Symphony in B Music Toy

Symphony in B Music Toy

Your preschooler can conduct this orchestra! This phenomenal musical toy gives kids a truly extraordinary way to explore music. As little maestros move up to six of the 13 instruments into the “orchestra pit,” they’ll hear each one’s sound incorporated into 15 glorious songs. The sound quality is remarkable, the recordings are professional, the possibilities…endless. Includes tempo and volume control buttons, plus learning buttons that teach kids to more about instruments and orchestra sections. Batteries included. For ages 3 and up. The mini instruments include accordion, clarinet, cymbals, drums, flute, guitar, koto, piano, sitar, tuba, trumpet, violin, and xylophone Each soft, rubbery instrument fits in its own shape-sorter type base Press the learning buttons in the front of the console, and watch the appropriate instruments light up. They teach kids to distinguish between melody and harmony instruments, as well as the parts of an orchestra: woodwinds, brass, percussion, keyboards, and strings. Requires 6 “AA” batteries (included) Console measures 5″H x 9″W x 15″L. Instruments are about 1 1/2″ in diameter and range from 2 1/2″-3 1/4″H.

Main features

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  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3-6 Years

Verified reviews


5 stars for creativity and fun (but can be a little finicky)

We all LOVE this toy….and as the other reviewer noted, I have as much fun playing with it as my 2 year old daughter does. There are so many ways to learn with the toy as well – at the most basic level: colors, shapes, sounds — but also an exploration of melody vs. harmony, woodwinds vs. brass, not to mention all the wide variety of instruments (koto, accordian, and sitar – to name some of the more exotic options). The pieces themselves feel great to the touch (and I can imagine a child who is sensitive to those types of things would really find them particularly engaging). The shape-sorter element is a little tricky (even for me sometimes – ha!), but a nice challenge. The quality of the sound itself is very rich and not tin-like or electronic-sounding at all; it really sounds like you have an orchestra in your room! The song selections are varied and engaging (from beautiful classical classics to standard childrens’ songs – you can see a list of them all if you visit B. Toys’ website). I will note that this toy can be purchased for almost twenty bucks cheaper at target. My other caveat is that although ours has never broken – it can be finicky and take a little jiggling (turning on and off, with fingers crossed) before it works (and there is a sticker on the toy which acknowledges this and provides recommendations). The company seems really great and has advised that if you lose a piece, they’ll send you a new one – but there is a great storage section in the back where all the pieces fit. If you google “please mom toys symphony in b” you should be able to get more info – and there’s a demo on b. toys’ website too. It is a pricey item, but if you’re buying it as a gift for two kids to share or as a special birthday/christmas present, I think you’ll be happy with it in the long run. We are!!! Almost a year later (I think?): we still love this, but I only take it out once in a while because I’m nervous about all the pieces. My 32-month old really just likes the music though – the fact that she can click the demo button and change the songs…and then she stacks up the instruments…I don’t think she’s getting the full value of it yet, but I like to play with it myself. Note – the current price here of nearly a hundred bucks is insane. I think it’s thirty at target.

Priscilla Wisner, NE

Coolest toy ever – when it works

I got this for my 2 year old for Christmas, and it was literally the coolest toy ever. The batteries that it came with were dead when we received it, but we replaced them and it worked great. It is such a neat concept and a wonderful learning tool. The adults loved playing with it, too!About a week after Christmas, most of the instruments stopped being recognized. Then, another week later, it was completely useless. We changed the batteries to no avail. I’m hoping I can return it.

Julie Lenni, PA

This toy rocks

I am 35, and I had so much fun playing with this toy (my mom bought it for my daughter, who is not old enough yet to play with it). The ages recommended should be 3-83

Mellisa Mayer, MN

A hit at our house!

Our kids (ages 2 and 4) got this for Christmas ($49.99 at Target, BTW) and we have had hours and hours of fun with it since. My 2-year-old is a bit young to understand the concept, although she loves the music, but my 4-year-old is exactly the right age to get a kick out of this toy. He LOVES switching out the instruments and the different songs, and has learned each instrument’s name and sound and developed favorites.Much to our surprised, my husband and I have also really enjoyed this toy. It’s really interesting to sit down with our son and create different sounds for the same song. I’m not sure this is a $100 toy, but it is absolutely a $50 toy and we have been extremely pleased. Highly recommended for 3-5 year-olds and those who are musically inclined!

Summer Isonville, KY

We love this

This is such a wonderful toy! My only complaint is, I want more instruments for it! :DWe play with it for our 1 year old and she will sit for 30-40 mins listening and dancing to it. It’s a wonderful toy!

Casey Raleigh, WV

A very beautiful toy!

My daughter received this as a gift for her 2nd birthday and it is a little complicated for a 2 year old so I think the 3 and up age rating for this toy is pretty accurate. That being said, this is a wonderful toy, and my daughter loves playing with it. She loves hearing the music by pressing the Demo button although she is still a little confused about how she can place the instruments in the “orchestra pit” to play music. The music selections are beautiful and I almost wish there were more. She loves announcing the colors of each of the items and fitting the instruments into their spaces like a puzzle. I love that there is a compartment in the back to hold the pieces when she is not playing with them. My only few complaints with this toy is that the pieces only fit in their slots one particular way so you have to place them in just right and the toy is a little awkward to carry around. Also, one of the pads on the bottom of ours came off right away but it was an easy fix. I would recommend this though for any child who likes musical toys. It is one of the best I have seen out there. And I have to admit I have had some fun testing the toy out myself!UPDATE: Within the first week of owning this toy, my daughter misplaced one of the pieces. I reached out to B toys about purchasing a replacement piece. They responded within 24 hours that a new piece would be shipped to me free of charge and I received the replacement within 2 weeks! I love when companies treat their customers this way! Well done, B toys!!!

Janice Perry Point, MD

Fun toy for a variety of ages

My kids (5 and 2) both love this toy. The music isn’t too bad to have to hear over and over again. I like that each instrument is a different color and shape to add another dimension of learning to it. It’s even fun for me to experiment with adding and taking away different instruments. The only drawbacks are that it goes through batteries pretty quickly (but no more than most electronic toys) and that it doesn’t go down as soft as I would like in the volume setting. For some reason my 2-yr-old thinks it’s fun to pick up this heavy, awkward toy and relocate it so it has been dropped probably 10 times onto hard and carpeted surfaces and it’s still going.

Rose Stockdale, PA

Everyone LOVES it

My kids got this as a Christmas gift from a family friend. Honestly I don’t think i would have thought to buy it for them because it seems expensive and has small parts, but with this said, kids of all ages (and adults) have greatly enjoyed playing with this toy. We let our kids (almost 2 & almost 4) play with this unsupervised and unfortunately we have lost an instrument or two and i have not been able to figure out how to order replacement parts.I always look for toys that will last past the toddler/preschooler age and this is one of those toys.

Lynette Mannsville, KY