Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat, Pink

Summer Infant Tiny Diner Portable Placemat, Pink

Tiny diner is perfect for mealtime at home or on-the-go. The BPA-free portable placemat provides a safe, clean eating surface. An outer rim helps contain wet spills, and a built-in scoop catches food, keeping your floor and your child’s lap cleaner. When not in use, tiny diner can be rolled and tucked into itself for convenient storage.

Main features

  • Diner works best when laid on flat, smooth surfaces. Any surface with texture is not ideal
  • Molded scoop catches food as it falls, and raised outer rim helps contain wet spills
  • Durable, flexible material can be wiped clean easily and is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Strong suction cups keep the tiny diner in place
  • Designed for kids to eat directly off the mat, no additional plates to clean
  • Free from BPA and PVC

Verified reviews


TinyDiner Portable Placemat

Cute looking but not very useful. My 9 month old daughter just rips it off the table and throws it on the floor.

Alyson Albany, MN

Great, but has changed

So I had one of these with my first baby six years ago and LOVED it. So I just bought one for my new baby. The old one was made by Kiddopotamus, this one says its made by Summer Infant, and is noticeably different. The material is different, and it folds a bit differently. The good news is that this one is great as well! The suction cups stick just fine, and I find that even with rolling it up, it still un-folds great. This is one of those essential baby items. I will use it for eating out and home use. I have a highchair that attaches directly to my table/island and will use this with that as well. Great buy!

Kimberlee Bath, NY

Recommend for restaurant

Works good at restaurants to keep little one from touching dirty table. Large surface area. Rubber-like surface easily wipes clean. You can put food directly on surface. Easily rolls up and can keep in diaper bag. About the size of a paper towel cardboard roll. Deducted one star because suction cups do not work well to keep mat in place. Would recommend. Haven’t found anything else that works better.

Sasha Gay, GA

Just what we were looking for! (Measurements in review)

When rolled out the mat is 12 inches from top to the bottom of the square part of the mat (right before the food catcher located at the bottom). The food catcher adds 3 more inches, but that part is intended to hang off of the table. The mat is a little over 18 1/2 inches wide from left to right. There are 3 suction cups underneath on the left and right wings of the mat, and one suction cup on the top wing of the mat. The wings are the half moon shaped “wings” that fold out from the square placemat. They are the parts that fold in when folding up for storage. The side wings fold in, then the top wing, and then roll it in tightly towards the food catcher, and tuck it into the food catcher when storing the placemat away. The placemat material feels like rubber/silicone so it stays in place on the table, and when being folded up for storage. You won’t have to worry about the placemat unrolling in your bag. This mat is 9 1/2 inches long X 4 inches wide when rolled up for storage. This mat is just what we needed, and exactly what we were looking for. It even stuck onto a polished wood restaurant table. Just carry a little wet nap, or just wet a napkin at your table when dining out to wipe down the mat. Simple and reusable. I highly recommend it.

Cherry Moccasin, CA

Not the best

The mat didn’t lay flat or stay suctioned to the table. Milk cups repeatedly fell over due to this and rolled off table. It wasn’t very easy to clean without soaking it everyday. We liked the thickness of it and thought the part the hung over the table was a good idea, but it just made a worse mess when the kids leaned over it.

Anita Fresno, OH

Couldn’t Eat out Without it!

We take this everywhere!! We love it. It’s a little darker pink in person.This just rolls up and goes inside her diaper bag and attaches to any table or surface.When it gets too dirty I just toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Love it!

Cleo Oradell, NJ


It was a present for a new mother and her baby girl. I hope she would like as much as my daughter and her baby.

Odessa Avenue, MD

Ok for travel

I wish the suction cups were closer to the edges so my daughter couldn’t get under it to pull off. Ok for travel…better than nothing at a restaurant.

Deann Guayanilla, PR

Haven’t used it quite as much as we expected…

This is a good product but a little limited in it’s use. I wanted to keep her little fingers off the dirty tables when we were out and about and for the most part, this does the trick. She isn’t eating anything off it yet, she is too young. She just likes to drum on the tables and put her hands on them. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t stick to all surfaces but will be fine at most restaurants. I specifically had the outdoor tables at the coffee shop in mind when I bought it and it doesn’t secure well to those due to small holes in the table. I’d recommend it as long as you understand the limitations, (if it doesn’t stick, your little one will almost surely pull it off and play with it, not a horrible thing in my opinion it keeps her entertained). Also, it rolls up nicely and fits in the diaper bag.

Ida De Witt, AR

Material has changed! Don’t like the new version!

2 yrs ago, I bought this for our son from Babies R Us and LOVED it!! it was soft and flexible and suction worked great! fast forward 2 yrs and now that I have a daughter I decided to buy another one in pink. but this time I ordered it on Amazon. I don’t know if maybe Amazon has a defective batch, I was a little confused at first. Now I’m wishing I had just returned it but now it’s too late. The mat is slightly smaller and it’s no longer a soft flexible rubber. It is more stiff and the suction barely works. so yes my 11 month old constantly pulls it off the table. I have to keep pressing it down. If you want to try it out, I say buy it at Babies R Us so that you can open the box and see for yourself. Because the one I bought here is pretty much useless if it doesn’t stay on the table.

Lynda Cumberland Gap, TN

Five Stars

great item

Dorothea Arabi, LA