Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – White

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – White

Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Covers Change the look of babies’ changing pads with Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Covers. Made of soft velour fabric, these pad covers provide an incredibly soft surface for babies during diaper changes. Besides being simple to clean, these covers are ultra soft and fit most standard size changing pads. They include elastic bottom and buckle strap holes to provide an ideal fit. Why You’ll Love It: The changing pad covers will give a luxurious look to changing pads and will enable them to stay clean. Features Made of stain-resistant polyester Durable colorfast material Extremely soft Machine washable 34 x 11 x 6 inches

Main features

  • 100% polyester cover is stain resistant and colorfast for longer use
  • Elastic bottom keeps the cover on the pad
  • Fits most standard sized changing pads
  • Velboa material is stain resistant and colorfast for long lasting use
  • Fits over most standard sized changing pads

Verified reviews


Super soft

This fit my changing pad and i couldn’t believe how soft it is. My baby stays quiet (for now) and i think it helps keep him warm during changes.

Dee Mulhall, OK

Soft but poor fit

Very soft just didn’t fit well. Too small for our pad. Disappointing. If it weren’t for sizing issue we would love it.

Lucile Estcourt Station, ME

fits on Oeuf Pure and Simple Contoured Changing Pad

I bought the Oeuf Pure and Simple Contoured Changing Pad, Natural to avoid off-gassing, and it worked. The pad arrived today and I opened it and found no smell. It has straps that click together to help keep Baby from squirming off the dresser. It has two additional straps that can be screwed to the back of the dresser in order to keep the pad from sliding around (and comes with screws for that purpose). I bought it to put on top of my IKEA HEMNES 3 drawer chest, and it fits. I bought the Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – White and that fits well on the pad. It is easy to take on and off for washing (although I’ve been advised by a friend to use doggie potty pads as a disposable option to keep from having to wash this constantly).

Jacqueline Gibbsboro, NJ

Necessary for changing

Nice changing pad! Still using it to change my son and it’s nice to know he’s laying down on something soft.

Geri Prague, NE

Great Product

This fit my Summer Infant brand changing pad quite nicely and is very soft. I recommend washing it before using it though, as it can cause irritation if used right out the box. Very soft well made!

Pam Winston Salem, NC

Looks nice

Was worried the fuzzy surface would look tacky, but looks nice. Bought a second one. Nice gender neutral color, washes well. Fuzz is great for bottoms and backs on cold winters.

Allie Waynesville, OH

A little deceiving

This looks like a mattress pad and not a cover. However, I was happy with the "mistake." The cover has cut outs for the safety belt and is incredibly soft. Fits my contoured pad(wal mart brand) perfectly.

Lessie Water Mill, NY

soft, does the job

certainly does the job. after six months, i will say it’s starting to wear out just a bit. i would recommend it.

Nadine Keslers Cross Lanes, WV

Perfect all around changing pad

This is a wonderful changing pad – perfect size, waterproof, soft and nicely contoured so baby doesn’t roll off the table. Don’t waste your money on the larger, MUCH more expensive versions – this works great!

Tommie Ovid, MI


This Changing Pad Cover is so incredibly soft! I honestly have never felt one as soft as this one. It fit our standard changing pad snugly. The fabric has held up well through many washes and it remains a bright white. I highly recommend this for your little one.

Bonita South Beach, OR

Great choice for the price soft and long lasting

I bought this as a gift for my sister in law. It works well with a standard shaped pad (as seen in the picture). I have several summer infant pad covers in different colors that have stood up to multiple washings, so I would expect the same from this one. just wish there were softer, more cost effective organic cotton covers, but this pad works well for what it is.

Mari Deatsville, AL

Quick change cover

Fits the contoured changing pad perfectly. Easy to wash, dry and get back on the pad without any special effort.

Abigail Gerrardstown, WV

Decent Item – Nothing Amazing

Does the job! There isn’t anything amazing about this item but it does the job and we’re putting it to use with our newborn daughter.

Wilda Fort Lee, NJ

Indestructible – buy two

Please allow me to explain to you why buying a white diaper change pad cover is a brilliant idea:1. You can see the stains therefore you can clean them. Guess what a brown change cover hides? Mmmm-hmmm.2. You can bleach the you-know-what out of it.3. It matches everything. As if you care anymore, you’re a new parent, but its a plus.This one in particular is soft, fits a standard change pad like a glove, and is indestructible in the wash. I like being able to bleach it so that I can feel better about killing all the poo germs that it must be covered in. I bought two so that when one gets stained I didn’t have to wash it immediately. Both are still going strong after months of intense use.

Dorothea Lake, MS


This is great to use in the living room as well as the changing table. Can be moved around very easily and works great for comfort while changing baby

Pam Johnston, RI

Works Great!

This is your basic changing pad, it works great for us and fits on our dresser for diaper changes. The only negative I would state is that is does smell like plastic a little, but that dissipates over a few days. I would recommend taking it out of the packaging several days before use to air out and then you’ll be fine.

Ingrid Monroe, NE

it was a gift

it fits most covers sold. my sister in law likes it for her baby and the fact that it’s water proof is great for messes.

Margot Ashland, OH

Must have for the nursery

I have two of these, one in each child’s room. You just screw it onto the back of their bureau (where it can’t be seen). The pad is water proof and the outside material is soft enough that if you wet or dirty your cover, baby won’t mind a couple diaper changes on the naked pillow while you’re doing a wash. It takes up about 2/3 of the top of the bureau, leaving enough space for diapering supplies on top of the bureau as well.

Gabrielle Fall Creek, OR

so soft

This changing pad cover is super soft and fits perfectly around the changing pad. We are loving this cover and are happy to have it.

Becky Olney, MT

Good product

This is a great change pad cover. It looks nice and it’s durable. Cleans easily and doesn’t shrink after washing and drying.

Alexandria Rochester, MN

super soft

super soft, white and perfect to change my baby on. fits perfect on his pillow top changing pad. love it

Aisha Saint Libory, IL

Fantastic, Easy to clean covers

love these. cant say enough! They come totally clean, feel great and fit perfectly. I would buy these again but don’t think I am going to have to. They have really been great!

Regina Burlingham, NY


So so soft and seems to be pretty stain resistant. Our little guy has pooped on it a few times and it’s come out each time.

Ginger Gamaliel, AR

Very soft

I love the softness of this and is of pretty durable quality. The elastic keeps it on snugly and it fits my standard (slightly larger standalone size, compared to some of the smaller changing pads I’ve seen) pad perfectly. Only thing is I wish it were less expensive or came in a 2-pack! I don’t get why these plush ones are SO much pricier, but at least this brand is the cheapest one on Amazon!

Minnie Belton, TX


Very soft and comfortable. i have two of them so I always have a clean one in case of accident.. and they happen !So far all stains washed out perfectly and it seems to come out just like new from the washing machine ( I use hot water, oxi clean and laudtry detergent as well as laundry softener) followed by dryer with dryer sheets.They do not shrink, easy to put on and off the changing mat. Love them !

Janice Wathena, KS

Not “Ultra Plush”

I was disappointed in the quality of this changing pad. It is made of very thin, flimsy material – definitely not "ultra plush". It also fits my standard size contoured changing pad loosely, making it look unattractive as well due to the loose material. Not what I was expecting at all from the description and great reviews of this item.

Shawna Woxall, PA

Guess what – it Fits the Summer Changing Pad

Needed a cover for the changing pad we got at the local consignment shop (new in bag – yes!). Was having problems getting changing pads from other makers to work. Go figure the Summer brand worked on the Summer change pad…Definitely is plush and fits well. Haven’t washed it yet, but don’t expect any problems with shrinking or fitting afterwards. Can’t wait to change a diaper on this!This would probably work on larger changing pads from other companies.

Stella Rappahannock Academy, VA

Great for the price

We bought 2 of these so that we can wash one while using one. They have held up well in the wash and are so, so soft! I love them!

Belinda Boss, MO

Pretty good

It’s very soft and feels very nice. Great price. Loving the material. So far it’s my favorite changing pad cover.

Joanne Hyner, PA

Soft and washes great

Super duper soft and washes really nicely (icky things get on here and it’s still snow white and so soft).

Rachel Carthage, IL