Svan High Chair with Tray Cover – Natural

Svan High Chair with Tray Cover – Natural

Discriminating parents can now afford the luxury of high-end designer wooden high chairs. The Natural High Chair by Svan is both safety-certified and ergonomic. This beautiful, bentwood high chair and youth chair will provide your family with a lifetime.

Main features

  • Award winning and fully adjustable chair that your family will love!
  • Stylish, practical, and very safe.
  • The chair will grow with your child as it can be easily adjusted
  • Three-point safety harness allows your child’s upper body to move freely without compromising safety
  • Made of Birch wood using an environmentally-friendly process

Verified reviews


It’s grown on me

I’ve been using this chair for a few months now. I really didn’t like it at first, I would have returned it but I got an open box deal. Now I guess I’m used to it.I don’t like-The tray- it’s small, it’s narrow, my son has always had to lift his arms up so I can get it on, the plastic cover is a pain to pry off, its not very secure when you lock it on and it is forever falling off the back notches that hold it when it’s not in use.Its also a little hard to get him in the seat, that wide wooden wrap around makes slipping legs in tricky, and what’s with the big wooden notch at the crotch poking into the stomach? Seems uncomfortable.It should really come with the cushions but it’s nice that there are so many colors to choose from.I like-Its pretty, looks like actual furniture.It turns into a stool.How adjustable the seat height is. I no longer use the tray, I just pull the whole thing right up to the table. I haven’t had much trouble keeping it clean now that I don’t use the tray but I have dogs so they usually get rid of obvious messes right away.

Nell Groton, NY

After FIVE years of use…

Weve had the Svan for almost five years, used it for two kids from highchair with chair, to junior char.No doubt it is a great looking chair. It is very well made, after all these years it is still solid, the wood is perfect. My only complaint is the exposed screws on the seat and foot rest, as well as the divets in the wood to construct it. The are FOOD TRAPPERS and impossible to clean! Ive tried to go into the edges with toothpicks, knives, skewers, etc, its just impossible. And if you get a rice kripsie in there, forget it. A glob of tomatoe sauce, gross.So sure, you can clean it out, but you cant get it perfectly clean. The food cruds up. My chair still looks great, but this really bugs me that its not a solid piece of wood, at least in the seat and footrest area. Makes no sense. So honestly, we ended up using our cheaper Scandinavian chair more often. From that giant chain of stores that shall remain nameless.For this reason, I do not recommend this chair. I would have gotten rid of it years ago, but it was one of those “have to have” things while pregnant with my first child. And it was expensive, so I just never got rid of it

Antoinette Literberry, IL

Lasting piece of furniture

We love this chair (we also had the infant package)We received it as a gift and have used it since our daughter was 5 months old…she will be 2 in 2 weeks…it is the perfect size for her, and our room. She now has full access to the chair, and can get on and off herself for mealtime. It was very easy to put together, and has a multitude of adjustments in the seat and footrest to grow with baby, it is very durable…seemingly knick proof, easy to clean…there are a few nooks and crannies which get a little crumb traffic, but easy to get with a vacuum hose. The cusions also wash and wear beautifully. In conclusion, we highly reccomend this chair, the only drawback is the hefty pricetag, but a chair to last through childhood.

Tabatha Crawford, NE

Looks beautiful, functions terrible

We bought this thinking wood was ‘healthier’ or ‘safer’ for baby. It comes with a plastic tray cover which we figured we didn’t have to use, but unfortunately the paint is chipping and peeling and gets all over babies hands. So we started using the plastic cover, but the thing is so hard to get on and off it has almost ripped our nails off. Baby has been using this about 2 months now (she’s 8 months) and already it is loose and the screws are coming out. The fabric is very nice but not very practical, there is no way to clean it without putting it in the wash. I can get over that in order to avoid plastic, but the other issues with the chair have made this a bad purchase for our family and we will be looking for something else.

Greta Livingston, NY

Pretty but not functional

I hate writing a negative review for this chair because I think it is beautiful. We live in an apartment and I really did not want a huge plastic monstrosity taking up too much space. The pros of this chair are that it is very nice looking and has a small footprint. The negatives have been mentioned in a few of the other reviews – (1) the tray is small so it only fits a very small plate and a very small cup; (2) the wooden frame for the tray is set up in such a way that it is very difficult to slide your child into the seat; (3) the tray is not easy to remove to clean; (4) the bolt on the bottom of the chair keeps coming off (my husband says it’s not a hazard but I find it disconcerting; (5) the straps are of poor quality (no over the shoulder straps so my son almost crawled out and tipped over the chair once!) and difficult to adjust once the child is in the seat; (6) it does not seem particularly sturdy; and (7) my son has never seemed to like it (he’s been using it for over 10 months now). I am tempted just to get a booster seat and be done with this chair, even though it is supposed to grow with the child.

Laura Madison, NC

Three happy people — Mom, Dad, & Baby! — NOW UPDATED 5 years later!

We love this high chair! We have a small kitchen/dining room with a round wooden table. I couldn’t face getting a cheap-looking metal-and-plastic monstrosity to clutter up the place and be in the way all the time. Thank heavens we found the Svan! To address others’ criticisms: We didn’t find it very hard to assemble. We’ve found it very sturdy. And the straps work just like any other straps; you tighten them by pulling the strap through a buckle. They hold our little Houdini in very well! The tray — in fact, the whole chair, which is all smooth solid wood — is very easy to clean. We wipe it down with a damp paper towel after our child eats, and it’s done.Our 7-month-old LOVES this chair and can sit in it contentedly for hours. He finds it very comfortable, especially with the cushion added (adjusting the footrest so he can rest his feet there helped). The chair pushes under our table like a grownup chair does, and he loves sitting with us at the table at mealtimes and being near eye level where he can “converse” with us. (We believe in kids eating with the family, and we’re happy that we can start him early.) And we love the fact that this chair is beautiful, graceful, stable and safe, and doesn’t offend the grown-ups’ sensibilities.The Svan is a smidge more expensive than some of the junky-looking plastic high chairs, but it can be converted to a classy-looking toddler seat and continue being reconfigured until the child is ready to move to a grown-up chair. Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would bother with any of those other crevice-filled, wobbly, food-accumulating monstrosities that make your dining room look like a cheap playpen. Get the Svan!(Oh, and if you’re tempted by another model that has built-in toys or “entertainment,” here’s a hint: We tied some soft toys to the top part of the chair with ribbons so he can toss them overboard and “retrieve” them, and he loves it. Plus, we can change the toys when he’s bored with them.)UPDATE, 5 YEARS LATER…My 5-year-old still sits in this chair at the head of the table. The tray and the straps have long since been detached and put in storage, and the chair has undergone numerous adjustments. But my boy still likes sitting on his Svan throne, and we still like having him at eye level. I have to say that some of the hardware worked itself loose over time, and somehow got lost. However, when the chair got wobbly from the missing hardware, I Googled around a bit and found a US Svan distributor who sells loose hardware. I bought a complete replacement set for $8, and individual pieces are cheaper than that. The chair still looks good — the finish is still intact and cleans easily with a microfiber cloth or a soapy sponge. I still highly recommend this chair for its looks, durability, and adjustability.

Lenore Boys Ranch, TX

Fantastic, beautiful, the BEST!

I was comparing this to Stokke Tripp Trapp, but this won in the end. It is fantastic! Beautiful design, solid wood. I love that it grows with the child (also so does Stokke). You can adjust everything continously, and I mean EVERYTHING, the seat width, height, the safety guard (with Stokke you can’t adjust safety guard) And the biggest difference is, that this comes with a tray and a plastic tray cover, a HUGE plus! For me, tray is a must. But it comes of easily if you don’t like it, and also stores at the back of the seat if you want to use it just ocasionally. Our daughter was able to join us to watch meal times starting at 4 month. I was able to adjust the seat small enough, and she could use the tray as extra support with her hands. I like the design better than Stokke’s. The color options are more limited with this one, but they have a nice variety of seat covers. And even if I would have bought Stokke, I would have selected something neutral.If we have a second child, we’ll be buying a second Svan, it is the best high chair out there!

June Valparaiso, FL

Great chair

I actually bought 2 of these within a week of each other.One at a baby store for $45 without the tray and the other at a charity store for $5. Yes Five dollars with an orange cushion. I love them both, my son sits in one at the table and I in the other across from him looking right at eye level as he takes his hour to eat a meal lol. I like that its not a chair that you have to tuck away while not in use we just replaced the old dining room chairs and use the Svan instead.Excellent quality wood and easy to clean

Minerva Port Deposit, MD


Seriously, this chair is the best. It matches with my kitchen table and chairs (I got the red pillow) and although smaller than I thought it would be, I can leave the table top on and slip my baby right in and buckle him up. The top of the table comes with a plastic cover that can be easily wiped. Because of the plastic cover, high chair toys get a really good grip on this one! Everyone who comes to my home comments on how cool this chair is, and how well it blends in to the rest of the decor.

Marcella W Hartford, CT

Love this highchair!

We love this high chair. Finally a high chair that isn’t a giant, ugly presence in my kitchen/dining room! It is easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to clean and on top of it all my five month old daughter loves to just sit in it and play with her toys while I unload the dishwasher, make dinner, etc. A great buy.

Althea Greenville, MO

Terrific High Chair

This chair has been in use for about a year and a half, and it still looks fantastic. My son started using it when he started on solids and he is a little over 2 now. It is it a great-looking high chair that fits in nicely with the decor of the whole room, not sticking out as a “baby” item in an adult room. We have the red seat cover with it.It is also a very easy chair to use, easy to clean, and easy to adjust when necessary. My son is as comfortable in the chair now at over 35 lbs. as when he first sat in it and weighed around 15 lbs. He has always seemed to enjoy this chair. It’s also quite easy to get the tray off if you want to wipe it down in the sink.The final thing I will say about purchasing a high chair: it is one of the things we are really glad we splurged on and bought a top-of-the-line product. With a lot of other items, you really can get away with a less aesthetically pleasing look, but we knew that the chair would be in a room that wasn’t just a kid’s room, but a room that adults shared. We’re big on dining at home, and we’re glad to have a chair that looks good as well as being functional – it’s so pleasing to pull this chair right up to the dining table and have it fit in among the adult chairs.

Alexandria Sterling, OK