Tadpoles 16 Sq Ft Hearts and Stars Playmat Set, Pink/Purple/White

Tadpoles 16 Sq Ft Hearts and Stars Playmat Set, Pink/Purple/White

Using soft, playful foam, Tadpoles Heart Shaped Playmats provide a fun, safe environment for your little one. Made of large, interlocking foam pieces with removable heart centers, the mats create a soft base for your child, and add a great look to any room. Includes 16 foam frame pieces, 16 shaped center pieces, and 16 border pieces. Covers 16 square feet. Easy care and cleaning. Use multiple sets to cover larger areas.

Main features

  • Includes 16 foam pieces with removable centers and 16 edge pieces
  • Safe, soft, durable, and easy to clean
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Combine multiple sets to cover larger areas
  • Create a soft base for creative play and insulate your child from cold floors

Verified reviews


Great but not cheap though

So far ok, will update again once i have used it more often. Time will tell the quality. Good for baby.

Ruth Mason City, IL

Great for playtime!

We have a hardwood floor and tummy time with my baby was tough since I had to make sure to catch her whenever she rolled over, if I looked away for a second she’d bang her head on the floor. This provides the protection we needed for her to play on the floor, without being hurt by the hardwood. The colors are adorable too!

Janie Totowa, NJ

Great for baby

Put this foam mat down on our baby’s play area to save our carpet from spit-up disasters. The print is pretty, much easier to look at than the bright primary colors of the ABC mats you usually see. The foam squares come apart too easily though, after pushing them together every 10 minutes, I finally flipped the whole thing over and put packing tape along the "seams" of the squares to keep them together. I left the shapes so they can be taken out still. I didn’t have a problem with those popping out by accident.

Taylor Hope, MN

It’s an okay mat

We have a different play mat in our living room that we got a while ago at a second hand store and love it. However, since we can’t find another one like it I picked this one based on the design and color. It’s thick enough and I like the blue stars but not the gray ones much. Also the edges don’t stay on that well. It seems to move around a lot more on the floor too than our other mat. I think this is an okay mat but comparing it to the one I already have I just don’t like it much. I have looked all over online and can’t find anything like what I want though so this has to do for now. I would prefer not to have cut outs but I don’t have a problem with those coming loose like the edges do. I decided to make this mat smaller and just use the blue pieces but unfortunately there are not enough blue edges to complete it and you have to use a couple of gray ones. Overall I’m not that happy with this mat.

Jacklyn Ethel, MS

Best play mats out there

We have 2 small and 2 large sets of these for our larger play area. They’ve kept our son from several head injuries as he’s learned to climb (and fall). This is thick and the colors are not super obnoxious. I also love how the different sets all work together to create a fun pattern custom to your interests.

Sallie Valley City, ND


Colors are nice, very girlie. Easy to clean, nice to have ontop of my hardwood floors so my 6 mnth old daughter can roll around!

Denice Altamont, NY

We have three sets of these mats and they add great padding to our playroom

We used these previously as the floor to our playroom and loved them. When we moved and our daughter got older, we put a large area rug down over hard wood which was very nice. However, enter baby #2 and we needed softer ground for their toddling ways. We actually put three sets of these under our large area rug so it has added a great layer of padding underneath. It was so much better and softer for the girls to play on, and it gives me some relief when I see the baby playing on it.

Alexandra Lake City, SD

easily put together

The play mat was easily put together but we did have to purchase a non slip mat for underneath it which I had not anticipated since its material did not strike me as one that should be slippery.

Marissa Forest, VA

… and my daughter would pull up the tiles very easily as a smaller baby

The thin edges are always coming apart (so we removed them permanently) and my daughter would pull up the tiles very easily as a smaller baby. Definitely cushioned her falls as she was learning to sit/walk but not perfect.

Daisy Cockeysville, MD

nice mat!

I bought it for my 3 months old daughter for her tummy time and I like it a lot. No smell and the colors are exactly like on the picture. Its thick enough and the price is good, too.

Felecia Valley Center, KS