Summer Infant, Ultimate Training Pad – Twin Mattress, 52″ x 28″

Summer Infant, Ultimate Training Pad – Twin Mattress, 52″ x 28″

The Ultimate Training Pad provides super absorbent, wetness protection for your potty training toddler. Three layers of protection keep your little one’s twin sized bed dry during the potty training process. If child has an accident, simply remove without having to remake the whole bed.

Main features

  • Accommodates twin mattresses 38″ x 28″
  • Can be removed and replaced for quick changes
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Generous ends tuck under mattress for a secure fit
  • Three layers of protection: soft polyester/cotton top, super absorbent middle holds up to 6 cups of liquid, vinyl waterproof bottom

Verified reviews


Best and Most Comfortable WATERPROOF Pad I’ve found …

I absolutely LOVE the Handy’s Plus Pad. I purchased 5 of the full-size pads for my son over a year and a half ago and I think they are GREAT. My 4-year old has slept in a full-size bed since he turned 2. These pads really work (no leaks!), are comfortable and wash-up well. I only have 2 complaints … 1. the side-flaps aren’t quite long enough to fully tuck under if you have a pillow-top mattress (although you can make it work if one side of the bed is against the wall and you pull the opposite side really tight) AND 2. the top and bottom of the pad tend to “curl up” after several washings. Despite these complaints, I have not been able to find a pad that is even near the quality and comfort of this one. The reason that I own 5 of these is that, if you truly want “full” coverage on the bed for a child that rolls all over while sleeping, you need to use 2 with some slight overlap (so, 2 to use and 2 for back-up). I also use one (full-size) on the Spinmaster Flip-Open Sofa to keep spills and accidents from staining the sofa. The full-size fully covers the full-length of the sofa. I think this is a “must have” product for parents of toddlers that don’t want to be constantly changing bed sheets or trying to “wash” a children’s sofa that really isn’t meant to be washed.(fyi … If you like Basic Comfort’s Ultimate Crib Sheet, then you’ll also like their Handy’s Plus Pad. The Handy’s Plus Pad is basically the Ultimate Crib Sheet with side flaps and without the snaps. In fact, the pad portion of the Handy’s Plus Pad – Full size is almost the same size as the Ultimate Crib Sheet.)

Katheryn Potsdam, OH

Does the job

This pad has worked well for my son. He is 3.5 years old and we are trying to potty train him through the night. It’s nice not to have to wash an entire sheet and mattress pad every time he has a small accident. It has never leaked and it’s been washed many times and still retains its waterproof quality. The only reason I took off one star is because it’s a little stiff and he was resistant to having it on his bed at first. He got used to it and now it is working fine.

Kaitlyn Essie, KY

super handy

Started potty training and this has been our best purchase. Rarely my crazy sleeper will roll to a part of the bed thats not covered and pee but usually this pad protects the sheets and saves me from having to change all the sheets. Stays put. Washes well

Flora Wittman, MD

A little warm

It does what it is intended to do, protect mattress from wetness. But it makes you sweaty when you sleep on it.

Edythe Horseshoe Beach, FL

Not as helpful as expected

I like the idea of this product but it wasn’t as much of a help as I thought it would be. It is not comfortable so you have to put it under the sheet which means a lot of changing or bedding during the middle of the night if there is an accident.

Jillian Dawn, MO

Perfect for little kids

Accidents happen with little kids, this is a really easy way to make sure the bed is kept clean and dry especially if you have a loft or bunk bed you don’t want to climb up to, to tear apart.

Kristine Sneads Ferry, NC

Wonderful Product!!!

The method that I used for potty training had me completely throw away the diapers and didn’t allow for pull ups. (It worked well!) About a month after we started my daughter had a string of accidents at night out of the blue. I was constantly changing sheets and was tired of it, that is when I found this. Turns out my daughter was sick at the time, but once I got two of these it was so easy to just move her and take this pad off to wash it instead of stripping and remaking the bed. I wish I had known about this when I first started potty training (for nap time and bedtime). It is also relatively small to pack if you are traveling somewhere and you are afraid of your child wetting the bed this is great for that too. I now have this off of her bed again, but I can’t say enough good stuff about this product.

Melissa Copperhill, TN

Solid purchase

For a Training pad these are super easy to use, wash and make acceptable with your kid. Have 5 of them now as we braved no diapers at night early on.

Alison Childs, MD


I use this along with a water proof mattress pad, to minimize the number of times I have to launder EVERYthing, and it is fantastic. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, without problems of any kind. And my kids don’t really even know it is there.

Christian Roseville, IL

Great Mattress Pad

This is an excellent mattress pad to use during potty training. It’s also good for the time before that just in case there are leaks. It’s very absorptive and easy to put on and take off.

Karen Rock Hall, MD

Brolly is better

I bought this at a discounted price and that is the only reason I am not returning it. It fits across our mattress just fine and we are able to tuck it in. The annoying part is that the top of the pad won’t stay put. It continually rolls up and then my son is sleep with a big crease across his chest and tummy….which is not very comfortable. I wish I had waited and purchased the Brolly sheet instead of buying this one…even with the cheap price.

Johnnie Derma, MS

Way too small. Needs to be larger to fit even a small bed

If your child moves around in the bed and you don’t have this positioned exactly where they are they will miss. And it doesn’t secure to the bed that well. I would look for something bigger and something that fits the entire bed, not just a small section. I’ll probably trash it and get a better one, I don’t want to risk ruining my bed if my 3 year old misses the pad.!00% would not recommend it.

Amy Butler, NJ

Great time/grief saver!

We are in the process of night-time training our 4 year old. This has saved us a lot of sheet washing. Considering the disposable pads run about $1 a piece, this quickly paid for itself. I am considering getting another.

Octavia Southmont, NC