SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket, Natural with Color Trim, Pastel Pink

SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket, Natural with Color Trim, Pastel Pink

SwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blankets are baby soft, lightweight cotton flannel blankets with a beautiful decorative edge. Each blanket comes with our signature 123 Swaddle label with easy how-to-swaddle steps sewn to the edge of the blanket. A great gift and everyday essential, all of our blankets feature SwaddleDesigns signature stitch and are offered in a variety of designer colors, trims and prints. Sized at 42 x 42 inches (106 x 106 cm), our swaddling blankets are larger than typical receiving blankets, and they have a multitude of uses beyond swaddling; such as a privacy throw when breastfeeding, play mat for tummy time, or as a shield over the stroller to protect from the sun or cool breeze. Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials. Machine wash gentle. Proudly made in the USA.

Main features

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Baby soft, organic USA Cotton.
  • Generously sized at 42 x 42 inches (106 x 106 cm).
  • Our signature 123 Swaddle label with easy how-to-swaddle steps sewn to the edge of each blanket, making it easy to learn how to swaddle.
  • Ideal for swaddling, sunshield, tummy time, privacy throw, and more.
  • Coordinates with a variety of our quality baby essentials.

Verified reviews


soft, big, warm and easy-to-swaddle

this is my favorite swaddling blanket. i’d say it’s even better than those swaddle-shaped gizmos if you want a snug wrap. it’s larger than a typical receiving blanket, so swaddling is very easy. but even though the blanket seems thin, your baby might get sweaty if you live in a very warm area.after your baby outgrows the swaddling stage, it’d also make a great “blankie.” i wouldn’t waste my money on other blankets.

Tamika Oscar, OK

The only receiving blanket you’ll ever need

This wonderfully soft swaddling blanket is amazing and well worth the money. We used it every night during the swaddling stage. The swaddling stage varies a lot from one baby to another. My baby liked to stretch her legs and arms, so she outgrew swaddling around two months. Some babies still like to swaddle at six months. We got by with one of these. Of course my baby had no issues with spitting up since she was breast fed, but one or two should do unless your baby has problems with spitting up and dirtying things quicker. For any new moms looking at packages of less expensive receiving blankets, you won’t need them! Most receiving blankets are 30″X30″, too small to swaddle a baby and useless as a blanket, plus they get really hard and wrinkly in the wash. Every mom I know agrees with me. Some people use them as burp rags or to sop up messes. A lot of experienced moms never open, but just regift them because they are so useless. I use mine to line the changing pad so the wonderful pretty soft changing pad cover doesn’t get poopy all the time. To sum up: buy the Swaddle Designs blanket! Don’t buy small cheap receiving blankets.

Valarie Loudonville, OH

Great blanket – I will be stocking up on more

This blanket is really great, it’s extra large in size, it’s lovely and soft and you can feel the quality of the material, others feel very cheap by comparison. I highly recommend this and I will be stocking up on more for myself!

Mina Vicksburg, MS

Great blanket

We have several receiving blankets for our 10-day-old son, but this is our favorite. It’s big and soft and works well for swaddling or just for cuddling. We also love that it’s organic. Highly recommended.

Hilda Harwich Port, MA

does not wash as well as I’d like

when first received and washed once, the blanket seemed soft and it is a great swaddle size. But, after repeated washing (4-5 times) the material does not wash very well. It pills a little and is not as soft – and my baby is 3 weeks old. I did decide to purchase another one of these because of the good swaddle size, but it could be better. Also I swear that this particular blanket was softer then the other one I ordered.

Leola Newberry, FL

Best blanket

I purchased several of these and used them constantly. They washed well, were durable, warm, pretty, and a great size for swaddling. I loved the fact that these were larger than the usual blanket since our baby was 9 lbs and 19 inches at delivery – he was no small guy. He’s also a pretty sensitive and picky little man, but these were great. Even now, at 7 months and over 29 inches, he still uses this for nap time and in the car, or just to wrap up with mommy on the couch. I would definitely recommend this product.

Angelica Orbisonia, PA

Washes well

I ordered several organic receiving blankets and so far this one washes the best and is very soft. There are no lose strings or fraying out if the wash. Good size and packaged well if you we’re using as a gift.

Rosa Wickliffe, OH

Good Texas blanket

We have been using it for 6 months. It still looks great after many washes. And I love the fact that it’s made of organic cotton grown in Texas.

Kellie Auburn, PA

the best swaddler!

Great things about the blanket:1. Our daughter sleeps so well when swaddled up in this blanket2. Soft after MANY washes3. perfect thickness for fall, winter, and spring months4. big enough to swaddle a growing baby5. not too bulky6. a great nursing cover7. perfect price point for baby registryWe only ordered 1 blanket for our first baby (we wash it nearly every other day) but will order 2-3 for our next child!

Cecile Viola, IA

Super Soft

It is very soft and large, great for swaddling. However it is very heavy so it would be best for fall and winter months to keep baby warm and cozy. I definitely intend to buy another.

Patrica Lexington, MS


Our infant liked being swaddled until she was older and longer. She was about 4 months old before we were able to stop swaddling her (but she was a long baby). This swaddle fit her perfectly. She liked it and slept well in it.Now I use it by rolling it up tightly and tucking it into my diaper bag, it works for trips to the park when she had “tummy time” and now I can use it as a light blanket for her if we are out and it gets chilly. So it has been one of the most versatile blankets and well used blankets we have had.This is a great baby gift for yourself or a friend, because those initial receiving blankets only work for about the first 4 weeks of life, and then it seems the baby outgrows them, so those seem like a waste to me now.

Caryn Herman, MN

Wonderful Blankets— Some notations on “pilling”

So I purchased two swaddle designs blankets directly from their website… which by the way they offer 1/2 price and terrific sales directly from site!I purchased based on reading all the fantastic reviews and I was in need of some blankets, I purchase one of the Organic Ultimate Blanket and one of the Traditional (non-organic) Ultimate Blanket. I washed in a delicate cycle with cold water only and after 1st wash the Organic has already began to pill up however the non-organic did not. I will still use both and would still recommend the product, but just wanted to share since others have had problems with pilling that I too have noticed immediately, I found it interested that one did and the other didn’t?. Then again maybe that is to be expected with anything flannel?All in all beautiful soft and well made blankets, but pilling is disappointing to see at almost 20-30 $ each!

Claudine Westminster, MA

expensive but worth it

I hesitated to register for this blanket because it’s so expensive, but I am so glad I did. It’s worth the money because we get so much more use out of it than the smaller, cheaper receiving blankets. This is our favorite blanket for cold weather or air conditioned rooms, while we usually use the Aden + Anais muslin blankets (also expensive but worth it) in warmer weather. I also thought about getting this blanket in a different color or pattern, but I am glad I went with the off-white flannel with chocolate trim stitching. It matches everything, and when it’s in photos (which is often), it’s neutral, keeping the focus on my son. The blanket is a great size (big enough for swaddling), super soft, just the right thickness (warm but not too heavy), and washes/wears well. The only things I would change are the tags. There are two, and while they are silky and soft, they are still annoying. One is kind of large and has swaddling instructions, which I think is unnecessary to permanently attach to the blanket. The tags are sewn in with the decorative edge stitching, so cutting them off might mess up the blanket. They are centered on one side, which makes folding the blanket in halves awkward, and we’re frequently adjusting the blanket so that the tags aren’t near our baby’s face. Even with that minor complaint, though, I still give this blanket five stars.

Janis Montgomery, WV