Sunshine Kids Dry Seat Pad, Grey

Sunshine Kids Dry Seat Pad, Grey

The Sunshine Kids Dry-Seat is a must have for protecting your car seat or buggy from spills or toilet training accidents

Main features

  • Waterproof construction keeps car seat dry
  • Maximum versatility fits car seats and buggies
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Soft foam padding provides extra comfort

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for us

First accident my child had it soaked right through to the car seat fabric. Only 5 min and I was able to get my child out of the seat too. Thought it was supposed to be waterproof. Some urine went through the buckle area also. Going back to using doggie piddle pads… they are the only thing I can find that works… they look ridiculous at least no washing the whole seat cover.

Rhoda Staplehurst, NE

Does the job! Excellent protection for car seats.

Removing the cover of a car seat is tedious, annoying, and frustrating. This little car seat protector is FANTASTIC. It does its job perfectly– protecting the carseat while potty training. It is very easy to use– no buckles, no wrestling with the carseat, and simple to put on and take off. It also is easy to clean and is very well-made.Wonderful item that will help ease the pain of potty training!

Cora Athelstane, WI

This is not the one for us

I really wanted to like this. It matches my daughters car seat and is made by the same company. But it is definitely NOT waterproof. It doesn’t even hold a small accident. I have a hand wash, line dry car seat cover and this just doesn’t cut it at all.

Myra Yonkers, NY


Unfortunately, this product was well tested on a road trip with a 1-year old with the stomach flu. It held a lot of fluid without a leak. It was easy to clean and dry. I didn’t have to clean the seat itself at all.The part I don’t like was that it bunches up in the seat. It sits on top of the carseat, without securing in anywhere. It would be nice if there were velcro, or something to keep it from bunching, especially when the straps need to come around it on either side.This was definitely worth the price to avoid taking apart car seat pads, washing them, and waiting for them to dry!

Marina Newberry, IN

Good quality

Havent used it yet, but the quality seems top notch and better than other higher priced items. Highly recommend this product.

Kathie Silver Bay, NY

Doesn’t make sense

I realize how this product is intended to work and that it has a Diono name attached to it. But I couldn’t get it to work with my Graco convertible seat. The side and back areas blocked access to ports for buckles making it impossible to use. Perhaps you are only supposed to use this with Diono seats, but I still don’t understand how it doesn’t impede on using the buckles. Good idea, I guess. I hope it works with your car seat!

Charity Little Rock, IA

It was okay

Product is okay. I had to always reposition it. It never stayed put, causing more of a hassle than a solution. The fabric constantly bunched up, or would slide down as I would sit my daughter in her car seat. The fabric isn’t as soft as I would have liked it to be.

Janice Dushore, PA

Nice to have protection from the inevitable

Purchased this so I wouldn’t have to take off the actual car seat cover when my boys would have accidents. I have two 17 month old twins and as long as they are not struggling when I put them in their car seats, this seat protector works quite well. You do have to fish for part of the buckles from time to time as they can go behind the protector, but truly its not even a real issue. When your kid fights against going in his car seat, the pads do get tucked under them and may be uncomfortable for your child if they have to sit on an uneven pad for a while. I just throw them in the wash and let them air dry. Really simple! I am glad we purchased this. (We bought the gray car seats so the pads also happen to match well.)

Linda Midway, KY

Works great

I bought this for potty training and diaper accident protection. I never had a diaper issue so I cannot say how well it would work for that, but we have dealt with one potty accident. It kept the car seat safe and dry and made clean up a breeze. we simply slipped it off the seat and tossed in into the wash. I am very pleased.

Gretchen Long Point, IL

Works well!

Love this! Definitely helps save the seat from wet bottoms (caused by rain, pool or accidents). Mind you, it’s only to protect the bottom of the seat, it doesn’t go up the back or sides very much. I just bought a second Diono Radian RXT seat for our youngest and purchased a 2nd one of these protectors at the same time. We’ll be heading to the beach this year and it just makes sense to have it installed on both seats after we get there!

Kristina Salyersville, KY

Buy this

It is inexpensive and totally worth it. We were on a road trip and going through a spell of leak-throughs in our daughter’s diaper. It happened in the middle of nowhere and I was so glad we had this protector. A change of clothes and the removal of the protector, she still got to sit on the dry seat for three more hours. It cleaned up easily and was nice and clean for the trip home.

Serena Madison, NY

Keeps seat clean

Works pretty good. The backside gets bunched behind my son’s lower back and butt but its not a big deal if you just give it a little tug after he’s situated. Keeps seat clean. When crumbs build up, I just pull the cover out and shake it then easily pit it back in. Saves tons of time instead of taking out the seat or going to the vacuum. Worth the money for sure!

Laurel Housatonic, MA

Needs a way to attach to seat

I’m sure it does what it’s supposed to do but it doesn’t stay put where it’s supposed to stay put.

Elisabeth Sodus, NY

Okay, but there’s room for improvement

We have had this for about 6 months and are using it in our Radian RXT. It’s a snug fit to get the protector over the buckle stalk, but not too bad. The problem we have with it is that whenever we put our son in the car seat, the back compresses down and gets scrunched up. Thankfully, we haven’t tested how waterproof this is yet, but I worry that if the back of the protector isn’t extended up that it would be rendered useless. The back of the protector is a slippery, waterproof material so there’s nothing to keep it in place. I thought this protector would help keep snacks from falling deep into the crevices of the car seat, but no such luck. The seat belt straps pull the side of the protector close to my son’s legs, opening up the sides of the car seat for all kinds of goodies to fall in never to be seen again. We’ll see how the protector performs if we have a spill or an accident. I’ll update my review then.

Taylor Sylacauga, AL

It may be water proof but…

It may be water proof, but these things slide an awful lot! They seem more trouble than they are worth..I would recommend buying something else..We have two Diono car seats and these work like garbage with them!

Harriett Pantego, NC

Diono Dry Seat Car Seat Protector, Grey

Yeah, I recommend this highly. You never know when your son/daughter is going to decide to overfill their diaper. It was much easier cleaning this than worrying about washing the car seat.

Marcie Lake Ariel, PA

Not at all waterproof!

I’m sure it would be fine if all you want is to let your child sit in the carseat with a damp bathing suit… however, if accident protection is what you’re after, this is useless. I have a Britax, and my daughter’s first accident in her car seat leaked right through, wetting the cover underneath and the middle seatbelt material. I ended up having to remove the cover to wash it, which is exactly the hassle I was trying to avoid in the first place. Very irritating. I just ordered the Kiddopotamus Deluxe instead. Wish me luck. 😉

Desiree Columbus, KY

Good for more than accidents

Thankfully i have never had to use this for an accident. However i do use it all the time when we are coming home from the beach. It’s only a short drive so we come home in our suits and wet. I throw this pad in the seat and then my son in his soaking wet suit. When we get home I just pull the pad out and let it air dry. This keeps the carseat dry and ready to go and saves me from trying to change clothes at the beach.

Theresa Mikado, MI


A must have for the recently potty trained. There have been a few instances where the kid fell asleep in the car or I couldn’t pull over fast enough for a potty break, and even when the kid was soaked, not a single drop of wayward pee has ever touched the car seat. We even take it out and use it in the stroller.

Eula Ocklawaha, FL

Not molded at all

There’s no way to secure it to the seat and it’s not molded at all, so it just slides around and down. There have been no accidents so I can’t speak to the integrity of the “seat protection” ability but it’s uncomfortable for my little when it bunches up, and I’m sure that will impede it’s function should we encounter an accident.

Tonia Siloam, NC

Moves around a bit

Moves around a bit and the pee can still trickle through the hole onto the carseat but it keeps its integrity after washing and line drying. Line dries quick.

Sierra Malaga, NJ

Very good fit to the Diono Radian

I had this product for a few weeks now. My son is newly diaper free but so far we didn’t have accidents in the car. I will update this review when this happens.Meanwhile it fits great in the Diono Radian carseat. I do not have any trouble buckling up with it, and it doesn’t seem to be moving from its position even when my son climbs in on his own.

Marianne Dyersburg, TN

loved it!!!

this works so excellent it does move around a little but not bad . its so so worth the money im tired taking apart car seats for a accident .. this gets rid of that problem easy to pull it out and wash.

Candace Flat Rock, IL

It works!

We got this for the new car seat. Well the 2nd day it was on my daugther, who is potty training had an accident, and that little thing hold like a charm. So that is all I can say…it holds up well. So glad we had it!

Rowena Hampton, CT

Peace of mind!

Very slim, and comfortable. My daughter who notices things didn’t even realize when we put this in. She hasn’t had an accident in the car so I can’t attest to the water proof ability, but knowing Diono, I’m sure I will not be disappointed.

Vonda Francitas, TX

Well Made

This seat protector is sturdy and well made. The gray area is soft and velvet like and the black backing resists liquids. The only problem with this seat protector that I’ve discovered so far is that it’s HUGE! I have 2 Diono Radian RXT car seats-1 for my 3 year old and 1 for my newborn. My 3 year old has been potty trained for over 1 year and has no need for this item but it’s sized for a big kid. I wanted to use this for the newborn to prevent the need to strip the lining off of the baby’s car seat for a full wash in the event of a leak or blowout. Unfortunately, it’s so large it dwarfs my newborn (average-above average sized) and it looks like I will be resorting to folding thin receiving blankets until the baby is big enough that it doesn’t go past his armpits in the back.

Leah Wilkinson, IN

So convenient!!

I love this dry seat car seat protector! My son soaked his car seat a few times. Then I found this and it is so much easier to just take out the seat protector and wash it and replace than to take the whole car seat apart to wash it. I wish I knew about it sooner!

Lynette Destin, FL

Very Absorbant but Wiggly

This seat Protector is very absorbent. My son threw up in the car and this held most of it. We just removed this and he at least had a clean place to sit on the way home (washed the seat cover once home but no way to clean up the "wing covers" on the road. The only problem we have is that there is nothing to keep the protector in the right place. It rotates around the crotch buckle and makes it hard to get the buckle up to buckle it.

Ginger Bethel, PA

Slips out easily

I use this in my britax frontiers. The pads come out easily. Son reports uncomfortable and have now actual thrown it in the seat next to us. I think I’ll try this in our radians in my husbands car to see what they think of it. We own two of these, one is on the spare seat, the other is slipping off. Considering getting another brand.

Sonia Pearl River, NY

great idea

we haven’t had any accidents in the carseat, but i got this just in case. we’re using it in our Diono Radian carseat, and it fits well. the only problem i have with it is that it likes to slip and slide around in the seat (like when you put your kid in or take them out). pretty sure that it is machine washable, so that’s nice. 🙂

Connie Rehobeth, MD