Swing Set Stuff High Back Full Bucket Toddler Infant Swing Seat – Seat Only, Blue with SSS logo Sticker

Swing Set Stuff High Back Full Bucket Toddler Infant Swing Seat – Seat Only, Blue with SSS logo Sticker

This is a highback full bucket seat. This seat has hardware made on the sides. This seat is excellent quality.

Main features

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  • Seat only. No chain or rope.
  • Features a high back
  • Recommended weight rating 105 pounds
  • Made of polymer

Verified reviews


A great buy!

Got this for my 10 month old son even though it says for 2+years since many reviews said they had even younger kids using it. I am glad I did, he loves it! The first time I sat him in it he grabbed the front and looked up at me with a smile ready to go. I was concerned he would need padding, but he seems fine without it. He even fusses if I let it slow down before he wants to stop. A great buy, just be sure you get any chains or S-hooks you might need.

Lourdes New Millport, PA

Good quality product

I was very excited receiving this product, because I was trying to get one similar to the playground and this one came with very good reviews. The product is very sturdy and with good quality, I have no doubt it will last years. The only concern I had was that the material is very hard resin, instead of softer rubber like the one in the playgrounds. My 9 month old baby enjoys sitting in it very much, but I was a little concern that the front part between the legs will cut into his leg a little if he sits in there for longer time. But after half a year’s swinging fun, I found that it was not the case at all. The back of the seat is a little higher than the front, so it’s good for some support. Overall it’s a good product and would recommend to friends.

Christian Tobias, NE

Good quality

This made it through two toddlers and still in great shape even though it was left outside 24/7 for over three years.

Nettie Mcpherson, KS

Great quality, very sturdy

I purchased this for my 10-month-old son, to use in our backyard. It is hung from our covered back patio, and is perfect. Hardware is separate. The seat is really sturdy. My son did get his arm stuck between the little triangles on the side and it presses him firmly around the leg holes leaving marks if he isn’t wearing pants, but it’s not the swing’s fault. Just be careful how you put him in (I put his little hands on the back of the triangles or the front with his arms bent). He might be a little too small for this seat, and he’s on the larger side.

Chrystal Mc Leansville, NC

Very sturdy

I didn’t expect this swing to be of such great quality. It looks to be made out of the industrial strength stuff that you would find on a neighborhood playground. I have no doubt this seat will last for years out in the elements.

Helene Hebron, ME

Great price

This was the best price I found for this type of swing. My only problem was that it wasn’t compatible with the chain set that goes with our playset. However, my husband rigged it, so it works. Would be nice if the chains were included.

Justine Lake Zurich, IL

Love this!

Great quality, just like the swings they have at the park!! My daughter literally squealed with delight the first time she saw the swing in her own backyard. We have it in the sun in South Florida and it has shown no signs of fading or sun damage such as cracking.

Karin Brule, WI


My daughter loves this swing. She just laughs and laughs and squeals, "do it again!" I like how secure she is in it. I also like this bucket swing because of its versatility. I do not have a swing set; just a maple tree in the backyard. The swing and chain sets were just too short to hang from my ideal branch. I also really wanted to be able switch out this swing with a belt swing in a few years when she is ready. So purchasing a quality swing seat that was separate from the chain was really important to me. This swing is high quality, fit my needs perfectly and absolutely delights my 2 year old daughter.

Denice Albany, VT