Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy

Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy

Keep all your essentials organized and within reach when you re out for a walk With its zippered pocket for valuables insulated drink holders and insulated cargo bin it s the perfect way to carry snacks drinks and everything else

Main features

  • Large size cargo bin
  • Insulated drink holders keeps drinks extra cool
  • Zippered pocket holds valuables
  • Metal frame keeps its shape even when full
  • Velco strapes attaches securely to buggy handle

Verified reviews


Works Great With City Mini

I recently purchased the Baby Jogger City Mini and was not liking the price of the parent console baby jogger sold. I came across this and it works perfectly. It provides me with a place to store my keys, phone, pacifiers, wallet, and drink, which is exactly what I needed. It has a nice little zippered pocket you could place your ID in or some cash. So far I have only used the drink compartment with a can of soda, but it worked perfectly fine. The stroller also folds up perfectly with the buggy buddy attached and I like that I can easily move of it to a different stroller if I need to.

Lakeisha Wessington Springs, SD

EXACTLY the same as Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy

I was looking for a “parent cup holder” for my Britax B-Agile stroller.. the Britax one was $15 and from reading the reviews, I noticed alot of people weren’t happy with it. So I went in search of a better one and saw that the “Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy” was really highly rated. However, it was $12.95 PLUS $10 shipping! After some more searching, I found the “Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer” for $10 so I ordered it. It’s EXACTLY the same thing and it’s been working great. It doesn’t get in the way when folding the stroller which was a big plus and the cup holder’s adjust to different cup sizes. Even has a zippered pocket to keep my car keys close but safe. Highly, highly recommend!!

Virgie La Mesa, NM

Great, inexpensive stroller caddy

I bought one of these to use on our Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller instead of the expensive Baby Jogger accessory. It works great and is an excellent value for the price. I’ve had no problem with sippy cups, bottled water, paper cups from Starbucks, etc. It stays on when you fold up the stroller and the center pocket is great for keys, cell phone, a snack cup, or whatever small items you need to stash.(Edited to add: On the double, it attaches to the center perpendicular bar and then either of the outsides of the stroller handle.)

Leola Beaver Springs, PA

Perfect for our City Mini Double

We purchased this to go on our City Mini Double stroller for a recent trip to Disney World. I can’t believe we lived without this for so long! The BJ attachment was expensive, so I was so happy to read the reviews on this and find out how well it worked. The stroller folded up with it still attached, and it was a great spot for drinks, cell phones, maps, baby shoes, etc. Very sturdy and stable for drinks and made of tough material. An employee of a stroller rental company stopped us outside of our hotel to ask us about our Buggy Buddy. He said that his company rented out the same stroller and had the BJ parent accessory, but it was not as substantial. He loved the way this one was made and was going to look into it for their rentals. Would definitely recommend it!

Edythe Trinity, NC

great with my baby jogger

I have the baby jogger city mini double.. and unfortunately it comes with zero accessories. the baby jogger parent console is expensive, plus it had bad reviews, so a friend recommended this product, and so far it’s been great… has two cup holders, and a nice zippered pouch.

Priscilla Rye, NH

Works great on BOB Stroller

I bought this to use as a cup holder on my BOB Revolution stroller, since the ones from BOB cost more than twice as much. This fits the stroller great. A few reviewers have mentioned needing to take the holder off when you collapse the stroller so you don’t bend it – but this is not an issue with the BOB. The pouch has a metal ring around the top surface that holds it open, but the sides are just fabric. With a stroller with 2 individual handles that collapse inward you would need to remove it so as to not bend the metal, but if you have a bar handled stroller you can collapse it and it collapses vertically just fine.The two cupholders on the sides are neoprene dividers, they seem to accommodate a large range of cup sizes so far. The large center section has a zippered pocket it the back that is pretty small but would hold a set of keys or a phone. I’m not sure why you’d need to zip something in unless it was going to be something you’d leave with the stroller between uses, but there you go. The center compartment can hold a lot – phone, snacks, toys, etc. You can also put the neoprene of the cupholders to the sides if you want more center room or only have one cup. It attaches to the stroller handles via two velcro loops on the sides – the velcro is the whole length of the loop so it would fit a very wide range of handle types/sizes.Overall works great for me.

Shana Martinez, CA

Works great with a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller…

I bought this item a few days ago, and I am very happy with it. I have it attached to the handle of my Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. I can leave it attached all of the time, as it does not impede the fold of the stroller.We took a trip to the zoo yesterday, and I loaded it up with:Smart phone in the small mesh zipper pocket (this would also be a good area for a small wallet).27 oz Klean Kanteen bottle in one of the drink holders.Sunglasses in the other drink holder (another Klean Kanteen bottle would have fit however).Medium size camera, small bag of cookies, and a zoo map in the main compartment…with some room left to spare.The velcro straps are very strong. I thought they would sag under the weight of my fully filled Klean Kanteen bottle, but they did not. The product appears to very well made, especially considering the low price. My only small complaint is that the Sunshine Kids logo is a bit cheesy looking. I might try turning it around so it faces the rear of the stroller and can’t be seen.

Elise Caddo Gap, AR


I use it on my baby jogger city mini (single). It fits PERFECT! Can even fold my stroller with it on. Fits sippy cups, water bottles, coffee, keys, phone etc etc. Fits a surprisingly a lot, and it’s so cheap!!! Love it- perfect for walks and the mall 🙂

Heather Rockwood, TN

just okay

I ordered one of these for my city mini double stroller and it is an average product. It is a nice heavy canvas. I like the compartments and it has a mesh zipper area inside the middle compartment. I do not like that it sits so close to the handle bar that it is awkward to use water bottles and impossible to use any liquid holding device that is not completely sealed- which really is the main reason I bought this.

Beverley Ukiah, CA

very good

This is great. It fits my UPPA VISTA stroller very well. It’s a difficult stroller to fit with a caddy because the handle bars are at a 45 degree angle with no bend in them. Considering the price, the material is really good and insulated. You can’t see it in the picture but there is a small zippered pocket in the center. The cup holders are large enough to fit a coffee cup (which will sit upright) and you can fit larger water bottles in there because they are stretchable.

Elva Resaca, GA

So very useful

Allows you to have items close and easy to grab as you push the stroller. In mine I keep my blackberry, a cloth to wipe the drool from baby’s mouth which is a constant effort, and a snack bar for me and a bottle for baby.

Minnie Udall, KS

Must Have:)

This is great. It’s a really simple product that does the job. I purchased 2 of these for each of our Baby Jogger City Mini GTs. It is a very convenient place to put a sippy cup, toy, and of course….goldfish crackers:) It kills me that alot of strollers don’t include this (considering the cost of the freaking stroller). But I love Diono brand and like this product!

Karina Sutter Creek, CA

buggy buddy

I simply love it! Just got it today and it is roomie and very durable! cant wait to start to use it!

Angelia La Blanca, TX

OK if nothing else will work

This is better than nothing if you have the kind of stroller where the handlebars are very upright. The inner walls of the drink parts stretch so it will hold a variety of beverage containers. It has a small zippered part inside the big part to hold… I’m not sure what. Something small. Overall I don’t think it’s great because it’s very swingy, being attached at only two points, and I don’t like how the main compartment is so open. I have things that “live” in my strollers – our zoo keys, the leash to my BOB, things like that. I don’t like to have to empty the stroller caddy of these things when I put the stroller in the car. If your stroller handle bar has any sort of flatness to it, I’d suggest the Jolly Jumper stroller caddy instead – it is like the Bob but cheaper. It attaches in 4 places and just feels more stable and structured, and the inner part zips closed. If your stroller is very upright, though, this works fairly well. In its favor, the main compartment is somewhat larger, and the drink parts will hold slightly bigger drinks. I feel like maybe there should be another set of straps at the bottom, to add stability, as well as a cover for the center compartment – although this might take away from the stretchy sides of the drink holders.

Janine Damascus, GA

Great for Phil and teds

I bought this item based on a review I read here. I bought a Phil and teds classic stroller and anyone who has one will know it cones with no holders at all, nothing. You have to pay top dollar for their ones. I have used this for a few months now and love it. Please do not think you can use a coffee cup in it unless it’s one of the coved carry thermos as it would probably spill, but it’s great for covered items. It also has a zip pocket to secure items you do not want to fall out.

Sandy Fort Leavenworth, KS

Finally I can have my Starbucks and Maclaren too

This works well on my Maclaren Triumph with a Venti coffee or my Kleen Kanteen. I am soooo happy! I just make sure to unfold the stroller canopy just in case of any stray splatters but so far all the liquid stays in the cup. I wish it could fold with the stroller. I have left it in the trunk a few times forgetting its not attached to the stroller. The metal frame is what keeps it so stable though so I’ll just deal with it.

Lindsay Luverne, ND

Very nice

Very nice little thing here going for long walks with my son I can put my water cellphone keys and anything else in my handy stroller fanny pack thingy Lol!

Esperanza Mc Indoe Falls, VT

not for uppababy stroller

This does NOT work with an uppababy cruz stroller. It seems like a great organizer otherwise, unfortunately it does not fit an uppababy cruz stroller.

Joann Cotton Valley, LA

Works well

This works very well on my stroller that has a cup holder that always falls off. I have been able to fit all my drinks but I don’t usually order any Jumbo drinks mostly bottled water.

Rebecca Centerton, AR

Stroller’s should come with it!

This was a great add on and works really well. I just wish I had paid attention to reviewers who said don’t fold your stroller with it on, we bent the rim of the caddy the first time we used it but it bent back and still works great. The zip mesh pocket is a nice touch.It even works with our Joovy Kooper’s split handles (it doesn’t have one long straight rail) so if you are worried about it slipping on that kind of stroller it doesn’t seem to have any problems on ours.

Olive Big Sandy, TN

Great addition to the stroller

I consider this a must have for a stroller. It is much cheaper than other products out there, but I think it is much more functional and practical. It can comfortably hold two drinks, my phone, keys, and my sunglasses. I also put my credit card in the mesh part for safe keeping.

Frieda Sumrall, MS


This is made very well and works great. However, if you are using the Baby Jogger City Select stroller and are using it with TWO infant seats (with adapters) than this will not work for you; especially if you want to use the cup holder. Eventually when i use my actual stroller seats and not the infant seats this will work but right now i can’t use it because the infant seat gets in the way.So this review is more for moms of TWINS.

Alma Sarahsville, OH

Does the job!

I like this holder. I have a double citimini stroller which lacks anywhere to put anything! This works great and is really easy to install.

Whitney Conroe, TX

Just what I needed

I thought this was going to be another one of those cheap stroller accessories but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did! I use this for my citi mini double stroller and it is a perfect fit. It is very sturdy and I love that it can actually hold a cup or bottle without it being flimsy like the other cheap parent consoles. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it had more compartments. Overall, I love it and wish I had found this sooner.

Billie Pinetop, AZ


I think I paid like $7 for this and it fits my stroller perfectly (Baby Jogger City Mini GT). It folds up fine with the stroller as well. Costs a ton less than the ‘official’ one for my stroller and does a fine job. Love it!

Beverly Freedom, ME

A must-have for your stroller.

Really convenient and stores a lot when we’re out and about. My only complaint is the velcro straps, I would have preferred clips or something like that so it was easier to move around. We use it on our city mini and it works perfectly. Overall, a good buy.

Vera Arkansas City, KS


The material is not has good as the Skip Hop. It’s not neoprene which is why it’s so cheap. The Skip Hop is larger which is better for larger strollers like the City Versa.The Diono is smaller and is better for smaller strollers like an umbrella stroller. I wish I got the Skip Hop one instead for my City Versa.

Imelda Safford, AL

YES! Get it!

I have purchased 3 different "parent consoles" for my two strollers. This is the one only one we haven’t sold off at a garage sale. This one is THE BEST. It’s too bad it was the third one we tried, if we’d tried it first we would have been finished searching and saved money! It’s thick canvas material is sturdy and cleans easily. It hold my big jug of water, my cell, and snacks with ease. The velcro straps are infinitely adjustable, which makes switching between small stroller and jogger a breeze. If you’re looking for a really awesome and affordable stroller console you have found it!

Lina Oxford, MA

More affordable alternative for Baby Jogger City Mini

This organizer works great with our Baby Jogger City Mini. Holds two 16+ oz water bottles, small teething toys, cell phone, keys no problem. Collapses nicely when stroller is stored without having to take it off. Velcro straps make it easy to change from regular stroller over to jogger when we go outside.

Kelly Scipio, IN

Love it!

This product is the exact same asSunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy, the company changed names, and this just has the new name on it. It was well-reviewed before, and will still be.I bought this for use on theMutsy Mutsy Easyrider Umbrella Stroller, Black, and it fits beautifully! It does not interfere with the folding, recline, or canopy! I love that the cup holder part easily holds a small plastic water bottle, a cup of coffee, or a giant sippy cup with ease. It stretches to fit the container. There is a small mesh pocket in the center section that is very nice, and the rest of the middle part is open.This product is sturdy, but can be left on when the stroller is folded. I love it! It’s exactly what I needed!

Aisha Rosston, AR