Sunshine Kids Cool Shade For Car Window, Black

Sunshine Kids Cool Shade For Car Window, Black

Sunshine Kids Cool Shade For Car Window – BlackWrapped around a foam core, Cool Shade rolls onto a window in seconds with no creases, for a smooth, wrinkle-free look. Providing year-round protection from the sun’s light and glare, it helps car windows filter both UVA and UVB rays for lower car temperature. Adheres by static cling. Removable and reusable.Features include: ?PVC tinted film is easy to install and remove?Shade is wrapped around a foam cylinder which unrolls easily with no creases or wrinkles?18″ wide x 13″ high?Static clings to windows with excellent visibility and clarity

Main features

  • PVC tinted film is easy to install and remove
  • Shade is wrapped around a foam cylinder which unrolls easily with no creases or wrinkles
  • 18″ wide x 13″ high
  • Static clings to windows with excellent visibility and clarity

Verified reviews


inconvenient and thus useless

inconvenient and thus useless — i used it once (it was irritating to put on) — i removed after the sun was no longer shining through the window (so that my kid can see better) and it was difficult to store and then got dirty and i never used it again.useless!

Chasity Adrian, MO

I threw them in the trash

I had the Jeep window shades in my Tundra, but when we bought the Camry, the shades were too big. So I bought these, hoping that installation would go better and they would be the right size. Not only were they not the right size, but they were flimsy and not tinted near enough to make a difference. I probably could have ripped one of them if I hadn’t thrown them away first. We ended up reusing the Jeep shades and cutting them to size with a razor blade. They work soooo much better.

Carmen Newagen, ME

Leaves sticky residue!

Bought these to prevent sun spots on my face in the summer months due to my long commute. These offer good coverage (without affecting visibility) compared to the typical screens and a good alternative to permanent tinting, which isn’t allowed for the front windows in my area for some reason. I use a squeegee to apply with minimal bubbles. The hard part is the plastic material is stretchy so it’s hard to get straight. Also, I didn’t realize these were primarily made for rear-door windows. The square shape make it difficult to fit the slanted front windows (without trimming). Plus, the package tell you not to scroll down the window once it’s on, though it is thin enough to do so if you’re careful. Very disappointed by that.All in all, these aren’t a bad deal, at this price. They offer great protection and are easy enough to move around in case you get stopped by cops. No idea yet how well the material will stand up over time, with the summer heat.——————————–2 months later: I left this on my window for a few months. When I finally took it off, there is a sticky residue that’s hard to clean off. Even after a lot of scrubbing (with window cleaner) there’s some residue left and it’s causing a problem when I scroll the window down. Definitely NOT worth the trouble.

Inez Kief, ND

Works great…

Alright, so these really do a great job of keeping out the sun, but boy are they ugly. I had a hard time putting them up straight and keeping out the bubbles. Make sure your windows are not cold when you apply them, otherwise they won’t stick.I like them because, like I said, they kept the sun out of my son’s eyes, but they are an eyesore. At least from the inside of the car. Maybe that’s my fault, I don’t know.I wish they could make these like real static cling that you can dip into water then squeegee them onto the window.Also, be careful when you look behind you, when you change lanes. These darken the windows a lot and it is sometimes difficult to see through.

Louise Pocatello, ID

Car shade only ok

The shade was not the easiest to apply without lots of bubbles, but since it can be reapplied endlessly, it works fine if you have lots of time and patience. Also, since it is a generic rectangular shape, rather than being fitted for the shape of the car window, it didn’t block the sun in certain areas. But, other than that, it did the trick.

Clare Lyles, TN

Nice shade

These are nice but not EXACTLY what I expected. They are VERY thin and flimsy, which makes putting them on the window a little difficult. Take your time! It was near impossible for us to put them up without any tiny creases or bubbles. Once up, however, they are staying put and do provide ample shade from the sun. My 2 1/2 yr old daughter is now sitting by the passanger door (b/c the new baby is in the middle) and she peeled it right off the first day! 🙁 We put it back up and told her she wasn’t allowed to touch it… now it’s not an issue. But, just know that a toddler CAN take it off. 🙂

Flossie Laona, WI

Good idea, but far from perfect

The shade is very dark which is excellent for good sun protection, but requires the driver to be excruciatingly careful with the blind spot checks. From the point of crash safety it is much safer than any roll up shade (which can detach in a crash and injure the child).Bubbles were still a problem even though I read the previous reviews and followed their suggested best practices. I cleaned the window with alcohol, and tried to smooth out the shade with a piece of plastic (bank card), but the bubbles persisted and the material kept wrinkling in the process.It’s not a bad solution, and among what is available it is still my favorite, but there is much room for improvement.

Billie Lowland, TN

It’s okay

It’s cheap but does its job. Goes on easily but some wrinkles are inevitable. Doesn’t block out the sun completely but helps. I’d get it again though. I like how it comes in a 2 pack.

Georgina Stuarts Draft, VA

Sticks well

While fussy to install, this product has stuck to the windows flawlessly for the past year. It has stood up to the occasional accidental rolling down of the window without a hitch. It is relatively dark, and increases a little one’s comfort in all but direct sun.

Joy Elsah, IL

Works well, a little hard to get on right

Blocks light well and stays on the window. It’s a little difficult to get on without any bubble or streaks, though.

Margo Glenelg, MD

exactly what we were expecting

It works well, is easy to install. you can’t roll the window down, obviously, while it’s attached. For the price, it’s a nice option to have while driving on a sunny day.

Alyson Wamego, KS

Back for my second purchase

We got these for our car window to keep the sun off our baby. Application was super easy. She is now 2 and 1/2,and I need to purchase another set. The first set held up well, I think, but just recently fell off. For five dollars, we got over two years of shade for our girl. I’m looking forward to getting these.

Margery Holland, TX

Shade for Window…

Not very happy. Didn’t stick well, stay on well, or block the whole window. Spend a few more bucks on a better item.

Jannie Brockport, PA

Work Well on Passenger Rear Window

These are a great price (2 pack!) and cling fine to the window. They go on and off easily, and can even stick back on the window decently after a toddler grabs hold and crumples it into a sticky ball (tip – don’t let a 2 year old watch you install it at first… he thinks it is a “sticker”). HOWEVER, I cannot see out of the rear driver side window of our small SUV with this on the window when trying to merge into traffic looking over my shoulder; we are just using it on the other side.

Lakeisha Lagrange, ME

Very Small

I know there are measurements on the advertisement but I did not realize how small they would be in comparison to the back seat window of an explorer. They work but only cover a small portion of the window.

Christina Karlstad, MN


In the end I wish we would have purchased something larger that would cover more of the window, but these are ok.

Stefanie Dryden, NY

works well!

you get two of these bad boys in a pack. they work so well i thought about doing the whole car. because at least its temporary. i looked in those roll up kind for baby and i didnt want to spend that kind of money so i went to thrift stores and yard sales and everyone i saw was cracked and had a weird pissy plastic smell. not something i want trapped in a hot car or near my baby. these are a life saver!

Katelyn Morattico, VA

Not worth aiming for the cheap side

We bought this instead of the pull back shades, thinking it’d work well and be easy to install. Was very hard to get flat and straight on the window and pealed up when you lowered the window (this wasn’t a huge surprise and was discovered by accident). Wouldn’t buy again and would just get the pull down shade in the future.

Kelsey Milo, ME

Hard to stick on

You are better off getting the ones with suction cups. These also are dark and hard to see through. They are plastic so they get really hot here in AZ.

Benita Duncan, NE

Pretty good for the price

The price of these windows shades is just right! They work good for keeping sun out of babies eyes and I love that there are two in a set. It is difficult to apply them without air bubbles and it took me a few days to get used to the darkness of the shades.

Beatriz Lengby, MN

Great shade and you can roll down your windows

This is the best sunshade I’ve ever had. It is so easy to install, it stays on, and I can still roll down the windows if I want. I just purchased another set for the other car and couldn’t be happier with these.

Lorene Bigfoot, TX

Easy install, but too dark

I purchased these to install on the rear window of my sedan. They are fairly easy to install, and not too difficult to get smooth/remove bubbles if you take your time. My only issue is that the tint is way too dark. I can barely see out of my back window, even on the brightest of days.

Jodie Marcella, AR

Exactly what i needed

First off, this is not a high quality product. The shades are however exactly what i needed! They are fairly dark giving my newbie plenty of shade n keeping him from being fried or blinded by the sun. They are a great size compared to other shades. Still not quite big enough to cover the whole window of my suv tho. The price is great! I spent $15 on a set that reteacts. They were way smaller, kept out little sun, and were always falling down. These are way better. I deducted a star for quality and installation. They are very clingy which is awesome AFTER u get them on, not so much when applying them. My husband and i both worked on them and after many resticks, they still have a few bubbles and wrinkles but functionality vs style w 4 kids? Functionality always wins. Also i can roll my windows down completely with no problem. Big plus. All in all, for the price, these are a winner. Glad i purchased them.

Sally Wyncote, PA

Does the job

First, take the time and wash your windows. I put these on without washing the window at first and it fell off in less than a day. So, I washed the windows inside my truck. They have been on for almost a month now and work great. I have one set on my Silverado with tinted windows, and another set on my husband’s Blazer that does not have tinted windows. I have had no visibility problems. The less you play with it when applying the less bubbles to deal with.

Gay Bloomingdale, MI

Fantastic sun shade…

I was previously using an Eddie Bauer suction cup shade (that can roll up) on the 2 back seat windows to help block out sun from baby’s face. I was always worried that these could fall off and become a projectile if we were ever in an accident. I also worried how they would perform when the baby was old enough and the car seat was no longer in the middle of the back seat (would/could the baby grab it and pull it down onto himself?).I was skeptical when I ordered this because there were a handful of bad reviews. But I figured: (1) it looks like the perfect solution (if it works) and (2) it’s only 4 bucks — so even if it is a piece of crap, I only spent four bucks. Let me tell you — for what you get, it’s one of the best $4 I have ever spent. Just give yourself a good 15 minutes (each window) if you want to get it “perfect”. First, be sure to clean each window well with a simple window cleaning spray. Then, have some patience & a credit card to help smooth out the bubbles. If you put it on & it’s crooked or has bubbles, simply peel it off & try again.I originally was going to put 2 side-by-side on each window to cover the entire back seat window, but the film is rather dark so I felt it could possibly be dangerous when driving & quickly looking to see if there is a car in the lane next to you when changing lanes.. So I ended up just putting one in each back seat window and centering it — It blocks out plenty of the sun and I’ve got a nice clear view all the way around the edge of each window.I’ve had them on the window for 3 weeks now. No problems, no peeling, no bubbling. Also, the car seems a lot cooler when I get into it now after it being parked in the sun. I just ordered 2 more pairs — 1 for the side back panels of my SUV and 1 to take with me when traveling / using a rental car.

Elisa Gordonsville, VA

Basic shade, easy to install

We purchased this basic shade to use in the car to shade our toddler from the sun. This worked well as a temporary shade, it was possible to still roll the window up and down since we installed the shade very carefully and made sure it was well attached at the edges. It was not the easiest thing to install, being prone to bubbles and requiring some trimming to fit our windows, but it was a very good price and solved the sun in the eyes problem. It’s easy to peel off once you’re finished with it. I don’t expect we’ll keep this on the car into next year, since it’s starting to peel off the window at the edges.

Clarice Dallas Center, IA


I spent half an hour attempting to put them up and after cleaning the window and pressing one side then the other (maybe this side would work if not the other) well in the end they ended up in the garbage. JUNK! They will not stay on my window.

Veronica Lakeville, CT

Nice shade

Nice shade, pretty easy to apply, but can be ugly if there are air bubbles. Doesn’t cover whole window.

Daphne Moca, PR

Works but somewhat difficult to install……..

This shade really does work but it does not roll off the foam cylinder smoothly as advertised. Maybe I am doing it wrong but I did struggle a little bit to get this shade on. It still ended up with bubbles that I just couldn’t smooth out but it really didn’t affect my field of view. I used it on both rear side windows and the rear window itself because our baby is still rear-facing. It looks pretty cool as well and is fairly discreet unlike some of the other brands that are out there.

Candace Hendley, NE

We love these

Easy to apply, as long as you are not super-picky about bubbles. My husband just threw them on, and you’d have to look pretty critically to notice bubbles. We like that you can put them anywhere – we had initially bought for our 2nd car, then bought another set to "fill in the holes" on our 1st car (we have those suction-cup shades and they let sun thru in some areas since it’s a large SUV, these work nicely as a supplement because they are so flexible).

Sasha Villa Park, IL