Summer Rest Assured Sleeper

Summer Rest Assured Sleeper

The Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper is designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind. A sturdy metal frame protects baby from parents rolling over. The mesh sides help air to better circulate protecting baby from overheating and allowing parents to easily see their sleeping baby. The included pad cover is removable and machine washable. To help soothe baby to sleep, the Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper includes an electronics unit with 4 melodies, 2 nature sounds, a womb sound and two speed vibration. Loaded with parent conveniences like a nightlight with 3 settings and a 5 minute timer, and pocket for holding diapers, pacifiers and other necessities, the Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper provides a cozy and comfortable environment for co-sleeping with baby. The Rest Assured Sleeper folds compactly for travel or storage. Sturdy metal frame to protect baby from parents rolling over Mesh sides for better air circulation to keep baby comfortable and to enable parents a clear view of their sleeping baby Reticulated AirCareTM foam pad for better breathability Removable, washable pad Soothing sounds & Vibration: 4 melodies, 2 nature sounds, 1 womb sound, two-speed vibration- all with auto-off after 20 minutes

Main features

  • The Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper is designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind. A sturdy

Verified reviews


Most Used Baby Item That We Own!!!

“Rest Assured” is the perfect name for this! I’m getting way more sleep than I would if we didn’t have this! My first child slept in bed with us. Looking back now, I can’t believe we did it. We had one less large dog in our bed and my husband traveled a lot…so it made sense then, I guess. But NOW with two LARGE dogs who sleep in our bed with my large husband and I (don’t tell him I said that), it’s the safest way to sleep.Our daughter fits snugly in-between us, with a safe barrier to us and our dogs. The mesh sides allow for air flow and allow us to peak at her from the side. We don’t even have to lift our heads to look in. The “mattress” that is inside provides just enough comfort. Not too soft to pose a safety concern, but softer than the crib mattress. The detachable sound machine and vibrator comes in handy as well. She loves the womb sound and vibration. The BEST feature is the light. We won’t have to turn on the bright room lights to be able to see her at night. And it has two brightness levels. We plan to move the sound machine/vibrator to her crib when we transition her.She LOVES the environment so much that I can lay her in there wide awake and she is soothed to sleep without my help. She doesn’t do that in her crib! It also makes nighttime breast-feeding a breeze. I just sit up and pull her out of the sleeper. I don’t have to get out of bed!!The whole thing also folds in half to make travel easier. This would be the perfect travel bed. We haven’t had to use it as that yet, but we will and it will be easy when we do! Our daughter is now approaching 3 mths old and there is still enough room for her.

Lilian Franklinville, NJ


This is so tiny! Your baby MIGHT use it for a month if they were born at 7 lbs or less! I was so disappointed with it! There is absolutely no room in it for the baby to move it’s arms or legs – you better swaddle them tight if you want them in here! Also, it isn’t very deep and the vibration feature is a joke, it is noisy and only vibrates the wall! DON"T BUY THIS!

Glenda Eldersville, PA

Very Useful

We second all the positive reviews. We bought this in desperation when our baby would not sleep in her crib. We were too scared to co-sleep without some sort of protection. Then we found out that it fit perfectly on our bathroom vanity and soon it also became her changing table. We use a thick towel to cover the pad for changes. We love that while changing her we can turn around to put the diapers in the pail or pick up something without worry. We use a sticky shelf liner underneath to prevent slippage. That thing will not budge. Our baby loves laying in there looking at herself in our vanity mirror.In the morning when I go to work, I put the co-sleeper in our bed and she sleeps next to my husband until they have to get up. She doesn’t roll over yet, so it remains to be seen how long we will use it, but as of 3 months it has been our best investment.Look around though, I have seen it priced between $59 and even as low as $39 on sale.

Helene Duck River, TN

Great idea but not in practice

I was really looking forward to using this with my daughter when we brought her home from the hospital, but unfortunately, it really let me down to the point where I couldn’t even use it for more than a few minutes with my daughter. See, most people’s beds are somewhat soft (very few people sleep on a hardwood floor, right?) and this product does not have any built-in stability to make sure your baby stays straight in the sleeper. The legs are flimsy and the bed part is very soft and squishy (exactly what you don’t want with a young baby who can’t roll over yet). The bed itself feels very cheap. The only thing I like about this is the vibrating music clip. We actually use that every day to get my daughter to sleep by clipping into the Rock n Play, which works like a charm for sidecar co-sleeping. I do not recommend this product at all – a huge waste of money for me.

Bernice Bristol, PA

have your baby sleep with you without fear

This bed was great for the first couple/few months. The only complaint was the horrible pad, and the pad’s foam core twisted inside the lining and the lining was completely sewn with no access to straightening the foam out. We had to cut the cover so that we could flatten the foam insert.

Regina Dyke, VA

Good Concept

We use this sleeper primarily when we’re in the family room with the baby; we haven’t tried it in a bed as of yet. This sleeper is useful in that it is lightweight, has mesh for easy viewing (in our case, if we’re lying horizontal on our couch), and features a variety of soothing sound effects to lull the little one to sleep, has a nightlight, and pockets for storage of relevant items. If there’s one thing that could be improved, it would be possibly having some nonslip rubber on the underside of the sleeper, in case one had to set the unit down for a few minutes. All in all, this is money well spent. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Beverly Fontanelle, IA

Best Baby Purchase!

We’ve been using this co-sleeper for about 3 months now and it’s a wonderful thing. Our bed is too tall for any of the roll-up bedside co-sleepers, so we had to go with an in-bed. I chose this one because of the sturdy metal sides. It’d be pretty difficult to roll over on your baby while in this, and even if you accidently pull the covers up to high in your sleep, the high sides keep a nice air pocket in front of baby’s face. I also like that the sides of the sleeper are breathable mesh. It not only helps with air flow, but my baby likes to mush his face against the side of it while sleeping, and he can easily breathe through the wall. The mattress is also a breathable mesh top so if they manage to roll onto their stomachs they could still breathe.The true life-saver of this purchase has been the clip-on light/noise maker/vibrator. The womb sound is the only thing my baby will fall asleep too, and the light makes it easy to see him if he needs me, but is not so bright as to wake him up. We don’t use the vibration on it much, so I can’t comment on that, but the clip-on has come with us everywhere; even when we don’t take the sleeper.That said, the sleeper folds up nicely and can fit into a carry-on suitcase (though it will fill most of the suitcase). It sits well on our bed (we have a tempurpedic mattress) and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.That said, it’s cheaper at Babies r Us, so check there first.

Kristine Iva, SC

Wonderful Product

I got this as a gift. My child was born pre-term and only weighed 4 and half pounds. I was terrified to have her away from me, even in a bassinet next to the bed, but terrified to have her in the bed because she was so tiny. This was the perfect solution. It fit in between me and my husband’s pillows, has breatheable mesh, and a white noise maker which is great. I could glance over, see my baby through the mesh, and go right back to sleep. I was able to wake up if her breathig was irregular and reach over and pat her back to sleep if she stirred. With all the frequent night wakings, it was nice to have her close by. This is a great product!

Earnestine Kivalina, AK

This made me feel safe co-sleeping, but the vibration/noise box was useless.

It is good for the baby and good for you to sleep close together in the beginning, and this is the safe way to do it. The crib just felt too big and far away so this was our co-sleeping option of choice for the first 8 weeks of our son’s life. It needs a king bed, but is easier to travel with and takes up less space around the bed than the other options. This version only gets 4 stars because it comes with a noise/vibration box, which we found to be pretty useless. The By Your Side sleeper by Summer does not include it and is more reasonably priced. Also, the Arm’s Reach bedside bassinet is an equally nice option, as long as you have the room around the bed and aren’t traveling with it. We used this for the first 8 weeks and then transitioned to the crib in our room when our big boy started to outgrow it.

Kelley Covington, PA