Svan Svan High Chair Cushion – Sage

Svan Svan High Chair Cushion – Sage

Svan High Chair Cushion Provide kids with enhanced comfort and style with the Svan High Chair Cushion. This cushion beautifully fits on all stages of the high chair and provides a comfortable eating space for kids. The cushion is made of a blend of cotton and polyester fabric and is easy to clean. You can choose from bold colors like sage, chocolate and red. Why You’ll Love It: Fully cushioned with plush materials, it is designed to provide maximum comfort to kids. Features High-quality cushion Easy to remove

Main features

  • Cushion for the popular Svan Signet Chair
  • Add to the decor of your house with this high-quality cushion
  • Fits perfectly on all stages of the chair
  • Fully cushioned with plush materials, adding maximum comfort
  • Easily removable and machine washable!

Verified reviews


Just ok.

I gave this 4 stars b/c it works for its intended use however, I prefer not to use a cushion b/c they get so dirty. My little one is learning to feed herself and is very ‘busy’in her chair. The cushion constantly has food smeared on it. After I realized she was fine in the chair without it (it was in the wash during a feeding time) I decided not to put it back on. My personal preference.

Sheena Tichnor, AR

Beautiful color and wipes clean

This cushion fits the Svan chair perfectly and is easy to install and remove as needed.It has nice comfortable padding and doesn’t slide around once installed. Also, it has been really easy to keep clean so far. A baby wipe has been enough to remove any food residue after a feeding.. including blended strawberries! I have not yet tested it in the washing machine, but the fact that I have not had to yet is a huge bonus (we have been using it for about a month now).

Nadine Melvin, IL

Great cushion for a great chair!

We love the Svan chair (see my review posted under its listing), and we love this cushion! I got the Sage color and it really looks much better in person (fortunately). It fits the chair very snugly, feels soft and nice, and looks classy. Plus, I’ve found it very easy to clean. So far, I’ve just wiped it down, but it’s machine washable in case we ever have a messy incident. But the most important reviewer is my 7-month-old — he loves it and smiles every time we strap him in. If you get the chair, spring for the cushion. You won’t regret it.

Aline Saint George, ME

Great buy

Color is a little darker than imagined but like the lightness of material. Stains wipe off really easily , great cover .

Leola Tuscola, MI

Great cushion – a must have if you already have the Svan chair

This cushion is a must have if you already have the Svan highchair. It makes the chair much more comfortable for the child. I would recommend getting two so you have a spare when you need to wash one. They are machine washable (which is awesome!) and very easy to get on and off without having to remove the buckles from the highchair.

Janie Williamsport, OH

Protects Chair…Easy to Clean

Well worth the investment! Both piece come off and on easily. AND they can both go into the washer and dryer for even easier cleaning. The cover is by far easier to clean than the wood of the chair.

Anastasia Argyle, NY

Daughter loves it

I love the Svan chair…and now that I have the cushion, my 6 mth old is as happy as can be. The cushion is quite thick and cushions her well. I haven’t washed the cushion yet, but hopefully it will be easily washable.

Helen Aroda, VA

Works well

Fit well, works as expected, and is a perfect fit. It is a must have and saved my baby from hurting himself when he jumps back. Highly recommend.

Edwina Oldtown, ID