Summer Infant Ultimate Crib Sheet, 52″ x 28″

Summer Infant Ultimate Crib Sheet, 52″ x 28″

The Ultimate Crib Sheet makes changing a crib easier than ever! Secure elastic straps wrap around crib slats and attach to crib sheet with snaps for secure placement. Three layers of protection help baby stay dry and comfortable while keeping the crib mattress is protected. If baby has an accident or gets sick, simply remove without having to remake the entire crib.

Main features

  • Fits crib mattresses 52″ x 28″
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • 4 products in one: quick change sheet, mattress pad, super absorbent pad, and waterproof pad
  • Three layers of protection: soft polyester and cotton top layer wicks moisture away from baby, super absorbent middle holds up to 6 cups of liquid, vinyl waterproof bottom
  • 10 elastic straps wrap around crib slats and snap back to sheet for secure installation

Verified reviews


Buy at least 3 of them!

UPDATE: After washing them only a few times, the snaps have been falling off so this sheet is not very sturdy. I now call it a “disposable sheet” and would rate it only 3 stars if I was allowed to change the rating.My previous review:This sheet is a fantastic idea. Imagine waking up to feed your baby only to have them spit up and/or poop/pee on the bed sheet. Instead of taken apart the bumper to remove the mattress to change the sheet, all that is required is to unsnap the corners that secure sheet in place. Then you put another one on…the whole process will take you less than 5 minutes. I have three, one for the hamper, one on the crib, and one waiting to be used in case of a bed wetting!

Diana Jarratt, VA

It is waterproof, but a nightmare to put on.

The cons?Every time I have to deal with this sheet, I swear that I hate it with every fiber of my being. The first time I tried to put in on the mattress, I was fussing and swearing at it and was sweating my butt off trying to get it hooked on. It is not intuitive at all to snap on:1) The snap bands aren’t placed equidistant so you just have to guess at where they should go.2) In order to snap the opposite side you have to lean over and INTO the crib (or you have to pull it away from the wall)…3) All while trying to stick your fingers through the slats to pull the bands through and snap them.4) Once I had the bands hooked where it seemed they should…I got to the opposite end and there was NO WAY the bands were hooking–it was a few inches too short! GRRRRRRR!At that point, sweaty and frustrated, I gave up and threw the damn thing at my husband and told him to do it. Since then, I’ve had to do it myself, and I still hate it although I am getting better.The pros?It is nicely waterproof. When the boy spits up or his diaper leaks or he sweats a lot, it does not make it through to the mattress. But that said, it’s not like there’s a lot of liquid to worry about.We haven’t had any issue with the snaps not staying snapped or the baby getting underneath the sheet.Overall?We are still using this, although I am not quite sure why. There has to be another solution that doesn’t cause me mental anguish trying to put it on (although, honestly, sheets of any kind are a PITA). So I give it three stars, but with a warning that it’s a pain to put on.

Becky Rocky, OK


Was really, really excited to get these, then read what it is made out of, the very bottom layer is PVC. Now why would I want my newborn daughter to sleep on this and breathe it in? Not in a lifetime. Plus, when I opened the package, it smelled of plastic. I will do the laundry when she messes up the bed and deal with it rather risk exposure to PVC fumes.

Evangelina Highlands, TX

A nursery MUST have!

The first time I went to change the crib sheet on my baby’s crib I understood the importance of the Ultimate Crib Sheet! It was given as a gift & I put one more on my registry after realizing I had to take the whole crib ensemble apart to change the sheet! Now I change the sheet only occasionally & it is more for asthetics. The Ultimate Cribe sheet snaps off & I put a clean one on – so easy & practical! Save money on sheets & just get one or two decorative sheets & get at least 2 of these!!!Update at 7 mos (July04): I have survived VERY WELL with 2 of the Ultimate Crib Sheets – and boy when they start slithering around the crib & wetting through diapers & spitting up solids – you will be SO thankful to have this little dandy item! Don’t go without!!!!

Leah Midway, WV

Not a fan

The strings ripped off when I tried to pull it off of the crib. I also didn’t like the idea of this being on top of the mattress and crib sheets. So it might be a good idea if you don’t have a great baby mattress or aren’t into decorating the baby space. At first I thought this product was clever, but once I got it I realized how useless it was. It’s so easy to take the crib sheet off of my baby’s crib, so I really never needed this.

Amber Searsboro, IA

Not Soft

Seemed like a good idea, but I didn’t care for it. I returned it because it wasn’t soft. Actual crib sheets are much nicer to look at too.

Chrystal Desmet, ID

Something that should be simple, but isn’t.

This product was pitched to me as a “must have” by all my mommy friends. It has been good for us in terms of middle of the night accidents (so we don’t have to put a whole new crib sheet on), but there is one major issue with it. The straps don’t line up properly with our crib rails, so it can never be totally attached to the crib. There are always loose straps hanging off or awkward folds in it when we try to strap it down. We tried over and over again to get it right, but to no avail. We do not believe this is an issue with our crib as it is a brand new, high quality one. We finally gave up the idea of strapping the Ultimate Crib Sheet down and now just put it under the regular crib sheet. This is ok, but then when we do have a late night accident and have to pull off the top sheet we always worry about the Ultimate Sheet not being strapped down properly. It’s a good idea, but needs to be redesigned to fit current crib railings. I wouldn’t purchase this product again or recommend it to a friend.

Ruby Itta Bena, MS

Makes night-time crib linen changes easy and fast!

I love this! I was hesitant to buy too since the “sheet” is expensive and hardly a “sheet” at all. But once I used it, it made changing the crib in the middle of the night speedy, letting baby and ME get back to sleep quicker.First off, it is soft to lay on, absorbant and waterproof. If baby’s diaper leaks it only gets on this sheet. You can take the sheet off easily by just removing the snaps attached around your crib slats. We have our crib matress dressed in an additional regular crib sheet underneath with a cheap matress pad below it. This allows us to make it thru the night without having to make a full crib linen change— at least until morning.I will certainly buy this as my gift to all my friends baby showers!

Marie Lily Dale, NY

Doesn’t fit my crib well enough for daily use, but found another use for it

Our son uses the babi italia pinehurst classic crib…bought the ultimate crib sheet for it but it doesn’t fit the crib very well. It is good for backup use if my other regular sheets are in the wash though. It just has problems fitting around the big 4 corner crib rails so I am forced to attach the snaps on the regular rails instead which makes the sheet not be able to stretch to look completely flat.Today I just found another use out of it though after feeling that it was a waste to buy this. My son has been pulling up to stand and teething on the top side rails and actually made teeth marks with paint coming off! AH! So I improvised and used this crib sheet to cover the top rail, it fit perfectly in length and snaps perfectly together to stay on. It would have cost about the same price to buy an actual[…] rail cover so it works out. He usually only teethes on 1 side too!

Gwen Bunn, NC

Ok, not amazing

I bought this based on good reviews in the Baby Bargains book, so I had high expectations. It does make it somewhat easier to change sheets in the middle of the night, but you still have to unsnap it from about 10 places on the crib to do so; I’ve also found the snaps a little difficult to engage. If you’re not using crib bumpers, the look of all the elastic pieces on the crib slats isn’t too attractive. I’m glad to have one of these, but it isn’t the miracle sheet I hoped for.

Jodie Anacostia Annex, DC

The good outweighs the bad

Here’s what I like about this product: it’s easy to change, and it provides a leak-proof barrier between the baby and the mattress. Here’s what I don’t like: the snaps are not a great fit for my crib and sometimes come undone; one snap stopped working altogether; and the sheet wrinkles and is difficult to smooth out.All in all, the good outweighs the bad. The sheet is particularly handy for newborns who might leak during the night, requiring sheet changes when you’re half asleep. I only use it now when I know he is prone to leaking, such as when he is between diaper sizes. Otherwise, I use regular sheets. Put it on your registry.

Lenora White Owl, SD

Good product

It’s kind of weird to be putting a cover over your crib sheet (and never having to change the crib sheet), but these were a lifesaver after my daughter started leaking poop like crazy overnight. Changing the crib sheet daily was NOT fun.After I got this, it got a bit easier. It’s not super fast to unsnap and snap on, but better than replacing the crib sheet (esp given I have a mobile that gets in the way of taking the mattress out).I have 3 of these so I don’t have to immediately wash the dirty one.Only con is that the material seems a little rough. Not as soft as the crib sheet fabric, unfortunately.

Tricia Norman, NC

great water proof sheet, but it’s expensive

It’s a nice thick pad and seems comfortable enough to use in place of a sheet everyday, but it’s too expensive for a sheet and because it has the rubber bottom, you can’t really put it in the dryer without harming it. It takes a long time to hang dry. If it were less expensive, I’d get a few more. So I use it as a water proof pad and put a sheet over the top of it, but that takes away from the ease of putting it on the mattress, since It gets tucked in the fitted sheet.

Celeste Bliss, NY

Convenient for Fast Crib Sheet Changing

I have been using these sheets for 6 months. I have two Ultimate Crib Sheets, and when my 6 month old has diaper leaks or blowouts while sleeping, I can easily switch to the new ultimate sheet. They are machine washable and dryer safe, which I LOVE, considering I am doing baby laundry multiple times a week. Putting regular sheets on crib mattresses is a huge hassle, so the Ultimate Crib Sheet is a huge help for middle of the night diaper leaks. It takes me much less time to switch these out than to change the whole sheet. I leave baby’s cute sheets on the mattress and use this on top.Size: Both of mine shrank a tiny bit in the dryer, but it is not a problem at all. They fit flat on top of a regular crib-size mattress.Material: The top side is a breathable, soft cotton layer. The bottom side has a soft, waterproof plastic feel.

Angelica Bono, AR

Useless for me

I found the ultimate crib sheet to be much more trouble than it’s worth. Lifting my daughter’s mattress takes no effort: it’s made of lightweight foam. As a result, changing her sheets is also super easy. I just have to lift the mattress, and it takes two seconds. On the other hand, snapping all the ties on the ultimate crib sheet takes bending over the crib for five solid minutes (plus, the manufacturer recommends snapping the snaps before every wash, which means snap on crib, unsnap, snap again before wash, unsnap, snap on crib…) So, if you have a foam mattress in a corner of the room, I’d suggest just getting normal sheets and some of those stay-dry liners. If you have a coil mattress and keep the crib in the center of the room, then by all means, try the ultimate crib sheet…

Jewel Jacobsburg, OH

Keeps everything Under Dry

works great to keep the mattress and sheets under dry. It also is good enough to be used without a cover, my daughter doesnt mind it. Its practical and good for the money paid, recommended.

Clarissa Hana, HI

Buy 2!

My mom said to get enough crib sheets because it was something you had to change constantly…. I now have a drawer full of crib sheets that have never been used! This is the best thing ever! we put one on, and have the other one for an emergency. It is soft, the cotton is excellent quality and the work of crib changing at 3 in the morning it just went from 10 minutes to 1 minute! nothing can bit 9 minutes of extra sleep in the middle of the night

Sharlene Wellborn, FL

Great idea… just not fabulous for convertable cribs

The baby isn’t here yet. But we’ve bought a couple of these. I’m a tad hesitant because they don’t fit very well on our convertable crib. They do give instuctions, saying to just use a slate next to the thickers corner one(for convertable cribs), but I find it fits very awkwardly. However taking the whole crib apart(with the bumper being a huge deal, also to get on, considering the thick corner posts), it makes me want to cry to think I’d have to do this very often. So, we’ll give these a shot. I may end up doing the zip on sheet set, which would work with any crib, and seems like a dream. I’ve also heard great things about those. I just didn’t want to invest in that, if I could get away with these. Will let you all know, if these turn out to be a disaster.

Tanya Tallassee, AL

Rough after washing.

This item was great in the middle of the night when little one had an accident. You just unsnap and you have a clean surface ready to go. HOWEVER…I really hated that after i washed this item only a few times, the surface became very rough to the point that i quit using it all together. It’s a pain to change the sheet each time now, but don’t want my baby sleeping on a rough sheet.

Kristin Coker, AL


These should be in everyone’s registry. It’s something you don’t think about, but will save you when you’re totally exhausted and your baby spits up in bed. Just unsnap, throw in the washer and go back to bed!Soft, waterproof, love these.

Claudette Birch River, WV

A must for any parent

Really they should hand these out at the hospital. Ever tried to change a crib sheet in the middle of the night while your kids has either puked or peed on it. No one is happy, everyone is crying. This simplifies all of that and still lets you have and see your adorable sheet set you overpaid for. The snaps are so much easier to deal with and the sheet is super absorbent. We have two so if there is an accident – one gets replaced while the dirty one is washed.

Brittany Naguabo, PR

so helpful

These sheets have survived numerous washes without fail. We keep one on the crib (or folded over in the pack n play) at all times. They’ve saved us many nights of wrestling to change sheets, we just change these!

Kirsten Hot Springs, MT

Should have gotten this sooner!

I really wish that I had this when my son was a newborn and all those midnight crib cya gongs could have been avoided. This is a really great and easy to use product. It is definitely one of the first things that I recommend to parents and I’m glad that we will have it around for our second child. Make sure tha you buy a backup one or teo for those late night changings. This came in very handy when our 18 month old went through potty training and just for any other leakages or accidents that kids sometimes have.My only complaint was that when we washed these in the wash, some of the snaps would break off. also, on a side note, as cheap as these are from Amazon, I have also been able to find the same brand at TJMaxx and Marshalls for half the price.

Caitlin Angleton, TX

Great Use

When my son was a newborn, I was able to fold it in two and placed a blanket on top to make it a little more comfortable because it is kind of scratchy. Now at four months it is at is full length and I still put a blanket on top of it. Whenever he gets it wet I just take the blanket and the cover and wash it easily. I don’t have to mess with the fitted sheet and trying to get it off of the mattress which is so hard since they are so tightly fitted against the crib. This makes life simple and cleaner. You can use it anywhere.

Ila Atglen, PA

really impressed

I really like this sheet! It keeps the rest of my son’s crib sheets dry, so easy to take off and clean. I have two so I just wash one and use the other. Especially great for those nighttime leaks when you just need to change baby and the sheet and get back to bed!

Flora Willow River, MN

Awesome Substitute for Crib Sheets

I thoroughly enjoy this product. It covers the full top surface of the crib, give or take an inch. My daughter has used 3 of these over the last 3 months. The upper material is soft and smooth with adequate middle absorption so that it catches excess moisture. I used one on her crib on top of a decorative sheet, another doubled over in her playpen under a practical sheet (since the playpen pad can’t be easily washed), and a third to replace whichever one she soiled most recently. I have not yet had any problems with her getting underneath it. The snaps work well on small crib rails. They may not fit around larger crib posts. I highly recommend this to any new mother with an appropriate crib. At 3am, I love not having to wrestle with the crib mattress.

Bettye Gormania, WV

Great Idea!

I recently attended a baby shower and gave this as a gift. The mother had requested a couple of these. Since then she has given birth and this sheet has been working well for her. Great idea for a baby shower gift.

Rebekah Porterville, MS

Great Sheet!

I absolutely love this sheet! Changing my babies sheet is effortless, thanks to this great invention. Just snap one off and snap another one on- so convenient, especially for those middle of the night changes! A couple of my snaps have fallen off over time, but it’s no big deal, and the sheet will still work- I highly recommed this sheet to anyone who has a baby!

Cleo Netarts, OR

Not Any Easier

The concept of this product is good, but I found the snaps extremely difficult to snap and unsnap (maybe they get easier with a little wear, but I haven’t used it enough to see). Therefore, I found it both quicker and easier just to take the mattress out all together and use fitted sheets (which are also more attractive). I would only use this product if you have a mattress/crib set that have a fit making it extremely difficult to get the mattress out. Seems like most crib mattresses slide out pretty easily, making this product pretty unnecessary.

Alexandria Woodville, OH

Awesome product!

I registered for the Ultimate Crib Sheet after reading reviews in books and online. All the praise is accurate!!! It’s better than the standard sheet savers because it covers the entire top of the matress – not just one part. It snaps securely in place and can be changed in seconds! I keep the regular crib sheet on the mattress for looks only (matches bumper and skirt) – baby never actually comes in contact with it. Get two or three Ultimate Crib Sheets for easy changes – SO much easier to change than the regular sheets…removing and replacing the bumper for those sheet changes is a huge pain and time consuming. This product makes cleaning up so easy! The only drawback is that it only comes in white, but since it can only be seen looking INTO the crib, it not a big issue for me.

Dolores Allerton, IL