Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex All In One Diapers, Giraffe

Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex All In One Diapers, Giraffe

An easy all in one diaper design specifically made for newborns that combines the convenience of an all in one diaper while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket diaper.

Main features

  • Outer layer: 100% Polyester, Inner layer: 100% Cotton
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Cord area snaps down to prevent irritation for newborns while their cord heals
  • Fits most babies from 6 16 pounds
  • 100% cotton interior with a waterproof laminated polyester outer shell to keep wetness in
  • Can be washed by hand or by machine; Tumble dry or line dry
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


love the snap down feature!

My son won’t be here for a few months, so my review comes from the untested point of view. With that being said, this diaper is very well made and the snaps seem quality. I also appreciate the snap down feature to keep the diaper from rubbing on the umbilical stump. The inside of this particular diaper, doesn’t feel as soft to the touch as other diapers we have purchased. I have yet to wash this diaper, so it may soften in the wash. The reviews from moms that I read, rated this diaper well, so I full faith it will be a good addition to our newborn stash.

Corrine Edgarton, WV

Leaks out the back waistband

Always out the back. We change sheets and onsie with the diaper . G diapers and little joeys fit our daughter best.

Laurel Gene Autry, OK

Smaller than Blueberry (same company, new name)

These fit slightly smaller than the Blueberry Newborn All In Ones – I’m not sure if they’re old stock and the design has changed slightly, or what…

Sara Mc Allister, MT

Cute print, not very functional as far as cloth diapers go

Very cute print but I’m not that impressed with the diaper itself.. The inner liner gets wadded up easily in the wash and makes it hard to flatten to re-insert into the pocket.. Although I haven’t had any issues with leaking yet.. But I’ve only been using this diaper for two weeks..

Cheri Mosby, MO

Like it a lot

I wanted to love this diaper, but my daughter is super sensitive to moisture. Having the cotton right up against her skin is too hard on her and she gets rashes easily with it. Its much better with a fleece liner though. The diaper is well-made. The outside fabric is really soft, not crunchy like some others are. I love the snap-down! It is the only diaper that actually didn’t cover or rub her cord stump. The Swirls design is really pretty. The attached insert agitates out on its own and it helps it to dry faster than other AIOs.

Deanne Tunnel, NY

best newborn diaper

all in one is the way to go with a newborn. these didn’t leak like lil joeys. bought 4 of these and wished i had more

Margarita Citronelle, AL

Not for new borns

great diaper and i like how it is but its not good till around 3 months and it leaks by the legs if a large poo. Also the snap broke.

Lelia Moravian Falls, NC

Not too bad

These worked well for the first two months and then he weighed too much and could no longer wear them.

Minerva Fall Creek, WI

Super Cute and Easy Cotton All-in-One!

Favorite newbie diapers! If we had the chance to do it again, I would have a 24-36 count stash of these. They worked beautifully for the first 3-ish months After that, she could wear them but a big blow-out might not be contained. They always washed up beautifully, the tongue/soaker always worked itself out and I had no problems with stains in the beautiful Phoenix sun (though I usually machine dried these). Oh, and I used just short of the regular amount of detergent. I can’t believe these people using tablespoons of detergent on items full of waste and using full detergents on their regular barely soiled clothing…seriously…do two rinses and carry on.We are pretty much done with kids but I have a mini "just in case" stash. I kept these, a set of GMD orange edge, a few covers, a few organic pockets and my pre-redesign BumGenius Elementals. If your thinking about it, just go for it. They are only thing little and squishy and immobile for a short period of time.

Sheree Celoron, NY

So Soft and Sweet

These diapers are still my favorites. The organic cotton fleece (and attached) insert makes diapering a pleasure for baby and mama. The laundry process is a breeze with these all in ones — the insert doesn’t get stuck inside the diaper like other brands we’ve tried.

Wanda Vernon Hill, VA

Great newborn AIO cloth diaper

This is absolutely adorable! I love that the front folds down to avoid the umbilical cord stump. They are very tiny though and my 9 lb 8 oz newborn will probably only wear these for three weeks before they’re too small. So for someone with a smaller baby they’d obviously last much longer.The interior being all cotton is nice too. They’re not super soft but it’s a natural fiber, which is nice.

Luella Medford, NY

LOVE this Newborn Diaper

We bought these before our son was born in December and we have been using them exclusively for about a month. They are amazing! Our favorite diaper for sure. We’ve not had any leaks and not had any problems washing. They make night time diaper changes fast. Would recommend any Swaddlebees AIO diapers.

Eddie Anabel, MO

Love these

We love these diapers. We made the decision to do newborn sizes starting out. We primarily did this because I like the trimmer fit and knew I was more likely to keep up with cloth diapers if I liked the way they fit… I secondarily decided on these because I figured I’d have less of a chance of needing to replace snaps and elastic in my diapers if I used them for less time. Our daughter is about 2 months old and these have held up great. We use these with a combination of prefolds and covers. These AIO’s are easy for people who aren’t necessarily on board with cloth diapering but if you’re doing the prefold and cover route and are interested in getting newborn sizes, I strongly recommend the Sweet Pea newborn covers. They’re pretty inexpensive and we haven’t had any problems with them. With both of these diapering systems we have yet to have any "Blow Outs". The diapers are disgusting on the inside of course but we haven’t had any serious messes on the outside.

Neva Jackson Heights, NY

Good Fit, Does Not Leak, Very Absorbent, Never Any Redness On Baby’s Bottom.

This AIO is made of cotton, does not leak. Very absorbent – easy to snap on. After each wash there are no visible stains. My child does not get any rashes while using this AIO. I will never buy regular diapers again. Would recommend!

Kristin North Chelmsford, MA

Really like it!

Nice brand, fits very well, no complaints from Mommy and baby! I highly recommend this brand. You won’t be disappointed.

Rebekah Alloy, WV

Good but too big at first

Now that we have a two month old these work well at night but at first they were too big so we had several messes. As long as you don’t have a small baby I would recommend them.

Queen Martin, KY

Was not a fan of the material but it cleaned up nicely.

The material seemed itchy and rough on my baby’s skin but it cleaned up nice after washes. It worked very well for #1 but #2 (EBF) was difficult to contain.

Mabel Lecompton, KS

Perfect for not-so new, newborns

This diaper was too big for my newborn who was born 7lbs and 20.5 in long. The snap that is supposed to keep the diaper away from her healing cord still covered her cord and the dang thing just seemed so bulky on her! But at 2 months and 9 lbs this is my favorite diaper!! I also boughtGroVia Cloth All-In-One Diaper, Cloud, NewbornandbumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper – Albertdiapers to figure out which ones I liked best and the Swaddlebees are the ones that I like the most now…She still has room to grow into these which is nice since they are more expensive than the other two.They are cotton which I like, but they don’t stain as much as the Grovia ones (also cotton, the bumGenius are polyester).They can go in your dryer, which makes it so much easier to buy LESS cloth diapers (who has all day to wait for a line diaper to dry!)Their psuedo-pocket design makes it easy to add more protection if you need it without the annoyance of pocket diaper stuffing!Even though she will grow out of these, I really like having newborn sized cloth diapers. The AIO diapers were just SO big on her (still are) that I really think it is worth buying a smaller diaper that allows her to move her legs and actually fits under her clothes!! Between the 3 brands Grovia and Swaddlebees are my favorite, but I think you will get more mileage out of these.

Sylvia Searsboro, IA

My favorite AIO

I love the birdseye insert, it’s really soft and gentle on our baby’s sensitive skin. I love how it fit her perfectly at 6lbs and still fits her at 10lb. We’ve never had leaks and no garter marks on her waist or little legs. I love this diaper!

Kristi Saint Peter, IL

Nice Slim Fit

I like how these fit. They were absorbent enough for my daughter, but they are not very thick. However, you could stuff them if you want.

Marci Castorland, NY


Cutest diaper ever, and I love the natural fibers instead of microfiber. I also like that the insert is sewn in on one side so it is almost like a pocket diaper. This helps with the drying time.

Fran Matlock, WA

NEVER Leaked

I bought these for my second child. I cloth diapered my first, but really only started full-time cloth diapering at about 10 weeks. I wanted to start from day one with my second child so I bought a variety of diapers to see what I liked best. These were by far my favorites.PROS:-They fit my daughter from day one. She was born 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches. And they continued to fit her until about 15 lbs which was four months for us.-They NEVER LEAKED and were easy to get on with a good fit. My daughter is exclusively breastfed and even her runny poop did not leak out at all.-CUTE, gender neutral print. The print is very cute and can be used with either girls or boys so it is great if you are planning on investing in these diapers for more than one child.-They are trimmer than pre-folds and coversCONS:-They do,stain easier than any other diapers I have used. It is easy to get stains out with a quick sunning, but this is something that I haven’t encounter with other brands of diapers.-They are a bit expensive

Harriet Mammoth, PA

Great gift

I gave this as a gift and my friend really liked it and said it was very functional. The outside design is also super cute.

Elise Roanoke Rapids, NC

Five Stars

So cute and practicable.

Rosalia Hartford, KS