Sunshine Kids Ultra Mat – Gray

Sunshine Kids Ultra Mat – Gray

Completely protects your car upholstery against scratches and dents from a car seat whether it’s rear-facing or forward-facing with partitioned squares of high density foam. With top and bottom grip surfaces to prevent car seat slip and the handy front organizer pocket, it really is the ultimate undermat. Waterproof, washable fabric is easy to care for. Works with all infant carriers, car seats and booster seats.

Main features

  • Completely protects your car upholstery against scratches
  • Dents from a car seat with partitioned squares of high-density foam
  • You can custom configure Ultra-Mat to fit all rear-facing and front-facing convertible car seats or booster seats
  • Top and bottom grip surfaces prevent car seat slip
  • Waterproof and Crash tested

Verified reviews


Better than using a bed sheet, but did not work as expected

I recently upgraded to a car with leather seats and immediately ran into a problem with the Recaro Vivo booster sliding on the seat. This was not a problem in the previous vehicle that had a cloth upholstery. In addition, the new car has a contoured rear seat, which is shaped for two passengers but has restraints for three. I keep the booster in the middle and thought that in the new car the booster will be more stable on the middle bump because Recaro Vivo has an arched bottom, but, unfortunately, the lack of traction between the seat and the back of the booster still allowed the booster to slide. The booster tilted significantly in turns making my son uncomfortable. I was also concerned about the damage the sliding booster would cause to the seat. I used a bed sheet under the booster, but it did not help with sliding.I was going to reluctantly move the booster from the middle of the rear seat to behind the driver’s seat. However, I did an internet search and found a selection of non-slide seat protector mats. I picked the Diono Ultra mat because it had better reviews than others. The construction quality seems very good. The mat backing made from a rubber material similar to shelf lining, which prevents the mat from sliding on leather seats. However, the upper material is not as “sticky” as the back, and, although the mat somewhat reduced sliding of the booster, it did not eliminate it completely. I ended up attaching an upper latch harness from an old car seat to the top of the booster seat to prevent the top of the booster from tilting.I think this mat is very good for protecting car seats. I also think it could be improved to further reduce sliding by using a stickier material for the upper part of the mat. I am also concerned that the rubber backing of the mat may start deteriorating in the CA heat and potentially start sticking to the leather. I am planning to watch for that, and if this happens, it will radically change my opinion of this mat.

Lina Trenton, AL


Wasn’t sure about ordering these online.They are very sturdy and well made. Have a slit to enable the LATCH system and cover my entire seat (Toyota Highlander).Wish they had other colors and that the front of the bottom piece somehow attached to the seat.Still very secure because of the grip on the backside of the pad.

Geri Hamburg, MI


This is a great seat protector. Our son spilled a milk shake in the car and it dripped through the car seat onto the mat. The mat saved our upholstery and cleaned up with a damp rag! Great! It is very thick and sturdy, and the car seat does not slide when placed on it. It also keeps your vehicle seat from getting indentations from the car seat as well. It also covers the whole seat top to bottom. I accidentally bought a Kiddopotamus cover for our younger son thinking it was this one and it doesn’t go all the way up the back of the seat to protect it from indentations from the car seat…plus it’s not as thick as this one.

Earline Heltonville, IN

It does the job.

We recently bought a new car and my husband and I are still in that obsessively cleaning the car phase and the rearfacing kiddo putting his feet on the seat back was bothering us. So this does the job of protecting the seat. I have two diono seats and two of these covers and it is just barely bigger than the carseat itself, so it doesn’t do the best job of keeping crumbs and whatnot off the seats like I was hoping but that’s fine.I will say the pockets at the bottom are not really usable for anything. We can fit matchbox cars into it but that’s it. It’s just very tightly sewn so there’s not much give to put anything else in it.

Neva Orlinda, TN

Already saving our seats.

These were easy to install and have already saved our car’s back seat from our heavy-spit-up baby. I also like (as others have mentioned) that it’s somewhat thick so that our leather seats aren’t getting an indentation from the car seat base.I have never felt that these add any slippage to the car seat. Our infant seat and now our bigger kid rear-facing care seat have both been installed tightly over these with no give.

Ashley Limestone, ME

Slim and durable

Great seat cover for when you have multiple seats or people in the back seat. It doesn’t cover more of the seat than necessary. It fits perfectly under the Diono seats without sticking out much at all. Durable and looks nice. The little pockets in the front don’t really get used but when my sons is a bit older and can sit forward and reach them, we may utilize them more. For now it serves the purpose of keeping my sons dirty shoes from touching the seat.

Amelia Katonah, NY

The quality is good.

When I picked this item to buy, I just pick for the cheaper price. It looks like thin and the material is cheap from the image. but it surprises me when I received it. It has high quality package and makes in good material. Very thick.

Lynda Beacon, NY

Good Seat Cover

Ive tested a few seat covers and none really worked well.. this one comes real close. It does its job in terms of covering the seat but it however fits a little loose on some seats and the tightening straps dont really do the trick. Its a solid investment and something that minor can be overlooked. It has no chemical smell right out of the box and the material works well with the baby carriers to keep it in place.

Miriam Saco, ME

Working well

Installed easily, works well and protects the leather of the car. Didn’t really want it to do anything else. It hasn’t shifted or moved.

Elaine Shoals, IN

Buy it!

Love this! Protects the seat and it is easy to clean. I’d recommend this. Plus, I like the mesh holder in the front.

Twila Zaleski, OH

Simply the best!

This is the one to get. It fits our oversized Britax car seat and booster. It protects the seat of the car from dents made by car seat bases. It is safe for leather seats as it has a non slip mesh on the bottom part so it will hold to the seat but not stick to it. Love it.

Noreen Chugwater, WY

good quality

arrived on time. nice quality. heavy material. wide enough for my car seat. the only constructive feedback i have is the seat height, although i thought it would be needed, my car seat doesn’t really touch the back so although, added protection, I’m not sure everyone will need it – car seat dependent.

Rebekah Calypso, NC

Great for leather seats

We purchased one of these three years ago, and just came back to buy another one now that we had our second baby! This protects the leather seat, and while the baby is rear-facing, it prevents them from kicking the leather seat back too. The little pocket on the front is handy for very small things (a wipe/wash cloth, small toy, pacifier, etc)

Britney Magnolia, KY

Works Good

We have another brand mat car seat and they are both great at protecting our cloth seats from stains, dents, etc. The pockets that hang down came up a bit short in our Yukon, but that could be the way the Britax car seat sits on the seat or the way my husband installed it; not really sure. So, I have a hard time gaining access to the net pockets, but I don’t use them really anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.

Sonia Webster, NC

Great seat mats!

Love these. They do exactly what we wanted them to do. I like the pockets at the bottom. My only nitpick is that they don’t cover the headrests of each seat and if you have a tall forward-facing carseat (like the Diono), the top of it presses into the headrest. If you have leather seats like we do, it will leave a pretty deep dent that the mat doesn’t protect the seat from. Otherwise, great mats. We would recommend them and will definitely get another for baby number 3!

Johanna Folsom, NM