Sunshine Kids Shade Maker Canopy For Strollers, Black

Sunshine Kids Shade Maker Canopy For Strollers, Black

Extend the shade with this handy universal stroller sun shade canopy for any stroller Use on strollers that don t have a canopy or extend existing canopy just by pulling it down farther when the sun is shining directly on baby Handy side pockets on both sides for phone or other essentials Pop open design allows you to collapse and store when it s not needed UPF Easily attaches to most strollers Black only

Main features

  • Extended shade canopy for any stroller
  • Handy pockets on both sides
  • Pop open design always holds its shape
  • Easy Velcro loop straps and ties make attachment easy
  • UPF rating 50 and above

Verified reviews


So far, so good

I just bought a Graco Twin IPO stroller, and I needed the extra shade, but I didn’t want to spend 55.00 on one shade. I bought 2 of these and they fit just fine side by side. I haven’t had them in the sun yet, but I know they will keep a lot more sun off my girls than the shades it came with. They were cheaper too. It also helps keep them a little more separated, since from time to time my 14 month old likes to bug my 3 yo. Since we are going to Dollywood in about a month, I couldn’t wait 6-8 weeks for these shades, so after a lot of searching, I found them at […]. Everywhere else they were out of stock or backordered.

Adrian Seabrook, NH

Not quite…

Thanks to a certain airline which shall remain nameless, the canopy of our Kolcraft Tour Sport umbrella stroller (or lightweight stroller) was lost during an East coast trip. A big floppy hat was the solution until I spotted this replacement, which has turned out to be a bit of a bust.Although it’s nice and big, and does create a Conestoga-wagon-like tunnel of shade when attached to our stroller, it’s really meant to extend an existing canopy, more than substitute for one, because of its size and shape. It has an array of Velcro and tie straps that we sort out every time, and have to deal with when we fold the stroller, and the only way to really make a shade for our boy is to tie it through the side bars of the stroller, encroaching on his already pretty limited space. These ties and the rather floppy (albeit framed) construction of the canopy itself are magnets for those curious little fingers, so the boy is constantly pulling at something or bending it or ducking under it, sitting on it, rolling over it, etc. It makes keeping him shaded rather a challenge.This thing is, basically, a good concept but not quite adequately executed, if what you’re looking for is a replacement canopy and not an extension.

Delores Schaller, IA

LOVE this Shade!!!

This works great with our compact (Graco Mosaic) stroller. I can’t imagine it not working with most all strollers. I wish I could have found this product sooner. I LOVE it!!! It does not hinder my little boy’s view, yet shields him from the bright, hot sun. I don’t know why strollers aren’t made with larger shades to begin with…

Rose Drennen, WV

Too Small to be Worthwhile

I originally ordered the RayShade for my larger stroller, and I thought I could get by with just one because I could easily switch it from that to my compact stroller. Turns out I’d always forget to switch it, so my baby was left without shade. The RayShade is awesome, and can stretch to cover everything, including her feet. Since we live in Houston, pants/socks are not viable options in the summer, so a large stroller shade is necessary.I ordered the Sunshine Kids Shade Maker because it was cheaper, and I thought, “How different can it be??” Well…1. It is SMALL. Even on my tiny compact stroller (The First Years Jet), it doesn’t provide more than a few inches of extra shade. It’s no larger than the shade the stroller comes with. And your stroller MUST have a shade already for this to work (it provides the support).2. It is actually hard to put on. I mean, you’d think it looks easy, but when I compare it to the RayShade, it’s ridiculous. Where you are supposed to tie all the little straps is not intuitive at all.3. Did I mention is provides little to no extra shade??The only positive thing I have to say about the shade it that it looks like it’s good quality and has pockets on the side. If you want a few extra pockets, then it’s what you want. Otherwise spend the extra $5 and order the RayShade UV Protective Stroller Shade Improves Sun Protection for Strollers, Joggers and Prams Black.

Emilia Fields, OR

Just like the picture

A friend donated an old jogging stroller to me, one that didn’t have any kind of sun shade, so I took a risk and bought this one to use for that purpose. Sadly, this cover requires some kind of structure underneath to hold it up, so it didn’t work for it’s intended purpose. However, this shade is still fantastic! We use it on our regular stroller whenever we go out during the summer. It covers much more than the stroller shade and comes down much further, even making it possible to skip the sunscreen on my munchkin. I highly recommend this shade, just know that it requires an existing structure to lay on top of.

Hallie Brockport, PA

It didn’t work.

It didn’t work. I opened and immediately had to return it because doesn’t fits the stroller I had. It falls over my baby head and also didn’t gave enough shadow to the legs.

Cindy Oxford, CT

inaccurate description but OK product

I should have paid attention to the reviewer that said this product needed a canopy already to work. The Amazon description says it works with any stroller with or without canopy, but yes the product directions state it needs a canopy.This product picture is poor also- it makes it look like a self-sustaining frame, but it’s really just as flimsy as the Summer Infant/Kiddopotamus brand shade that I bought in a store.Anyway, I did manage to make it work with my stroller- I have a Baby Trend Sit N Stand double stroller that I got on consignment and it was missing the canopies. I can make this work with the front seat, I just tie it down on the stroller parts. It works on the back seat too, if I cover up the drink holders and use them as a support. I can’t see this working with an umbrella stroller that doesn’t have a canopy, though I haven’t tried it with mine.In summary, this product probably works great for a stroller already with a canopy, and it can “make do” for some strollers without one.

Alyssa White Plains, NY

Awesome sauce

One of they key features of super pricey strollers is the complete shade of a large canopy, this is that feature only portable!It’s quick and easy and gives great shade for hot summer days, I use it on both my full size jogger and my umbrella stroller with ease!

Maritza West Chicago, IL

A must have in fl

It is too sunny outside, my chicco cortina stroller has a short canopy. This can be easily adjusted, I pull it a little bit forward or backward to adjust amount of light, fine. The only small difficulty is to keep it all the way to the back when shade is not needed.

Miriam Longmire, WA

Not simple enough to use easily

I have a city mini GT stroller. This shade didn’t seem to work with it so I had to return it.

Aida Hickory Grove, SC

Dont buy this! Buy manito…

Horrible!!! It ripped at the seams the first time i tried to use it. Disappointing!Manito sun shade is perfect tho…

Winifred Hawaii National Park, HI

good product

This is a very usefull and convenient product. Provides plenty of shade and was easy to put on.two relatively small downsides–there is no easy way to pull back the shade-there is no “peep hole” to see your kid, unlike other shades that have a small clear plastic square

Antionette Venus, FL


The shade maker is very useful once it’s fully set up, but if you have to take it off and put it back on for every use, it’s quite a hassle. It’s not all that difficult, but it is finicky and time consuming, two things that are problematic with a baby or toddler in the area.

Millicent Gully, MN