Table Edge Bumper Guard – By Thudguard – Protect Your Child’s Head

Table Edge Bumper Guard – By Thudguard – Protect Your Child’s Head

The Thudguard Table Edge Bumper Guard will protect you child’s head! Easily fits around most living room tables, this super safe cushion will protect your child if they tumble or fall into the table. Let’s face it, kids fall a lot! Use this table guard, and it’s thick protective padding, to protect your child and prevent injury! Affordable and safe, the question is why wouldn’t you protect your child’s head?

Main features

  • Thudguard Table edge Bumper Guard will protect your child’s head!
  • It is designed to keep your little ones safe by covering the sharp edges and corners of your table.
  • The table bumper has thick protective padding will cushion against a baby’s tumble.
  • Elastic band stretches around tables and will retract to create a snug fit.
  • Keep your child safe – invest in the table edge bumper guard

Verified reviews


falls off

protected some thumps but doesn’t stay on very well. would like to stay on better. perhaps better adhesive? did prevent a few thumps. not very many good options out there though.

Sophia Sedalia, CO

Nice, removeable guard. Worth the money

Nice and easy to attach and detach. Great corner protection but easily gaps on the long sides of the table making it less effective there. Pretty wide so provides a bit of top and bottom coverage too which is nice. Would like velcro attachment to be bigger as it has to hold a lot of pressure to keep band tight and sometimes comes partially undone.

Cheri Houstonia, MO

Very happy

Works really well for our irregular-sized table. I really like that it’s adjustable and we can switch it around to other tables if we want. Working very well so far (had it about 6 weeks) protecting the baby, and as an added bonus I have not bruised my knee once on the sharp edge : )

Myrtle Big Flat, AR

Ugly but effective

Once you get it stretched out it really fits tightly around the table. Takes away the sharp edges and corners. Baby can’t really pull it down or off. Stress levels reduced by having this product. Make sure you start the end on a corner. I stupidly did not do that and it was not on tightly for a while.

Ladonna Grays River, WA

Bad design

I can’t find a good solution for our wood coffee table. I LOVE the stick on foam bumpers, and use those elsewhere in the house, but didn’t want to damage the wood on the coffee table with the double stick tape those require. I ordered the non-adjustable stretchy table bumper from Safety 1st and our coffee table (which seems to be a standard size to me) was in between sizes. Figured this Thudguard one would work, but it doesn’t. While the corners are nicely padded (better then nothing) the straight sides of the table just have straight padding over them – the padding doesn’t curve around the edges. Meaning, if my baby takes a header into the side of the table, she’s going to do some damage. Also, she pulls on the guard all the time so it’s often away from the table when she’s playing there. While I don’t think this product protects my baby from table falls, it’s better than nothing and I haven’t found a better solution.

Shari Fairfield, IA