and put the dirty mat in those until I was able to fully wash it off.

Fay Hulbert, OK

Room For Improvement

Bottom line, this item does it’s job, it simply doesn’t do a GREAT job.CONS1–> The suction cups don’t stay down on half of the tables we’ve used it on so far.2–> The item doesn’t spread all the way down flat when you do get the suction cups to working, it allows room for a mess underneath. You have to clean the mess on top of the mat and also underneath it.3–> There are visible creases when in use and it looks tacky.PROS1–> It wipes and cleans pretty easy, no stains so far.2–> The material it’s made of actually keeps toys and feeding utensils from sliding all over the place pretty well. Decent grip.3–> The part that hangs down does indeed catch most of the crumbs or items that fall into it. Our daughter loves to play with it, so it buys us some more time to eat.4–> It rolls up easy and fits in bags pretty well.Over all we would reccomend this product.

Suzette Washington Crossing, PA


Received this as a gift from another mom when my son was born, and just started using it when he started sitting up in highchairs at restaurants at about 10.5months old. I love this item! Yes, the suction cups don’t work on every surface, or my son figures out how to pull them off the table quickly, but the positives outweigh the negatives.When we are out, I just use baby wipes to clean off foods before rolling the matt up into itself (great feature) and popping it into the diaper bag. Then usually handwash at home. I have washed in the dishwasher also. I love being able to sprinkle some Puffs or plop a scoop of mashed potato on this matt when we are out for him, and not have to worry about a germy table top!

Kendra Cayuga, TX

A messy hassle

The mat never seemed to stick to any surfaces we wanted it to stick to. We rolled it up in the diaper bag for eating out but found that it never wanted to unfold flat or stick to tables. It ends dup just being a messy hassle.

Shawn Hitchcock, SD