Sunshine Light-Up Pull String Musical

Sunshine Light-Up Pull String Musical

Kids Preferred Sunshine Light-Up Pull String Musical

Main features

  • Bright cheerful colors
  • Easily attaches to crib or stroller
  • Plays “You Are My Sunshine
  • Infant safe
  • Simply pull down on the ladybug to start the music
  • Plays “You Are My Sunshine”

Verified reviews


excellent crib toy

This is an excellent crib toy. I received this as a shower gift for my older child, who was difficult to sooth and in general didn’t care for infant toys. This she loved. It plays a delightful and soothing tune, “you are my sunshine” and it also lights up. The lights are an important and unique feature. They can divert a baby’s attention long enough for a parent to escape the bedroom unnoticed, it can be used in a dark room to sooth a baby back to sleep and they are just entertaining. Unfortunately, by the time my second baby came along most of the lights didn’t light up anymore. I have looked and looked for another crib pull toy that has lights, but the Kids Preferred brand is the only one that makes them with lights that I have found. As is the case with all crib pull-toys, I wish the music lasted a little longer. Sometimes I have to sneak in and start it again.

Ann Paxton, IN

We have had good luck with this one

After writing this, it will probably break tomorrow (ha, ha), but after owning and actively using this music box for about 14 months it is still going strong and working well. I thought it was so cool when we first got it and I saw how the lights lit up my daughter’s room, though I warn you it looks disturbing on the video monitor — like fire. She loved it and it calmed her for the minute or so that it played (it has a kind of short cord which is my only complaint). On the good side, the velcro is nice and strong so my daughter can remove it some of the time, but not all of the time. She has learned to pull it herself from around 1 year old (she’s 18 months now) and there have been some mornings when she has pulled it umpteenth times. I guess we just got a good one as the lights all seem to still be working, and it’s my favorite music box now that the owl has bit the dust.

Aimee Hector, AR

This is a cute toy….

I do like this toy the way it lights up it keeps the baby interested, however, it does not have a very long play time so we have to play it over and over. I would love if it had an on off switch and would keep playing, it’s kind of a pain to keep stopping what we are doing to start it up again.

Maria West Union, OH

Gets stuck

The string constantly gets stuck so I have to smack it to make the music continue. Defeats the purpose of a pull string music toy. Pretty disappointing.

Elise Ellerslie, MD


This is something my mother was looking for at all the stores for my new little baby. We finally found it, perfect, exactly what she wanted. Baby loves the lights around the sun. It has a great song/sound to it, plays for a good duration. Easy to pull! LOVE HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING!

Maude Monument Valley, UT

Cute Toy

I bought this for my baby because it is one of my favorite songs and shapes. It is soft and plays a the chorus of "You are My Sunshine" while lights flash at different points on the sunshine. It is perfect to attach to a carrier, but it can be used simply as a toy to play with or as a song that is played before it’s time for bed.

Kasey Aberdeen, MD

Good when changing diaper

I used this toy along with Kids Preferred “Amazing Baby Developmental Light-Up Musical”, and placed them on a wall above the changing pad, so every time I want to change my baby diaper I pull down one of them then in one second my baby will stop crying and became mesmerized to the light and sound of the toy, It Lights up and flashes as the music plays for 30-40 second. I used it from birth till now (8.5 month) and the battery still alive.

Phoebe Hillsdale, WI

You are my Sunshine!!

I love this! I have it hanging near my son’s changing table and he has loved it since he was a newborn! I play it everytime I change his diaper and he looks at the little red lights and coos and smiles. It might seem expensive, but it’s worth it for sure.

Bertha Bagdad, FL

Cute but broken

After 2 of these we decided to try something else. The lights flash red which I thought was strange for a sun but it was cute and plays you are my sunshine. The first one broke after a few months, first the song and then the cord would no longer pull. The second one we got as a replacement had the string break after the 3rd time. No yanking, just gentle pulls but unfortunately this one wasn’t a good purchase.

Juliana Winthrop Harbor, IL

Great crib toy from birth on….

I purchased this toy for the crib when my daughter was about 2 months old. She loved it then, and would stare at the lights (and sound). It was great entertainment in the early months. Now at 8 months she loves it still. It is a great toy – simple and loved!

Frankie Michigantown, IN

Very cute

Love this musical toy. I ordered a 2nd one since it was so cute. I use on pack n play.

Sharlene Queen City, TX

music is too fast, lights too bright and fast

This toy is okay, but not the soothing toy I was hoping. The fast bright red lights are way too stimulating for our 10 month old. It’s become the over diaper changing toy, not the crib toy I was hoping.

Elena Hilltown, PA

My 7 Month Year Old Likes it

Overall satisfied so far. My boy is distracted and soothed by the soft feel, red lights blinking, music, and it lasts awhile in comparison to quite a few toy I come across. The item it’s self is bigger than I expected and of a nice quality. The only to potential downfalls are that like the lights, the music stops playing in and out, and that it is too hard for my son to activate. .

Bernadette Walnut Creek, OH

Sweet Musical

My daughter’s face always has a big smile when the music/lights start. I don’t consider it a toy and if it was I wouldn’t let her play with it, The antennas on the bee are pretty stiff at the ends. Overall it’s a good product. Happy with my purchase.

Justine Palmyra, MI