Summer Infant Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet, Ivory, 52″ x 28″

Summer Infant Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet, Ivory, 52″ x 28″

The Ultimate Organic Crib Sheet makes changing a crib easier than ever! Secure elastic straps wrap around crib slats and attach to crib sheet with snaps for secure placement. If baby has an accident or gets sick, simply remove without having to remake the whole crib. The 100% organic cotton provides a naturally soft and comfortable surface for baby.

Main features

  • Top: 80% Polyester/20% Cotton; Middle: 100% Polyester; Bottom: 100% PVC
  • Imported
  • Fits crib mattresses 52″ x 28″
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • 4 products in one: quick change sheet, mattress pad, super absorbent pad and waterproof pad
  • Three layers of protection: soft organic cotton top layer wicks moisture away from baby, super absorbent middle holds up to 6 cups of liquid, vinyl waterproof bottom
  • 10 elastic straps wrap around crib slats and snap back to sheet for secure installation

Verified reviews


Not any Easier than a Normal Sheet

This is supposed to be easier to put on/ take off than a standard crib sheet. However, with all of the straps, I found it to be just as difficult, if not harder. I did love that it is made of organic cloth. I just wish it came in something other than boring beige. I ended up returning this item

Gwendolyn Randallstown, MD

Works Great!

This is a great crib sheet. It protects the crib mattress and is easy to remove when it’s time to wash! Great product for any new parents!

Maureen Wickhaven, PA

Not too short, fits perfect on a Colgate Classica I

For the record, I have a Colgate Classica I foam mattress, which is a standard size. This fits perfectly on it. I washed in tap-cold water on delicate cycle, and tumble-dried on low heat like the directions said, so I’m not sure if other people had problems with it shrinking if they washed with different settings (referring to the folks that said it was too short?)I do want to comment that the product is not entirely organic as the title might imply, however if you read the product description it clearly states that only the top layer is organic cotton, and the package states the same. Personally I’m fine with this – the vinyl layer feels nice and thick and super-waterproof. Which is why we are using this product in the first place, no?

Minnie Bridgeport, IL

Shrinks like crazy

Have used the regular ultimate crib sheet which is great. This organic one is just terrible. Much thinner material topper and after a single wash in cold water and hanging to dry, the topper shrunk literally by 6 inches. As the waterproof underside is still the same size, the sheet is completely warped. This is going back – I’ll stick to the original ultimate crib sheet.

Sonia Eau Claire, WI

too short

We have the same problem as the other reviewer – the sheet is a couple of inches too short at the head and foot of the crib. We are still using it but probably won’t much longer, once our baby starts to get mobile because I would worry about her getting trapped in the gap (read reviews of the non-organic version – some people have had this problem). It’s a shame because changing our regular crib sheets is not easy and I really wanted this product to work for us.

Vera Kyle, TX