Sunshine Kids Mighty Tite

Sunshine Kids Mighty Tite

Take the guesswork out of correct car seat installation with the Mighty-Tite Car Seatbelt Tightener. Its design won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and earned an endorsement by Parent’s Guide Children’s Media and Good Housekeeping’s Baby’s Best Buy. With just a ‘slip, click and go’ of Mighty-Tite, dangerous seatbelt slack is eliminated, and you’ll have a stable, secure car seat. A steel ratchet gear tightens the belt with little effort. Use Mighty-Tite on infant car seats, full-sized car seats and booster seats. Works in any vehicle and requires no permanent installation. Mighty-Tite has been crash tested for children from birth to 60 pounds. Requires no assembly. Makes a great shower gift. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Imported. 1-1/2Hx4Wx5L”.

Main features

  • Child proof release
  • Tightens any car seat in seconds
  • Fits onto any seat belt
  • Works with all carriers and car seats
  • Lift the ratcheted handle a few times and easily remove unwanted slack for a tight fit

Verified reviews


Don’t get this

Something like this is a great idea, but when I called to ask the fire dept. to inspect my car. They said not to add any after-market things to car seats or seat belts. The firefighter said this could weaken the seat belt over time and it may break in a crash. They also said that the headrest for the infant seat was dangerous because it adds more room between baby and the seat, which may cause the baby to be injury seriously in an accident.I took both out of my car. The mighty tite is just collecting dust. I have no plans of using it or giving it away. If I can’t find a use for it, I’ll probably throw it away. The headrest is in the bouncer or the swing. They are great for around-the-house everyday use.

Krista Haines, AK

Beware of third party items

We had gotten this seat belt tighter for both our cars – a Subaru Outback and an Audi A4. For the Subaru, the Mighty-Tite was too bulky to work well – it was pushed up against the car seat and it was difficult to tighten completely. It fit well on the Audi, but when we got our car seat installation inspected, the police office checking our seat said that she did not recommend this product. She has actually had one break while installing it! Since it is not made by the car manufacturer and not made by the car seat company, you should be wary of being lulled into a false sense of security just because you have this product.

Cristina Collins, MO

Industrial grade, very handy. Hard to install, or remove.

The mighty-tite is a simple ratchet device, like you see on a come-along or truck tie down. Very simple to operate, but it takes some getting used to with certain seatbelts. On the old center seatbelts (no shoulder harness) they are a breeze. I put both the main belt and the "extra" strap that you pull to tighten into the ratchet, and crank that puppy right down. Solid as a house, and putting the "extra tail" into it keeps it from loosening.Plus side: man, is this thing tough. And simple to operate.Minus side: some car seats don’t have enough room under the base for this thing. Also, the new shoulder harnesses really torque the seat sideways, and this thing only makes it worse. I don’t like using it with a shoulder harness belt unless it’s dead center of the car, because the extra torque tends to make the seat crooked. Finally, getting it to release is kind of a pain. You have to crank the ratchet a partial turn, hold down the yellow lever, and pop a button while holding it down. Doesn’t always work on the first try. Now, a ratchet is not supposed to open easily, so it’s no big deal, but it takes some work and getting used to. Perhaps they need some more development on the release.

Kathi Edwards, MS

Gotta have Gadget

I love this gadget. I bought two extra bases for my infant car seat for both my husband’s and my mother’s car. Unlike my car, there center seat has a harness strap. Those are hard to get really tight. My center seat has just the lap belt and it was easy to secure the base. With the harness strap it was just too hard to get the seat in tight enough. With the mighty tight, it was a snap. You just hooked it in, cranked it, and voula!!!That seat isn’t going anywhere. I love it. It is easy to use, it makes the seat secure, and it is sturdy. You must have this if you are trying to secure a seat in a position with a shoulder harness.

Joyce Knox, IN

The only way to get your car seat REALLY tight

I am a big guy, and even when I pushed down on the base of our Graco seat, I could not get the seat installed tight enough. A couple of clicks on the Mighty-Tite was all I needed to fix that!This device is excellent, and I can’t possibly imagine anyone breaking it like some reported here, the device weighs a lot (a good thing) and feels extremely sturdy.

Jodie Wilmington, NC

A must have!

This is a great item you cannot do without! When I was pregnant a friend of ours who is a fireman, told us we must get this. He used it for his two kids & said he wouldn’t do without it. We had no problems installing it in our Isuzu Rodeo or Honda Civic. I wouldn’t install a baby seat without this.

Mallory Farmer City, IL

Saved Us Many Minutes in Installing the Seat

I believe we can fairly judge the usefulness of this accessory in terms of “before” and “after”. We’re on our second car seat now, and I’ve helped install others for friends, and every car seat has its own installation quirks. At some point, with all of them, if you’re using seat belts to hold down the car seat, you’re going to have to tighten the belt significantly. When I install our car seat (before the Mighty Tite), that means getting up on it and bearing down a lot of weight while tugging on it; when my wife does it, it means not being able to get a really tight fit at all.”After” we got the Mighty Tite, and went through the use of it, I’d say our car seat installation time was reduced by 200%, and the installation job was much more secure. During a recent spate of traveling, we had to install and re-install the seat a dozen times in a two-week period, and this was utterly essential for getting on and off of the airplane quickly while still having a securely-installed seat, and even more importantly, getting the seat re-installed securely when we were putting it into a “strange” car.We particularly appreciated the plastic instructions attached to the Mighty Tite with a metal ring — it meant when we got confused about how to use it with a different belt arrangement, we had the visual reference right at hand and not all dog-eared or ripped up (like our car seat installation manual!)Obviously, if you’re only going to install the car seat once in one car there may be diminishing returns on a device like this. But if you have to move it even occasionally, I think this accessory is worth the price for a little extra security and peace of mind, plus a few extra minutes saved.The one caveat I provide is that the plastic retainers that hold the strap in have begun to look a little stressed (the way well-used plastic looks before it breaks), so this might not wear well over a multi-year period. This is not a safety issue, since this part is used only to guide the safety belt, and if it does break, it will still be usable. Still, one would hope it will not! Since we’ve already put it to heavy use, though, I’m well satisfied at the purchase and value.

Dianna Blunt, SD

worked well in car crash

I bought this product because I was so afraid of the seat belt not being tight enough for the infant seat base. I have used this product since my son was just a few months old. I loved it. I never worried about the seat belt again. I was in a car accident with my child when he was almost 3 years old. I was still using this product with his forward facing car seat. My car was totalled (I drove a Saturn)…the only part of the car without damage was the roof & the drivers side…my son’s car seat was on the rear passenger side, so he recieved more of the impact than I did being the driver. I honestly believe that this product saved him from worse injuries than he recieved. He came out of the wreck with only scratches on the top of his head. Even though the Mighty-Tite makes the seat belt tight so that the car seat itself won’t slide around, his car seat still fell over & that is what shielded his body & face from the glass. I don’t know how it worked out that way, but if his car seat hadn’t fallen to its side, I think that he may have been hurt more. The Mighty-Tite still worked fine after the wreck, & the seat belt never broke like some of the other reviews say. My son is now in a booster seat & we don’t use the Mighty-Tite anymore, but I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I am definately going to use this product again with this baby.

Kate Shubuta, MS

Must have for anyone without the LATCH system in their car.

I have a Britax Chaperone infant carseat and the base has an excellent lock off feature built in. However I could not get it so tight that it would move less than an inch. After easily installing the Mighty Tite, it’s like the base is a part of the car. It doesn’t move at all. I am not a particularly strong or large person and it was a breeze to install. I highly recommend this product.

Margot Marathon, NY


Don’t buy this. It’s not safe, can cut your seatbelt, and kill your child.You need to get a good install without this dangerous product.

Pamala Overbrook, OK