Sunshine Kids Radian80 SL Convertible Car Seat, Primrose

Sunshine Kids Radian80 SL Convertible Car Seat, Primrose

Radian sl is a convertible car seat for rear facing children lbs and forward facing children up to lbs in a point harness Its steel alloy frame is NCAP crash tested making it the strongest car seat in the world Our SuperLA TCH system ensures the easiest installation possible using the vehicle s lower anchors up to lbs no seat belt required

Main features

  • Rear-facing: 5 – 45 pounds; Forward-facing: 20 – 80 pounds (53″) in a 5-point harness
  • Steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sides folds flat for travel and storage, includes convenient carry strap
  • SuperLATCH installation up to 80 pounds – no seat belt required with SafeStop energy absorbing harness system
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam panels for side impact protection sits low on vehicle seat for easy child boarding
  • Fits 3-across in a car; Infant pillow support and memory foam for superior comfort

Verified reviews


Great seat for smaller cars in particular

We originally got these seats because our Subaru Impreza is very small and we wanted seats that might allow a third seating position to remain useful. FIrst off, we have not successfully used these to achieve that goal. While I love these seats for their relatively low center of gravity as well as for their compact size, they are behind in a few features, notably quality of the materials (the seat material and foam seems more easiliy breakable) and lack of ease in adjusting height of the harness/side protection.+’s-1) Narrow. People with midsize cars say that they can fit three side by side (even though I don’t think I could quite pull that off in my smaller Subaru Impreza)2) Collapsible for travel – they fold flat and makes it easier for pushing them around, say in an airport3) Easy to keep clean – the mesh is fast drying and does not hold stains-‘s1) Have to go behind the seat to get the straps tight enough (think that has been fixed in teh newer one)2) Bigger and taller – It is designed to hold a larger kid, so it is a bigger seat, fundamentally… still for a3) no cupholders :)4) height adjustment requires rethreading the straps!!! Yuck. Our Britax Frontier 85 and Graco Nautilus do not require this.All in all, probably stil the best seat on the market for a smaller car, but behind the latest Graco Nautilus and Britax Frontier 85 in terms of full features.

Elisabeth Washington, DC

Built like it was designed for combat

Well built, and very heavy car seat. The narrow width allows it to fit in a small footprint, freeing up the other two rear seats. I purchased this becuase it folds down for air travel. When my son and I travel, we use the car seat on the airplane for landing and take off. However it he wants to walk around, this folds down far enough that we can stick it in the overhead compartment. A regular car seat cannot be stowed so easily.

Alma Potecasi, NC

This seat is no joke…

Easy to install rear facing! The seat is heavy – feels sturdy and safe! We have a mid size car and a mini van and it fit in both perfectly. We have a 29 inch tall, 25 pound 9 month old and he has plenty of room to grow into this seat. I also like how low the car seat sits to the actual seat of the vehicle, makes it easy to get the baby in and out of the seat.

Odessa Gordon, KY

Love it…almost. DON’T choose SPORT style!!!

I purchased this particular seat primarily because I wanted to keep my little one forward facing as long as possible. I also loved the the seat folded in, since we travel a lot. The only thing that REALLY bothers me about this seat is the “Sport” cover I chose. I wanted something neutral so it could be used for either sex, and I liked the look of this one best. Unfortunately, the material that it’s made out of is really pretty itchy. I always make sure that my daughter’s shirt is pulled down all the way in back, so the car seat isn’t directly touching her skin as much…such a pity for such an expensive seat. To make things worse, we live in very hot climate, and when she sweats, I can only imagine that the fabric is even more irritating. Also, the prongs on my wedding ring snag on the little holes on the fabric every time I reach behind her to fasten the straps. From what I can tell, the other styles aren’t made from this same material. I just think that for all the care and safety concerns this model boasts, that you would think that that the child’s comfort would be taken into consideration as well.

Arlene Glen Flora, WI

AWESOME! Best car seat $ can buy!

We love this car seat and so does my son. We had looked at every car seat and were debating between the Britax, Sunshine Kids and Saftey First. We went to a baby store that had a car bench and all of the seats so we could strap them in and check them out. The Sunshine Kids seat is remarkably thinner than all other car seats, in fact now that we have it in our car passengers in the back seat have much more room than they did with the Graco infant car seat. It has a sleek look, very comfy cushion for the baby and was easy to install. It was a little pricy, but so far worth every penny. I can wait until the baby can sit forward facing. I think he’ll love the carseat even more.

Samantha Fifty Lakes, MN

More Safe, Less Comfortable…

My daughters other seat is a Britax Marathon which we used from about 8months until about 27months. So much of this review will compare the two. I should also mention my daughter is of average weight and height for her age–30monhts.The Sunshine kids seat is thinner, sits lower in the seat, and has a steel frame all of which make it more safe. She can get in and out of the Radian seat on her own since it sits so low on the seat(she does not get out of the belts, if she is unbuckled she can get down on her own). The Sunshine Kids Company is concerned about chemicals in the products they use and have one of the best records for using non-leeching materials another safety+. They have an additional part for children under a certain weight that should act as an absorber in the event of a crash–I think this might be causing complications for tightening her seat belt straps on the Radian.The Britax seems to put in her in a better position for naps, she can see better in it and has wider base. I personally think the LATCH on the Britax is better for our car (Subaru Outback) also the general make-up of the Britax car seat just works better with the contours of our car. The Britax is easier to install since it has two sides for tightening, it fits over the humps of the seat of our car better and with headrests. Much of this stuff is specific to your car though so it would be helpful if you can check them out at a store, however Amazon had the best price when I was purchasing and they shipped to an APO!I got this seat for a couple of reasons.One, we are having a second child and need space in the back seat for two car seats and hopefully space enough for a person to ride with them in the back.Two, we have a second car and wanted to have an option for her to ride in without having to switch seats. And she prefers to ride with her old seat when she has a choice. Being able to see and her comfort appears to be the reason that she likes to ride in the ‘other’ car because her primary seat is the Radian.Three, the pattern on this seat matches my car better, not really important but I do like that about it.Four, the Radian can be folded in half for travel, this was a big selling feature as we live internationally and take flights frequently. You do have to purchase an additional strap to make it into the back-pack…it is HEAVY for me to carry with my daughter but it is much easier than trying to transport the Britax and my daughter.Bottom line if you can check out whatever seat you are going to be using with your car it would be helpful. I like both seats but now we are wondering what we will purchase for our next child. I do think the Sunshine Kids rear facing seat is one of the safest and has the highest weight for rear facing however they are difficult to install so consider going to a professional installer if you go with the convertible from birth.

Marisol Brookline, NH

Very good seat and definitely folds compactly

We got two of these for our twins. We drive a Honda Accord, so the narrowness of the bases was important to us. We also needed FAA-approved, compact car seats for air travel. On the airplane front, they were fairly easy to install (though only front-facing), and folded up nice and flat. We had to put them in several cars on our travels overseas, and they worked well in all of them (including small European makes).On the car front (for rear-facing installation): it was absolutely impossible for us to put anyone in the driver’s seat of our car with the seats behind the driver and passenger. Neither of us is over 5’7, so that tells you there’s not much room. We installed one in the center, one on passenger side. This means the driver is fine, but the passenger is literally crammed into the dashboard – my knees were pressed into the dash. So, it looks like until we can buy a minivan, I’ll be riding in the backseat behind the driver. The seats are easy to install and fold down. They are in fact heavy, as you expect with a steel frame. They’re very well-made, the cushion is great, the material is great, the straps are easy to fasten and tighten/loosen. The babies seemed to really like the extra ‘space’ around them compared to their carrier-style seats.All in all, a worthwhile purchase, but we sure were hoping to have a bit more room in our car. Looks like that’s not going to happen until they can ride front-facing or we’re in a minivan (we borrowed an Odyssey for our airport drive, and we had ample room for both front seats).

Eva Mallard, IA