Sunshine Kids Radian65 SL Convertible Car Seat, Champagne

Sunshine Kids Radian65 SL Convertible Car Seat, Champagne

Radian sl is a convertible car seat for rear facing children lbs and forward facing children up to lbs in a point harness Its steel alloy frame is NCAP crash tested making it the strongest car seat in the world Our SuperLA TCH system ensures the easiest installation possible using the vehicle s lower anchors up to lbs no seat belt required

Main features

  • Rear-facing: 5 – 40 pounds; Forward-facing: 20 – 65 (53″) pounds in a 5 point harness
  • Steel frame folds flat for travel and storage and rubber bottom grips for no-slip installation
  • SuperLATCH installation up to 65 pounds no seat belt required with SafeStop energy absorbing harness system
  • Fits 3-across in a mid-size vehicle and offers more shoulder space
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam panels and reinforced sides for side impact protection; sits low on vehicle seat for easy child boarding

Verified reviews


Forget the britax, this is the best car seat

We have two Britax carseats, the roundabout and one Marathon.Needless to say they are both huge, and cumbersome. Especially to travel with. When you have a child the last thing you need is some large odd shapped object to truck around the airport.The Radian is excellend for travelling. While it’s heavy, it is so slim and easy to cary when folded. This is especially true if you get the travel back that they make.Sunshine Kids Radian Travel Bag, BlackThis is a really high quality car seat. No styrafoam like the Britax, but nice foam (almost like memory foam). It’s very simple to install using the latch system, especially if you child is forward facing.In both our cars this car seat fits well and allows for 2 passengers to fit comfortably in the back. I also appreciate how “low” our daughter sits with this car sit which makes it more comfortable for her and us.

Michele Tabernash, CO

Classy and tidy, better for big vehicles

Baby’s due in a couple months, so we haven’t had our trial run with the car seat yet, but we’ve installed it. Installation was effortless. Seat belt in; click; lock; done, and it’s completely stable once properly installed. I do recommend you read your car’s owner’s manual regarding car seat installation, particularly if you can’t get the seat to sit still. I didn’t know how to “lock” my seat belt for a car seat until I read it in my car’s manual.In theory it’s the only seat you should need as it’s good from 6 to 65 lbs and installs both rear- and forward-facing. Unfortunately, due to its height, our Mazda Protege doesn’t have enough room in the back seat to install it rear-facing unless we move the front passenger seat all the way up into the airbag. So we did have to buy an infant seat for the rear-facing requirement, but look forward to putting the Radian back in as soon as the baby’s big enough to face forward.It’s a nice, clean looking car seat, not bulky or frilly, and we feel it’s more attractive in person than in the picture. The fabric is soft but very sturdy, and the whole thing folds up easily for carrying (to use in another car or airplane). It is quite heavy, though, due to the metal frame. But as I’d rather have metal than plastic, I’ll tolerate the weight.We also appreciate the fact that it’s not going to be stinking up the car. Initially we looked at this model because we read it contains fewer off-gassing chemicals than other car seats, and it shows. There’s no odor coming from it at all. I wish that were true of all baby “necessities.”

Monika Central, IN


I have always loved these car seats but I didn’t truly appreciate them until I was in an accident. These seats fit in the back of my small SUV three across with no problem at all. However, I was without the seats for 2 weeks while the insurance company inspected them and replace them. I was trying to fit 3 regular rental carseats in the back of a small rental SUV. It was impossible. I just couldn’t do it. I’m glad to have my Sunshine Radians back.

Ruth Parmelee, SD


It’s very narrow, which is great for a smaller car, but when the child falls asleep, he is bold upright, making his head sag forward. It does fold, but it is VERY heavy, making it unwieldy and awkward on a flight or just to install in one’s own car. I’m sure there are better and lighter options now. When we size up, we’ll get something more comfortable.

Angelia Adams, OK

Very happy with this car seat so far

I will add notes to this review after we travel with it on an airplane but for what we needed it’s perfect. Our situation is this: we have a taller than average toddler who once he got too tall for it was very uncomfortably scrunched in a bad posture position in the typically puffy curved car seat we had before (Britax Roundabout); he would start crying after 5 minutes in the car. I saw this car seat recommended in several discussions online for extra tall toddlers. It’s more like a real car seat adults sit in, because the seat back is more upright and the seat bottom is lower, not angled upward like with many car seats. My son was immediately more comfortable and happy in this seat. The other need we have is for the car seat to be portable. We live in NYC and don’t own a car so we use rentals or hire a car and driver. Also we needed a seat for long distance plane travel. I worried about the weight of the seat when reading reviews, but even with its extra weight because it is so narrow in width and it folds and you can buy a carrying strap for it it’s so much more easy to carry than the other typical seats we’ve owned. I’ve had an okay time putting the seat in and out of cars. The space for the forward-facing seat belt installation, the gap where the seat belt and buckle has to be slid through, is very narrow though and I think somebody who doesn’t have a small hand and wrist like me would struggle with it more.

Isabelle Raymond, MN

Best Convertible Car Seat

I wanted a car seat for my smaller 2000 Toyota Corolla, especially since I need two convertible car seats (for a 2 year old and a 9 month old). I love the slim design of this seat and that my son can climb into and out of it by himself (a big deal for an independent toddler). The belts are comfortable and seem very secure, the steel body never wiggles or slips in the backseat, and there is still room in the back of my car even with 2 car seats taking up a ton of space. My husband was so jealous of this seat that I had to order another one for his car.

Joan Narragansett, RI

not suitable for small newborns

we bought this for daughter number 5. i just got fed up with those infant carrier/seats that would “rebound” in a rear impact. this and the britax are the only seats with a tether that is useable in the rear facing position. this seat is awesome. it has really plush high quality fabric/padding. it sits low so toddlers and bigger kids can get into it easily (unlike the graco nautilus seats we have). the only problem is that even on the smallest snuggest settings, the harness straps are not quite tight enough on our 9 pound baby. she is getting bigger fast, and we rarely leave home, so it isn’t a huge issue. just beware that there is no way this seat will safely work for small infants in spite of its labeling for 5-65 pounds.

Tonia Strongsville, OH