Swaddlebees ABC Cloth Diaper Cover, large, Butter

Swaddlebees ABC Cloth Diaper Cover, large, Butter

Color-coordinated binding on sage, seasrpay, butter, bugglegum, and white; binding on lavender & perwinkle are slightly darker than the cover, binding on baby blue is lighter than cover.

Main features

  • Made with high quality Laminate sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester knit
  • Velcor closer makes for fast changing
  • Latex-Free elastic
  • Foldback laundry tabs so velcor won’t pull fabric in wash
  • Great for covering your Chinese Prefolds

Verified reviews


Waste of money

This cover started out as my favorite. My son was a couple of weeks old and I was in LOVE with this cover. Well, he’s now 5 weeks old and this cover won’t even last through a 3 hour nap before leaking and soaking his clothes and bedding. For such an expensive cover, I expected a LOT more. Bummi’s whisper wrap is much better, and available on Amazon. Outside of Amazon my favorite brand by far is Thirsties. Check out Nicki’s Diapers (google it) for much more selection and better prices. I got my money back on this Swaddlebees and bought two more covers (a thirsties and a prowrap) for two bucks more, and Nicki’s offers free shipping on all covers.

Celina Marks, MS

A bit stiff

This cover was kind of stiff and I didn’t like it. I’d prefer to use something softer so my daughter is comfortable playing. I think I used them once and sold them.

Lorene Divide, MT

Great cover, and very soft

I love this cover. It is very cute, and nice and soft on the outside. So far, it has held messes in quite well. I have no used it for overnight yet though. I used it over my Swaddlebees fitted diaper and it fit great. I accidentally ordered one-size too large, but that’s ok because you can overlap the Aplix. I High recommend these 🙂

Jessica South Lake Tahoe, CA

Better than Bummis

We have been doing cloth diapering for about 6 months now. It is not nearly as time intensive as one might imagine. In fact, if you hate shopping, as we do, throwing a load of diapers in the wash is much eaiser than running to the grocery with a baby.That being said, Swaddlebee’s are my second choice; we use wool covers for the most part. We have a variety of other covers for backup, car trips, and sometimes nights.The first couple of months we were changing diapers all day. Our daughter was a two diaper minimum…(she would pee as soon as a new diaper went on). The bummis were huge on a newborn and the swaddlebee’s have been a much better fit. (She has the baseball-in-the-tummy-chubby shape more than a skinny-baby shape.)The colors for Swaddlebee’s are great and they seem to be leak-proof. I haven’t had any fading. I just throw these in the wash with the diapers and line dry. They dry quickly and are ready to go. I also find that these tabs come apart less in the wash than the Bummis. This is annoying about the Bummis as the Velcro gets stuck to everything, including itself.[On a side note: If you are unsure about wool covers, they do have a learning curve. But this is the only real way to go completely organic/ natural with cloth diapering. Other “organic” covers are generally made of polyester fleece.]

Ophelia Lamont, OK

Spend your money elsewhere

It LOOKS like a Bummis, but isn’t as leakproof and doesn’t hold up as well. Easy to use, though, and adorable colors.

Cleo Ashland, VA