SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket – Little Stars – Navy

SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket – Little Stars – Navy

Sd-005n color: navy features: -ultrasoft cotton flannel swaddling blanket with sweet polka dot print and swaddledesigns signature stitch.-wonderful welcome baby and shower gift. an everyday essential that will be used and treasured for many years..-designed by a registered nurse with consultation from multiple phds and experts.-generously sized at 42 by 42 inches, the blanket is an ideal size for swaddling and many other uses.-machine wash warm and tumble dry.-designed by a registered nurse.-proudly made in the usa. specifications: -exclusive 123 swaddle instructions sewn to the edge of the blanket helps new parents master the art of swaddling.

Main features

  • SwaddleDesigns multi-use blanket has many uses beyond swaddling; playmat for tummy time, privacy throw for breastfeeding, and many other uses
  • Designed by a Nurse and winner of multiple awards including an iParenting Media Award
  • Birth and up

Verified reviews


This actually lives up to the hype!!!

As an O.C.D. pregnant woman. I researched and researched and finally purchased four of these. Once i opened them i knew right away they were going to be amazing! The quality is far far better than the four packs you can buy for $14-20 at local stores. It is so easy to swaddle and actually holds. They look amazing. I love that the have sewn the “Swaddle process” on the blanket itself for my husband (when i have to run to the store). My absolute favorite thing about this (besides the amazing colors) are how big they are. They will last far longer than the swaddle sacs you can buy. Swaddle sacs are great but they can only be used until they are too big. These will last much longer. I am about to order 2 more. I decided instead of buying $160-300 crib bedding set for them that comes with nothing you can ACTUALLY use besides a crib sheet. That these would work better

Geraldine Rockwood, TN

great swaddling blanket!

Love these blankets! They are a great size and perfect for babies of all sizes. Comes with helpful instructions for how to swaddle.

Lottie Melvern, KS

Get a bunch of these!

LOVE this brand, really the whole line is great- the style is so refreshing no goofy cartoony stuff! Quality, softness, size, style are all A+ in my book. These receiving blankets are also swaddles, and can triple as a lightweight stroller blanket, many uses for them- I have 4 different colors!

Ginger Glencoe, MO

THE best flannel

Ever buy flannel that’s so cheap it looks like an open-weave? I did — I bought crib sheets last winter that were a joke. I should have just gone right to Swaddle Designs because we have several of their blankets. This is high-quality, thick, durable material, and if it’s pricier, it’s because it’s worth it.

Chris Whitney, PA

Great Winter Swaddling Blanket

We were looking for a heavier weight blanket to use for our newborn daughter last winter and this was it. We live in the chicago area where we have very cold winters and we needed something thicker then some of the other cotton receiving blankets that we already owned. We own several of the Aden and Anais blankets which are made of a very thin cotton which is good for the summer but we thought not warm enough for the winter. We used this blanket almost every night to swaddle our daughter last winter and I really like that it is 100% cotton. 100% cotton is best for babies. Other materials don’t breath and can be itchy to them. The only thing I wish is that it was made with organic cotton. Other then that I think it is a nice thick and warm blanket for a young baby. Now that our daughter is 10 months old and it is getting cooler out again we have been using this blanket again at night! It’s held up well and I am happy with it.

Abigail Dalton, NE

Great blanket, beware of the orange color

I received one of these flannel receiving blankets for my shower, and I loved it so much that I wanted to get another one to alternate with through the winter. This blanket is large enough to get a really secure swaddle on a growing infant, and the thicker fabric was perfect to cover our little guy in the winter (with a footed sleeper underneath) — but take that with a grain of salt because we live in Texas.We got the blue circles on blue cloth originally, so I wanted a different color to change it up. I wanted something gender neutral (in consideration of baby #2), so I went with the orange. The orange color is definitely more on the peachy side than the primary or rust orange end of the spectrum. My husband didn’t mind it, but to me, with the scalloped edges in this peachy color, it was a little more feminine than what I wanted. I ended up giving it as a baby gift to a friend with a baby girl on the way.I wish they had a few more color options, especially with colored backgrounds like the blue one.

Lorrie Lucasville, OH

Very thick and too big – not for newborns

This blanket came highly recommended, but so far I’ve been unable to use. It’s really too big to use for swaddling 0-3 months and it’s a lot thicker than our other swaddling blankets so it doesn’t stay as tight. When I’ve tried swaddling my child, the fabric just gets to be too much (due to the large size) and I end up taking her out of the swaddle and going back to other blankets. I think this might be ok for older babies, but then again, you might not be swaddling that long (since it is not recommended once babies can roll over).

Concepcion New Lebanon, NY

perfect baby blanket

I bought this for my daughter before her birth, and it remained my favorite blanket. It’s soft, warm, the color is nice and soft too, calming. It’s easy to wash and no pilling.

Amalia Perham, ME

Love This Blanket

I love this swaddling blanket. I use it every day. It is big enough to wrap tightly around my baby and will be big enough to use even when she’s not a newborn. It is also thin and not too bulky, but is warm. They are a little bit expensive, but worth the money.

Yesenia Fosters, AL

So soft, so warm…and HUGE

My son has been using this blanket since he was 2 weeks old. He is now 10 months old and it is still big enough to wrap him in (he is over 30inches tall and 25lbs). I use it as a modesty cover when nursing in the car. So many uses. It is incredibly warm, and I’ve even used it one winter night, when I had to keep watch over him in his room.Pro tip: if you are in a pinch for a towel, these make great ones! They are 100% cotton and absorb water like crazy.

Pearl Lansing, KS