SwaddleDesigns Microplush Sleeping Sack, 2-Way Zipper, True Blue Puff Circle, 6-12MO

SwaddleDesigns Microplush Sleeping Sack, 2-Way Zipper, True Blue Puff Circle, 6-12MO

SwaddleDesigns Microplush zzZipMe Sack is a plush and cozy wearable blanket with a TOG rating of 2.2, perfect for temperatures of 65-70 degrees F, the range medical experts recommend for sleep. Our zzZipMe Sacks feature a 2-way zipper which zips down from the top, making it easy to place baby into sack, and also zips up from the bottom, keeping baby snugly warm during diaper changes. So easy! 100% polyester microfiber, plush inside and out with soft satin trimmed edges. Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials. Machine wash gentle.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Our cozy microfiber zzZipMe Sack is a soft wearable blanket for babies ready to transition from swaddling.
  • Handy 2-way zipper for easy wearing and diaper changes.
  • TOG rating of 2.2, best for temperatures of 65-70 degrees F (the recommended sleep environment range).
  • Sizes: 3-6 Month fits up to 28 inches; 6-12 Month fits up to 32 inches; 12-18 Month fits up to 35 inches.
  • Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials.

Verified reviews


No flame retardants

This sleep sack is so soft and cozy. I emailed SwaddleDesigns about whether they use flame retardants and was thrilled with their response: “We are happy to inform you that we do not use flame retardants or any other harmful chemicals on any of our products.”

Diann Coffeeville, MS

Maybe mine was defective?

I bought this from Target (in Green) because I had a gift card, but I am returning it. The fuzz material comes off so much it is all over every piece of my son’s clothing. Little green fuzz balls on everything! I am really disappointed because it got such good reviews, that’s why I bought it. I loved the color but could not get past the little green balls of fuzz.I will be getting another Pottery Barn Chamois Dot Sleep Sack. They are made by Halo, very warm and great quality. They are what we had before but my little guy grew out of them.

Selina Atlantic Mine, MI

Another awesome sleep sack by SwaddleDesigns. FYI – the red is on the pink side

I am a big fan of SwaddleDesigns. I wish I knew about this company when the kiddo was born–I would have gotten all my swaddling accouterments from them instead of aden + anais.These soft fleecey sleep sacks are amazing. I know the kiddo (10.5 months at this time) is warm whenever he has one on. The zippers are high quality and go both ways, in case you need to do a middle of the night diaper change (though if your baby is wearing zippy pjs, you’ll need to zip down from the top regardless). My kid is exactly average in terms of height and weight, and still fits into this size perfectly.We’re totally fine with gender neutral, so it doesn’t bother us that the red color of this sack is on the pink side, but in case you want your baby boy wearing more obviously gendered colors, this might not be for you.FYI- SwaddleDesigns makes everything in the USA!

Ofelia Trenton, NC

Toasty warm

I have purchased this before in a smaller size, but my grandson rew out of it. It is a safe blanket for a baby. This keeps hi warm a snuggly without the danger of getting caught over his face. My daughter as sad as the baby was gettng to big for the original sack I bought him, so I bought him the next size. It is easy to put on him. If he get alitte too warm the zipper can be lowered easily. His movements are not restricted at all. He enjoys running hi fingers over the soft surface. Although it is pricey, it does the job in safe and efficient manner. It washes well as do all Swaddle design products. This is a wonderful and safe alternative to blankets, which we now know can be dangerous for babys contributing to SIDS. I highly recommen this product.

Charity Herndon, WV

Better than the Halo Brand!

When I ordered this sleep sack I was expecting the same old thing I always get but the fabric is so soft both inside and out that I know my baby girl will be so comfortable when sleeping. The inside of the sleep sack is the same fabric as the outside so it’s not like the usual sleep sacks that have this amazingly soft material on the outside but a scratchy fabric on the inside which is one of my pet peeves as you can imagine. Why have soft fabric on the outside when the baby’s skin feels only the inside. This is the perfect sleep sack and I will continue to buy it as she grows. It is totally worth 30 bucks. I also ordered one size too big so she can have more room for her legs to move around and her feet don’t touch the bottom but the bigger size still fits her arms which I was kind of worried about. No problems there, it fits just like I wanted and I have a petite baby that is 9 months but still fits 6 month old clothes. I highly recommend this product and the colors are beautiful..just like they look on the website. Just wonderful, WAY better then the Halo brand in my opinion which I used to swear by not only because of the color choices but mostly because of the material on the inside which is super soft and perfect for baby skin…give it a try even if you swear by the Halo brand like I did I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Regina North Henderson, IL

Love it! Wish it came in a bigger size

I have had 2 of these sleep sacks, the 3-6 month and the 6-12 months and I wish I could get one for the next stage… It is REALLY soft, washes really well.our son started rolling over and sleeping on his tummy at 3 months so we started with sleep sack early on (instead of swaddles) – this one was our favorite along with the grob bag. The 2-way zipper is a GREAT feature as you do not have to fight to engage the zipper. It also has a flap to cover the zipper to protect baby’s face.Size wise it worked great for us as our son is tall and lean – the top part of the sack really fitted him well whereas other brands (Halo, Baby Dee) where too large in the chest area!Only downside for the smaller size was that there were no snaps on the shoulders but that would not keep me for getting another, mostly in a larger size when toddles learn to undo the snaps!

Marylou Bagdad, FL

Super soft & great quality

Soooo soft. I was skeptical of the price as well, but am glad I went ahead and purchased. You can tell the quality of this sleepsack is superior to others on the market. The fabric, the stitching, the zippers, etc are all durable and high quality so will wear well over time. It’s been washed several times already and still seems brand new. I figure if I’m going to spend a lot on a blanket for a bed this isn’t all that much different, right? Baby loves it too, so justifiable for me.Also, I bought green (my favorite color). The color was pretty close to true on the screen so nice job on the product photos. It’s a bright grassy green…reminds me of Oscar from Sesame Street.

Bettie Eutawville, SC

So soft!

Love these sleeps sacks. They are easy to zip, fit well, and are very soft. Not too bulky but definitely warm enough for winter.

Diann Beaufort, MO

Great product

I like these so much better than the typical brand. We have several different brands and this is our favorite. Very soft, a slimmer fit than most but my son wouldn’t even think about lifting his leg to escape his crib so I think it’s a good thing. So soft, and I love that it opens at the top or bottom.

Lottie New Douglas, IL