SwaddleDesigns Marquisette Swaddling Blanket, Triplets Paisley, Kiwi

SwaddleDesigns Marquisette Swaddling Blanket, Triplets Paisley, Kiwi

SwaddleDesigns Marquisette Swaddling Blankets are breathable, lightweight, 100% cotton blankets designed to keep baby cool in warmer environments. Each blanket comes with our signature 123 Swaddle label with easy how-to-swaddle steps sewn to the edge of the blanket. Marquisette is crafted from cotton that is superior in length, strength, and smoothness to create a very soft and premium quality blanket that will get softer with every wash. Sized at 46 x 46 inches (116 x 116 cm), our swaddling blankets are larger than typical receiving blankets, and they have a multitude of uses beyond swaddling; such as a privacy throw when breastfeeding, play mat for tummy time, or as a shield over the stroller to protect from the sun or cool breeze. Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials. Machine wash gentle.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Breathable, lightweight, cotton marquisette swaddling blanket to keep baby cool in warmer environments.
  • Generously sized at 46 x 46 inches (116 x 116 cm).
  • Ideal for swaddling, sunshield, tummy time, privacy throw, and more.
  • Our signature 123 Swaddle label with easy how-to-swaddle steps sewn to the edge of each blanket, making it easy to learn how to swaddle.
  • Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials.

Verified reviews


Crunchy blanket 🙁

Not the soft muslin blanket I was after. I’ve washed it probably 6-8 times in hopes it would relax a bit, but unfortunately it has that screen-printed crunch to it. I’ll stick with Aden & Anais for sure!

Jeri Climax, MI

Not so soft

Not what I thought it would be. Pattern is lovely, size is good but it feels more like a dish cloth then something I’d want to wrap my little on in. Good maybe for a sunshade in the car.

Allene Merryville, LA

Great swaddle blanket!

This is a great swaddling blanket. It’s extra large size is perfect for older babies. My son is 4 months old and still needs to be swaddled on difficult tummy nights. It is light weight so it doesn’t overheat him when I put it over his Pj’s. Get’s softer as you wash it so don’t let the feel of it right out of the package fool you!

Ivy Valhalla, NY

Lightweight good summer blanket

This blanket is cute and a decent light blanket for summer. It is a tad on the small side for swaddling so as your baby gets bigger it does not work as well for swaddling. Very cute design.

Madeleine Anvik, AK

Beautiful. High Quality.

Having tried several brands I don’t think you can go wrong with SwaddleDesign products. They may be slightly more expensive but you get what you pay for. Quality equates to softer blankets for your baby. Quality means holding up to multiple washings without shrinking. P.S. they make wonderful, appreciated shower gifts.

Lupe Bluffton, MN

Nice Lightweight Blanket

My daughter didn’t like to be swaddled so I use this in the diaper bad got put down on surfaces when changing. I like that it is a full size swaddle blanket that is lightweight and compact. If my daughter liked swaddling this would have been perfect for that as well.

Fanny Edina, MO

Best Swaddlers

We love these blankets. The babies like them too.They are good for swaddling, although we mostly use woombies now so we’re not very good at swaddling anymore. But it also doubles as a great lightweight blanket.We have 5.

Ola Garwood, TX

Softer with each wash

At first my husband didn’t like these; he said the fabric was too stiff for wrapping our newborn. But, as promised, the fabric softens with each washing – now these swaddles are our favorite! I highly recommend these, especially the paisley!

Hattie Menoken, ND


True to southern California weather, as the summer temperatures started to climbed into the 80s & 90s, I really needed a blanket that wouldn’t smother my 2-month-old baby yet still keep her covered when we went out. The flannel receiving blankets that I had been using would leave her hot if I covered her and when I used them to at least block out the sun from glaring into her face, it would get extremely stuffy. Swaddle Designs marquisette blanket is the perfect answer for us! I was initially looking at other muslin blankets that are out on the market, but the texture was really coarse. Even though the companies say that the product would get softer over time and use, I didn’t want to buy a blanket that wasn’t soft and comfy until it was worn in. I was a bit confused about what marquisette was and how it was different from muslin, but the company states that it is “similar to muslin except it is softer due to the finer threads and higher thread count.” And it sure is! I was so happy with the blanket that I also got another one with a different print. I love the designs and my baby loves it too! It’s large enough that I can layer it when it’s cold at night and thin enough that I even use it as a nursing cover, yet it isn’t see-through. This is a great BREATHABLE blanket that can be used not only to cover your baby, but also to cover yourself when nursing or to cover baby from the sun when going out!

Josephine Carpenter, IA

Favorite swaddle

We live in San Diego… and hate running the A/C. This is a great light weight swaddle that he’s actually in right now, as I type this. This was, unfortunately, made in China (minus one star) even though much of the SwaddleDesigns products are made locally (USA).

Anita Kirk, CO

Nice product

Ok, I admit it. I had absolutely no idea what ‘marquisette’ was when I ordered this. I just wanted a nice light (non-flannel) blanket to swaddle our newest little one due late this spring.For those who are wondering about this fabric: From the product description, I was expecting something gauze-like, but now that I have received the blanket, I don’t think that description is exactly right. Although the fabric is very light and breathable and will be great for swaddling in the summer, it is more dense than gauze- closer to muslin. It also has a slight sheen to it, which makes it almost look like a poly or poly blend fabric. But the blanket is made of cotton, so I think that the sheen means that the fibers are more tightly woven- a good thing….. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so smooth.I love the design and colors on this product, and the size is great- Although my primary purpose for this is swaddling, I’m sure I will be using it as a nursing cover and even as a cover over our stroller/infant seat to keep the sun off him.So, although the fabric is different than I imagined, I will probably be ordering one or two more of these. I just wish they had a few more ‘funky’ designs in non-traditional colors. I am SO tired of the limited brown or light blue options out there for baby boys.Update: I pre-washed the blanket in anticipation of my little one’s arrival and although it still looks and feels very nice, some of the stiffness to the fabric is gone, as is the sheen. I can see now why they described the fabric as gauze-like; it is much softer and looser after washing. The design still looks great- did not fade or bleed, and I still think that this blanket will be an excellent purchase for my summer baby.

Marilyn Newagen, ME

Love these blankets

I live in Fl so I need something that I can use to cover up while I’m feeding that isn’t too hot. I use this almost everyday for common use and to swaddle my baby at night. The material is light and the blanket is large so it has lots of options. I have 4 of the flannel blankets and I’m very happy with those as well.

Inez Houlka, MS

Nice blanket

Not quite as soft or fluffy as some of the muslin swaddlers out there, but not rough, either. A nice lightweight blanket, and very pretty!

Lisa Wantagh, NY