Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker

Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker

Parents want bath time to be an enjoyable time for both them and baby. The new Summer Infant bath time bubble maker is sure to keep baby occupied and entertained. This comes with a portable bubble maker for bath time fun. The suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall. It features bottle of tear free bubble solution. It comes with three language packaging. Portable bubble maker for bath time fun. Suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall4 ounce . Bottle of tear free bubble solution included three language packaging.

Main features

  • Portable bubble maker for bath time fun
  • Suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall
  • 4 ounce bottle of tear free bubble solution included
  • Three language packaging

Verified reviews


Bubbles burn eyes!

We bought this product and it came with a bottle of bubble solution. After a few minutes our baby was teary eyes because the bubbles burned her eyes. Now how can something made for the bath tub to bathe kids not have tear free bubble solution is an absolute question to me. Producers of baby products with such little thoughts in development or marketing should not be in business!

Casandra Zalma, MO

Working Great so far, son loves it!

So far I haven’t had any problems with this thing. It makes a crazy amount of bubbles, which my son just goes nuts over. He is 2, so at the age of looooving bubbles. It is a little noisy, and seems to take a lot of bubble solution each time. But the amount of bubble solution I guess is because mine seems to make a ton of bubbles during his bath. So far those are the only drawbacks I have found.

Enid West Jefferson, NC

Loud and Scary!

I bought this for my 9 month old son because he really likes bubbles. However, he cried the second I turned this on because the device is SO loud as it makes bubbles. It scared him to the point that I got rid of the thing. No other noise has ever scared him before, and he’s not a sensitive baby by any stretch. This thing is just too loud to be of any use. We hated it.

Ernestine Moapa, NV

Daughter Approved

My baby loves this and gets excited everytime the bubbles come out. She can’t seem to get enough of it and cries when I turn it off. I just wish the bottle of solution was a little larger.

Marilyn Maiden, NC

VERY noisy!!

I bought this for my son thinking it would be fun for his baths. We’ve only used it a few times but the darn thing is so noisy! My son is a bit hestitant about it because of the noise. It does blow tons of bubbles. In fact, I think it blows too many, too fast. It’d be a much better toy if it were less noisy and had different bubble speed options. I would keep searching for a bubble maker if I were you.

Alison Calipatria, CA

Cute idea…..bad product

Set this up, and it literally spun around one time, and then quit. There wasn’t enough air blowing to even make a bubble anyways. Bad product – save your money and time and pass on this product.

Cheryl Mooresville, IN

Great potential, result = waste of money

First of all, I’ve had it for probably 9 months now and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near breaking.Unfortunately, when you turn it on, that’s it; it’s on.There’s no flow or time button. For instance, if the bubbles came out at a slower pace, and then would run for about 10 seconds and then waited a minute, then started again, that would be AWESOME! However, it doesn’t. It’s on/off and at a moderate pace which is just too much.Overall, waste of money. If redesigned, then I would spend more money.

Cornelia Alba, MO

It’s great!

We got this for our two boys and it’s awesome! We’ve used it 4 times now, with it running for 20+ minutes each time. Batteries are still going strong.It is loud, but I can deal with that and the kids don’t care. Does make me want a radio in the bathroom, though, just to drown it out a bit. Not really because of the volume, but because of the constant drone. But come on, it’s not like it has a muffler. It’s a cheap toy!It goes through a lot of soap and we used up the little bottle of bubbles it came with in the first 2 1/2 baths. But then, we’re using it a lot, so that’s ok. I poured half water and half Mr. Bubbles into and it did ok. Real bubble solution worked better. I’m sure a little bit of dish soap and water would be fine, but the dish soap I have is almond extract soap and it didn’t work.As for the water-proofing everyone is complaining about, mine seems to be submersible! While we tried the almond dish soap in various ratios with water, I rinsed it out really well between experiments, totally putting it under the faucet. It didn’t even occur to me to be careful about the battery compartment. But it’s doing just fine! However, I wouldn’t go throwing it into the tub and I’ll be more careful in the future. But maybe some people just didn’t have it closed tightly or something. Or maybe they’re making them with a better seal now. Who knows.The big on/off button on the front is easy to use and my 1 year old and 2 1/2 year old figured it out in the first bath. I’m pleased to see that so far the suction cup has held up to their frequent slamming.Bottom line is, it’s not a high-end toy. But it’s well built and works great for what it is and for what you’re spending. Just enjoy it for that. My only real complaint is that it’s ugly. 😉 It’s be nice if it was a little animal or a trendy design or something like that.

Allene Gene Autry, OK

Good idea but…

My daughter loves baths & bubbles so we got this…but it came with only a small amount of bubble mix. THe catch — do not use dish soap to fill OR regular bubble mix…so you’ve gotta use their special mixture to refill bubbles. We went through the whole container of bubble mix in less ten a week. I tried a few other bubble mixes and they didn’t seem to make the bubbles as nicely. Then it stalled…so overall…a good idea…but it doesn’t last.

Joann Georgetown, MD

Fun Bubble Machine

We’ve had this bubble machine for about 6 months now and it’s still working great! Our only complaint is that it’s a bit loud and you do need quite a bit of bubbles in it for it to work, but once you get enough bubbles in there….watch out. It creates a TON of bubbles! My son loves taking baths and now with the bubble machine, he doesn’t ever want to get out of the bath. He wants the machine on the whole time. It’s so fun to watch!

Ivy Ocean City, NJ


Agreed, it runs out of solution very fast – the one bottle that came with the package is 3/4 gone after the very first use because you have to fill the reservoir to make bubbles. You have to order more from the manufacturer’s website, it’s $14.99 for a 6 pack of 4-oz. bottles. Geez. It did only run about 5 minutes of bubbles, then there were so many bubbles building up in the reservoir that it sort of stopped, or significantly slowed down. Now I’m trying to figure out how to save the solution that’s in there for tomorrow without it drying up in the machine?

Valeria Tulia, TX

Baby like bubbles – bad motor

Bought two of these. One went really fast and made lots of bubbles – used a lot of batteries and then broke. The second one turned so slowly that it didn’t make bubbles. My baby is still looking around for the bubble machine and is disappointed.

Katharine Castaner, PR

builds bubbles, doesn’t blow

It may "blow" bubbles, but if it doesn’t make it past the machine, does that count? My son was as disappointed as I was. Plus it is only for the bathtub and makes a mess quite easily.

Eleanor Kamuela, HI

Can I give it ZERO stars?

This item is awful. What a fun idea, and oh how poorly executed. This item is cruddy. Very very poorly designed. The bubbles don’t gently float up like they do in the picture. It’s more like a full on bubble assault! They shoot out in an aggressive horizontal line. It’s terrible. You could NEVER sit your kid in front of it like they do in the picture. They would be taking an aggressive onslaught of bubbles to the face!! Oh!! And did I mention, their bubble solution BURNS!?!? You would think something they picture as floating into a child’s face would have the sense to be tear free but I can promise you this is not. It got into my eyes and stung like crazy. What a poorly designed product. I returned mine immediately. When I went to remove my batteries to do so, i could see that the inside of the battery compartment was slimy with bubble solution. This, after ONE abbreviated use! This is a very poor quality product. Avoid!

Stacie Cabery, IL

Baby loves the bubbles!

The bubble blower is a bit noisy, as other reviewers have said, but with the sound of the bath or the shower to accompany it, its barely noticable. Its a toy bubble blower and my 5 month old loves it! The only downside for us is that the bubble solution is $14.99 to purchase additional. I’m not sure what size bottle it comes with and from what i can tell, it is only available through the manufacturer.

Julie Wellsburg, IA

Fun Tub Toy

I bought this for my 1 year old. It works pretty well considering it is battery operated and waterproof. It comes with some bubble stuff, but I can just use some shampoo mixed with water and it works well enough. It works by blowing small amounts of air out at the top of the wands so only 1 bubble can be formed at a time, but it moves fast enough to make several bubbles quickly. The suction cup won’t work on my tub wall because it is bumpy so I will probably velcro it on so I can still remove when I want to.

Kimberly Barney, ND