Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat, Green

Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat, Green

TinyDiner is perfect for mealtime at home or on-the-go. The BPA-free portable placemat provides a safe, clean eating surface. An outer rim helps contain wet spills, and a built-in “scoop” catches food, keeping your floor and your child’s lap cleaner. When not in use, TinyDiner can be rolled and tucked into itself for convenient storage.

Main features

  • Molded “scoop” catches food as it falls, and raised outer rim helps contain wet spills
  • Durable, flexible material can be wiped clean easily and is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Strong suction cups keep the TinyDiner in place
  • Designed for kids to eat directly off the mat, no additional plates to clean
  • Free from BPA and PVC

Verified reviews


Diaper bag essential

This is one of my go-to baby gifts. My husband and I both waited tables in college and know just how clean the rags are the bussers use to wipe down the tables. Yuk! When our son was in his finger food stage we did not want him eating directly from the table top when we went out. This placemat is perfect. We would wipe it down with wet wipes before rolling it up and putting it in the diaper bag. Then a quick wash in the sink or dishwasher when we got home. The trough catches a lot of stuff that would normally end up on the floor. It does suction to certain surfaces better than others but we didn’t find that to be much of a problem. And even if it wasn’t stuck tight to the table, it is still better than eating directly form the table top. It will also stain with tomato sauce and the like, but we didn’t get it for ascetics. One of my favorite baby products!

Melanie Maysville, WV

Great mat!

We have a marble table and it took a while after unfolding it for the first time to get it to lay and attach completely flat. It doesn’t hold light weight plastic bowls in place(which I use for my two year old for cereal or oatmeal for breakfast) but heavier bowls are great as they will not move. since he has mastered how to eat while only spilling minimum this work well at catching that minimum. The stencil design makes it hard to just wipe off food. You’ll really need to make sure no food particles get caught in the stenciling. Other than those things, i think it’s great and durable. Could definitely last you a lifetime I’m sure because it’s unbreakable, just clean and reuse, pack and go, attachable mat. Suction cups are strategically placed so the hold is great, no toddler can rip this from the table and throw it around for sure.

Terry Dayton, NV

Good Product but Not Necessary

This is a good quality product. However, it is one of the things I have purchased thinking that I would use it more and I haven’t. I am somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to baby gear so that may be the reason why we don’t use it more. But it is an excellent product.However, I don’t think it is guaranteed to be safe from "toxic plastics". So if you are concerned with that, I would recommend thinking hard before you purchase it. Since we don’t use it everyday, I don’t mind.

Angie Glade, KS

Super convenient, rolls into a tiny tube

Super convenient, rolls into a tiny tube, easy to use…all of the things something you’re toting around in your diaper bag should be!!

Alfreda Captain Cook, HI

AWESOME product!!!!!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! We get compliments on it all the time when we are out to eat. This lives in my son’s diaper bag so that anytime we go to a restaurant or to company’s house for dinner we will have it. I love the fact that it is a CLEAN place to cut up food for my son, or dump Puffs or Cheerios out for him to grab (I would never be able to do that on a restaurant table – GERMS!!! And if he had a plate he would just knock it off the table.) The best part is the little hanging crumb catcher. There will still be a few things that make it to the floor, but the little catcher is AWESOME and catches most of the things he drops. This should be in every mama’s diaper bag!!

Cindy Lavonia, GA

Great for going out with the kid

My little man is obviously somewhat messy and loves to just take anything and pound it against the table. With the mat it’s much safer for him with regards to sanitization as well as not being able to damage any tables.

Latasha Alvin, TX


This is a good idea, but the execution is off. The mat is bulky and takes up valuable room in my already cramped diaper bag. The suction cups were a hit or miss. Sometimes they stuck, sometimes not. Ultimately, I ended up not using this product and went with disposable placemats instead. They’re super slim and take up no room in my diaper bag, then I just toss them after he eats. I do not recommend this product.

Sonya Eastham, MA

Wish there was a better option out there.

I was so excited to see this product, as it’s a better option than the disposable placemats for us. However, I’ve probably tried to use them 10 times and they have only stuck to the table or counter 1-2 times. In the times they do stick, the suction cups often pop off after a while, and certainly can’t hold up to our kids pulling on them. They also have creases on each side and on the top, and the placemat often rolls in on itself while using. The reason I even gave them two stars is that I still find it somewhat better than the disposable option and there just isn’t really anything else out there that we’ve found. Great idea, poor suction cups.

Chrystal Milton, IL

Almost completely useless

So many things wrong with this.- It doesn’t stick to any surface. Her high chair, our table, and any restaurant table I’ve tried it at.-It doesn’t lay flat. If it just laid flat, it would at least serve some function. But it curls up and my baby immediately wants to lift it and play with it and see what’s under it.- The design gets food embedded in it.Why is this ten $? The flat plastic placemats we already had work way better.

Marcella Fredonia, WI

Great for dining out

Love this product! Great for dining out to put food out for baby without putting it directly on a questionably clean dining table. Suction cups keep baby from throwing/pulling it off the table. One thing bad I could say is I wish it cleaned easier. The material it’s made from doesn’t clean off with just a wipe and stains easy.

Frieda Rosalie, NE

hard to get it to lay flat

This mat rolls up really easily, but when you unroll it, it’s hard to get it flat and suctioned to the table. My son is almost two and I though this would be easy for restaurants, but instead it’s just awkward. Also, as described, tomato-based products do sort of stain the rubber. I would suggest getting this if you are going to use it mostly at home and not need to roll it up often so that it can maintain a better flat shape.

Mai Scioto Mills, IL

Must have if you eat out with little kids!

We love our diner mat. It is so nice to take to a restaurant especially if your baby would normally chuck dishes to the floor. It’s dishwasher safe! I just shake the food off onto a plate when he is done, roll it up, stick it in a ziploc and wash it at home. So easy! And I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it too~great idea.

Faye Davenport, WA

Ok, but a pain to clean, and not a great fit w the Inglesia Chairs.

We have 7mo old twins and purchased these mats to compliment the Inglesia fast table chairs that we use at our counter tops. Other reviewers as well as amazon suggested that these mats worked well with the chairs.We use the fast table chairs at our counter top, as ‘high chairs’ for our twins to eat at. The mats overlap the arms of the chairs that attach to the countertop. The mats have suction cups on the bottom to fix them to the surface they are on, but the way they sit on top of the arms of the chairs the sides of the mat can’t stick to the table surface. In order to put them flat, you would have to put the mat down first, then fix the chair to the table/counter, and then the mat is stuck, under the arms of the chair, stuck in place until you take the chair down. The trough catches most of the food and prevents it from falling on the floor. When the kiddos run out of food/get bored, they start pulling up the sides of the mat.I wish the border around the edge of the mat was raised to prevent food from being easily swiped off the mat by little hands. The mat, because it is so flexible and can be rolled up for storage, does not easily load into the dishwasher, which means every time they finish a meal, I have to hand-wash the mats– so much food gets into the trough that a wipe down doesn’t usually cut it right now. Maybe when they get a little older it will be less messy.Overall, the mat does help keep the counter tops clean but I wouldn’t say its a great fit with the table top chairs. We haven’t used the mats at a restaurant so I can’t say how well they transport, but I’d say you will definitely need a plastic baggie to keep them in after they get dirty. I’ll try to remember to update my review after we’ve used them while out.

Michele Brownton, WV

I didn’t like it at first, but it works great now.

At first I did not like this because of the folds not flattening out. I now like this and it did eventually flatten out. It sticks well to the table and the thing that catches the food works great.

Rosetta Salem, NY