Sunshine Kids New Radian 80 Convertible Car Seat – SuperCool

Sunshine Kids New Radian 80 Convertible Car Seat – SuperCool

Radian80 is a convertible car seat for rear-facing children 5 – 33 lbs. and forward-facing children up to 80 lbs with the integral 5-point harness. The strongest car seat made, Radian80 features a steel alloy frame, 4-panel side impact protection and a unique energy absorbing harness system. The detachable base simplifies rear-facing installations and its low side profile makes child boarding a snap! Radian’s unique design offers 3″ more shoulder room inside than any seat its class and fits 3-across in a car. Includes full body support cushions for infants that converts into height-adjustable head cushions for older kids. All this, and it folds to just 7″. Attach the shoulder straps and carry it over your shoulder or wear it like a back pack. Features: 5 lbs. to 80 lbs. in 5-point harness Highest capacity convertible car seat Steel alloy frame Strongest convertible car seat made SafeStop harness system Absorbs impact energy in an accident 4-panel system EPS safety foam Total side-impact protection, more than any other seat V-shaped top tether Can be used rear-facing 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions Proper harness fit for all ages and weights Narrower outside width Fit three seats across the back seat Infant body support Converts to pillow cushions for older child Folds to 7″ (17.8 cm) thick Travel and storage convenience Easier to get child in and out, plus safer positioning for child Dimensions and Weight: Dimensions Open: 17″W x 16″D x 28.5″H Dimensions Folded: 17″W x 7″D x 28.5″H Weight 22.99 lbs.

Main features

  • 5 lbs to 33 lbs rear facing, forward facing up to 80 lbs
  • 3″ longer seat bottom, infant body support, and adjustable head cushions
  • 5-point harness, 5 shoulder harness positions, 3 buckle positions
  • EPS safety foam for 4-panel side-impact protection
  • Steel alloy frame folds flat to 7 inches

Verified reviews


Great seat after one return

I purchased this seat after doing all the research. Our 22 lb, 10 month old daughter is at the height limit of her infant seat (although it goes to 30 lbs). We needed something that would do well for air travel well and fit our daughter for a long time. We received our first order from Amazon in the “Super Cool” fabric and it looked used. There was wear on the base and on the tightening strap at the front of the seat. I called and Amazon immediately sent a call-tag to return the seat we had and sent another, which we received in 2 days. I am very happy with this second car seat so far. It is heavy but I would rather it be heavy and sturdy than the alternative. The only feature that would be nice to add is an adjustable base to use when rear facing. My daughter does not like to be reclined that much anymore but needs to be rear-facing, add will probably stay that way for quite a while yet.

Lakeisha Valle Crucis, NC

Sunshine Kids New Radian Convertible Car Seat

Not wanting to travel with my toddler’s Britax, I ordered this as a safe and easy to transport seat when I go visit friends or relatives that involve a flight. (trying to rustle up the right sized car seats at the destination is stressful). We didn’t need the seat for the airline seat (yet), but I liked the fact that this was purported to be FAA compliant and would fit into a regular airline seat. The seat is a nice size, very sturdy due to a steel frame. My daughter liked it. Imagine a Britax without the plastic base. What I found challenging was the weight and dimensions. Although it does “fold” (the seat into the back), it is still pretty bulky and 25 lbs of dead weight heavy. The price seems high at first for a travel car seat, but upon receipt, you’ll see that it is a durable piece of equipment. Since it goes up to 80 lbs, I anticipate having many years of use with it and intend on using it as my daughter’s “booster” when she gets older.

Jenna Henry, SD

A good seat

I have had this seat for a year and a half now. My 3 1/2 year old son loves it (42″ and 38lbs). Overall, I’m satisfied.Pros:1. Keeps your child in a 5 pt harness longer.2. Very easy to install foward facing. (I have not attempted rear facing installation).3. Comfortable seat for the child.4. Does not take up the entire back seat.Cons:1. It’s very heavy!2. If you take the seat out to clean it, etc. you must prop the seat against something or will slam backwards because of it’s weight. This scared me at first because I was worried there could be the smallest fracture in the seat from falling against the sidewalk so hard. Be sure to prop it up against something or lay it back!).

Lessie Susquehanna, PA

FABULOUS car seat – incredibly easy to install

My husband and I have an older car that does not have the latch system for car seats. So any car seat we buy had to be strapped in using the belts. When we first bought this seat car seat we thought it was a bit difficult to install, but not hard. Now, after installing a different (supposedly comparable) car seat in my parents car, I think we have an incredibly easy car seat to install! The directions for installation are clear and comprehensible. the few times we moved the car seat to a rental or my parents car and utilized the latch system I couldn’t believe how much easier it was than the latch system we bought for my parents car, thread through the bottom and snap in the latches… you’re done! I also researched safety reviews and the Radian went beyond the requirements for safety – SOLD. It is quite heavy, but since it folds up and tucks away into a duffle bag or duffle/backpack – it’s easier to travel with.

Catherine Troy Mills, IA

Great toddler seat without the bells and whistles

We spent a long time looking for a car seat that would fit in the back seat of our car and not take up two spaces. This seat is slim enough to fit in the back middle seat and not make the rest of the back seat unusable. Our little guy seems to like it and there are plenty of adjustment options as he grows. The seat seems very sturdy and is remarkably compact.There is alot of discussion about this seat lacking for rear facing installations. The seat is clearly designed for forward facing installations and toddler aged kids. The seat installs great rear facing but the height of the seat for larger kids and the angle for rear installs causes it to stick forward much farther than the normal removable basket baby seats. I’m not sure I’d feel safe putting an infant in this seat. It’s a good solution for us as we’ve got three months before we can legally turn the seat rear facing with our child and had to have a bigger seat.

Valerie Liberty, NE

Good seat

We got one of these for my older daughters and I love the whole thing. The infant body support converts into a very good head support for older children, it’s low to the seat so I can get them in and out easier with other car seats and I can fit 2 Radians and a Graco Snugride 32 in the back of our little 2 door Sunfire.

Patricia Hutchinson, PA

Excellent Car Seat

Excellent Car Seat from 5-85 lbs. I purchased 3 of these and they are comfortable and safe. They are a little heavy but very secure if properly installed.

Clara Bruno, WV

Better than Britax!

First I purchased the Britax Boulevard and then The First Years True Fit. Both were huge and bulky. When fully tightened in the rear-facing position using the LATCH system, both could be grasped by their bases from the front seat and pulled forward, pushing baby’s head into the back seat. The same could be done by just pushing on the backs of these carseats (in the rear-facing position), so baby’s face would slam into the back seat in a head-on collision!The Sunshine Radian is different! It has a detachable base which, when installed in the rear-facing position, fully fills in the gap between the carseat and seat back. No bulky towels that shift, no water noodles that get squished down. And a SNUG FIT! Additionally, there is a very easy floor tether that secures this carseat further, even in the rear-facing position (The First Years True Fit offers no such tether, and Britax’s rear-facing tether is strung over baby’s head!) and even if your car doesn’t come manufactured with a specific tether point!The mesh fabric stays dry and cool even on the hottest days, there’s plenty of leg room even in the rear-facing position, and this whole seat fits (albeit snuggly) in the backseat of my 2004 Saturn LW300 (a very small backseat!). Also, there’s a little card pouch to fill out with your child’s medical information in case of an accident so emergency personel can immediately treat your child!

Adele La Verkin, UT

Safety plus comfort! We have a winner!

My son has a sensitive stomach. His previous carseat (Graco) always produced spit-up, no matter how long I tried to wait before taking him after feeding him. Now he can ride right after eating and is completely comfortable. Plus with the slim design, he can look out the window better. This is a huge help with reducing tears on longer drives. He sleeps comfortably without a lot of head lolling and strange positions. Even better than the one (Eddie Bauer) my husband got for his car too!Only downside is the weight. But since it stays in my car 90% of the time, its just fine for us! Easy to seatbelt back in after removal when needed.I am thrilled that he is so safe AND comfortable!

Leonor Trail, OR