Sunshine Kids Ultra Mat, Gray

Sunshine Kids Ultra Mat, Gray

Completely protects your car upholstery against scratches and dents from a car seat with partitioned squares of high-density foam. Top and bottom grip surfaces prevent car seat slip. Waterproof, washable fabric is easy to care for. With it’s unique two-part construction, you can custom configure Ultra-Mat to fit all rear-facing and front-facing convertible car seats or booster seats. Crash tested.

Main features

  • Completely protects your car upholstery against scratches and dents from a car seat
  • You can custom configure ultra mat to fit all rear facing and front facing convertible car seats or booster seats
  • Top and bottom grip surfaces prevent car seat slip
  • Washable, waterproof fabric
  • Crash tested

Verified reviews


Thick, sturdy and big. Perfect

This mat looks nice, is sturdy and very thick so my seats will definitely be protected. It is really big which is perfect because I have a Britax Boulevard and I was a little worried that the mat might be smaller than the carseat. It wraps around the headrest and tightens easily which works out great because our son is still rearfacing but is getting pretty big and likes to kick around so this mat will save us some headaches. My husband’s car doesn’t have a headrest in the center but he does have the carseat latch that the mat can be attached to for his acura TL. If I ever need to buy another car seat mat, I will definitely be buying this one again.

Ora Springdale, PA

Best coverage!

This mat has the best coverage by far from the other brands we have tried. The padding is thicker than the other brands, which minimizes the indentations on your car’s seat. We have a Britax Marathon car seat and the mat is actually wide enough to cover the top corners of the Britax so it’s not directly in contact with our car’s seat. Highly recommend this product.

Sara Becket, MA

I love these!

I used these in my cloth bucket seats in my Jeep Patriot and they worked really well. I just recently bought a Chrysler Town and Country that has leather bucket seats and am still pleased with how well the padding in these mats prevents indentations from securely installed car seats. Of course, they also work well at repelling liquids. I had a child dump a whole 8 oz of formula on them and it cleaned up well – no stinky formula smell lingered either!I bought these and had them sent to the house while I was out of town. My husband didn’t know this and bought some at a baby store that were similar to these, but a different brand. When I got home we compared our purchases and the ones I bought on here for a little more money were much better than the other brand.First, I like that it has a flap that you push down in the crease of the seat to secure and a head rest strap to secure the top. The other brand relied on the back of the car seat to do that, but that wouldn’t work if you have a rear-facing seat installed. I don’t usually use the storage net at the bottom, so that’s not a useful feature for me.

Mamie West Monroe, LA

Great product

This is a sturdy and durable mat that works very well. Being able to connect/hang the top of the mat to the headrest is a great design and works perfectly.

Ester Beallsville, MD

Great for protecting leather seats

When we purchased our new car my husband was particular about 1 thing. The leather seats! We had always owned a car with cloth and yes while it would indent with our daughters seat it would also come out. He worried the car seat would crack the leather over time. So we purchased this. It’s nice because while she was rear facing we could just double up the bottom protection, but when she turned around and faced forward we could put it upright and protect the back and bottom of the seat. It has nice deep side slits to allow the LATCH to buckle easier and the storage pouch on the bottom is great for small toys- the pouch is small so think, MatchBox cars, little McD’s/Bk toys and pacifiers. Also the top is a Lycra material- smooth while the bottom is rubber to keep it from sliding. And it’s thin so I have no fear of it interfering with the safety of my child.With the impending arrival of #2 we have already purchased a second one.

Antonia Sioux Rapids, IA

Works great.

Great coverage! Just wish the pockets at the bottom were seperated into two larger sections instead of 3 littler ones.

Janna Lake City, IA