Summer Infant Waterproof Full Length Crib Pad, White

Summer Infant Waterproof Full Length Crib Pad, White

Protect virtually any sleep surface for your baby. The Full Length Crib Pad can be used as is or cut for a customized fit on crib, playard, toddler, or twin sized mattresses. It keeps surfaces dry and your little one comfortable throughout the night.

Main features

  • Shell: 75% Polyester/25% Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Fits mattresses up to 27″ x 52″
  • Can be cut for a customized fit
  • Quilted for extra softness with waterproof layer for added protection
  • Three layers of protection: fleecy outer pad, waterproof inner layer, fleecy bottom pad
  • Protects crib, toddler, twin, and playard mattresses

Verified reviews


crinkly 🙁

i was disappointed that this is still rather stiff and makes crinkle noises. was looking for something softer and more pliable, that would be less noticable to my toddler as he slept on it. he sleeps alright on it but i was hoping for something soft and silent like the pads they had at the hospital when i was in for a c-section. this is nothing like those. i think they can be bought here on amazon tho. cannot say how this performs when peed on, as my son is not a bed wetter.

Chasity Lavelle, PA

just ok

It works as advertised (waterproof) but it is difficult to keep centered on the mattress and not bunchy when putting the sheet on. It is trim and not bulky when on properly.

Alissa Vale, NC

Works perfectly with the Quickzip sheets!

These work perfectly with the Quickzip sheets, are soft, cheap, and wash well. I actually prefer these to the ones that QuickZip sells (though the sheets are amazing.)

Eula Hereford, PA

Does what it says

I really like this pads size and thickness. It fits the baby mattress perfectly. It is also soft (after washing).

Chandra Lebanon, GA

Good product

Fits entire crib mattress (standard size). Have washed a few times and still in great shape. My sheets are thin so this keeps bed wetting from leaking to mattress pad.

Mary Beaufort, NC

Covers from one end to the other =)

I plan on ordering another one someday. Was hesitant till I knew that it would cover end to end! and it does so was very happy!

Milagros Woodbine, GA

Works Well For Night Time Accidents In Potty Trained Children

I got so tired of changing my 3 year old son’s bed every single night. He’s fully potty trained during the day and then with his pull ups he would leak every single night. I searched for something that would be a better fit for his bed and found this. I ordered one, he leaked, and it didn’t go through! Note: these fit on a crib sized mattress. They are also NOT fitted. They just lay over the mattress. What I do is I have my son just lay over top of it at night. It is soft enough that it doesn’t bother him. That way I can just rip it off and change the pad instead of taking off the entire sheet and changing it that way. I know personally that it doesn’t bug him to sleep on it because when he sleeps with me I just throw this down on my bed so he doesn’t leak and so I’ve slept on it a few times as well and it doesn’t bother me at all. I ordered a few more for extra changes. I love that it doesn’t leak through!

Ilene Centerville, NY

Seems to work well for our crib

We’ve been using this for 6 months and haven’t had any issues with leaks. It seems to be working well.

Mai Melrose, NY

Great for crib as well as Mommy leaking milk at night :O)

This is a great crib pad. Its the exact size as the crib mattress. I bought 2 thinking I would use one as a backup for the crib, but I’ve been using it myself at first while I was pregnant in case my water broke in bed, and now I use it under my sheet for the inevitable leaky milk that happens. The only down side is it can bunch up a bit while you put the top crib sheet on only because its not a fitted sheet so doesnt have the mattress to hold onto. But any flat un-fitted pad would do that. It doesnt seem to make any crunchy rustle noises either, which helps when trying no to wake up baby as you lower him into the crib!

Annabelle Truchas, NM

Very Good Size!

This is the perfect size for the crib. I also use it on my son’s twin bed to catch leaks there and the size works great for that as well. I’ve washed it several times already and it’s held up well. I bought three at once and plan to get good use out of all of them. I had smaller ones when my son was born and wish I had had this size then. The material is rather soft considering it’s a waterproof pad.

Eloise Floodwood, MN

Great, really absorbant pad!

I was looking for a good solution to work with our QuickZip sheets, and this is perfect! It fits our crib mattress just right, and is soft on both sides and is thick and comfortable.

Rachel Martensdale, IA

Easy to use

Helpful to protect the mattress. Much easier to use than the type that are fitted – two fitted things are more of pain.

Hollie Kendall, KS

perfect for your little one’s mishaps

Great for taking care of all your diaper malfunctions and super easy to wash. Pad works like a charm. I strongly suggest to have a few of these on hand to avoid doing the wash on a daily basis

Nola Grand Junction, IA

fits perfectly

It fits the crib perfectly. When I first opened it up, it has a very strong plastic smell, but after 1st wash, the smell completely disappeared. I washed it in the washer, and air dry it, so far it hasn’t shrinked. Not sure if it’ll shrink in the dryer, but it doesn’t take long to air dry. We had only one small diaper leak so far, and it protected the mattress.

Millie Hadlyme, CT