Tadpoles 16 Sq Ft Playmat Set, Modern/Multi

Tadpoles 16 Sq Ft Playmat Set, Modern/Multi

Using soft playful foam, Tadpoles Playmats provide a fun, safe environment for your little one. Made of large interlocking foam puzzle pieces with removable circular centers, the mat not only create a safe environment for your baby, but encourage creativity and thinking. Children and parents can create shapes and forms during playtime, and put the playmats back together when they have moved on to other toys. With two colors schemes to create a distinct and unique look, Tadpoles Playmats are a great addition to any baby or kid’s room.

Main features

  • Includes 16 foam pieces with removable circular centers and 16 edge pieces
  • Use 2 or more sets to cover larger areas
  • Safe, soft, durable, and easy to clean
  • Creates a soft base for creative play, insulate your child from cold floors
  • Easy care and cleaning

Verified reviews


Is NOT one inch thick

We just received this mat. So far it looks fine. I set it up on our carpeted floor, walked around on it in sock feet, and it didn’t come apart. I’m sure eventually my daughter will be able to pull it apart, but hopefully by then she’ll be falling over less.I would give this higher marks except that this mat is, at most, half an inch thick. The product description says 1 inch. Since the mat is actually destined for a hardwood floor, not sure we’ll keep it b/c of the thickness.UPDATEI researched other mat options and discovered that all the mats in this price ranges are 5/8″ thick. So, the thickness is what you get with all tile mats. We walk around on it all the time, and it doesn’t come apart. My daughter has recently begun to pull the tiles apart, but the material is durable and doesn’t rip. She even chews on the extra edge pieces (we have a couple of sets to cover the entire space) and they don’t break into smaller pieces.

Tammi Strykersville, NY

Tadpoles Playmat Set

I decided to purchase this playmat set for my 4 month old son so he could have a safe place to play on the floor (no carpet at our house). We have had the set for 2 months now and I like it for the most part. The pieces stay together nicely and the foam is cushy (about 1/2 inch thick). I like that there are endless ways to arrange the pieces (it will make a great puzzle when my son is older). The foam does indent easily so you have to be careful not to step on it with heels or shoes. The hardwood floor underneath the mat becomes very slippery when you move the mat (slippery enough that you or someone else can take a nasty fall). Also, this exact same item is available for half the retail price at Ross.

Charlotte Manton, MI

Packaging says not for ages 0-3 but listing says good for babies rooms

So which one is it? Description says it’s great for baby play areas and then it arrived and it has a 0-3 year olds with a red circle and X through it. Tighten up, this is ridiculous!

Rene Olmsted Falls, OH

Wonderful purchase

The best on the market… intriguing to baby and very soft to stop the bumps of learning to sit, stand, walk. Does not have the chemical smell that the others have, so no need to air out for a couple of days.

Lilly Mountain View, OK

Its a playmat – of course it comes apart!

Overall, its a great mat. It serves its purpose — to provide my daughter a softer area to play. My husband bought this on Amazon when she was five-months-old and she is now 15-months-old.In response to people’s complaints…Yes, people, it does come apart…its supposed to. When we purchased this play mat, my daughter enjoyed taking the edges off. Yes, we put them back on all day long. Eventually, she became bored of taking the edges off and she moved on to bigger and better options, like taking Tupperware out of the cabinet or pillows off the couch. However, when she couldn’t actually walk or crawl places, she did deconstruct her mat. None the less, it still provided her a space to have something softer than our hard wood floors under her belly. She now chooses to sit on her mat when she is playing stacking games, puzzles and flipping through her books. Taking her mat apart is so seven-month-old-ish! ;)Yes, people, babies and toddlers shove the mat in their mouth. I bet your baby and toddler will shove a whole lot of other things in their mouth as they grow. So, while I prefer my daughter not shove tons of stuff in her mouth, she did try this mat a few times. She got bored of chewing on the foam and moved on to bigger and better options, like sand and shoes. She’s still really smart despite tasting her foam mat.Is it one inch or not? I guess not. How much foam does your baby require? I like the thickness of this mat for our wood floor. Its not a tripping hazard. My daughter was super chubby for a long time – I think she had her own layer of cushion, so the thickness wasn’t of concern to me.The pros…- Its not obnoxious in color- It is easy to store- It is easy enough to clean (no a magic cleaning fairy doesn’t clean the mat for you, so yes, you will need to sweep it from time to time, wipe it down, decide if you want to occasionally disinfect it and whatnot)- It holds up to a toddler on a tricycle- Price is great for the product offered- It doesn’t hold onto dust like carpet might- Your toddler can eat a bunch of Annie’s Bunnies or a million Cheerios and you can clean them up super easy, unlike carpetThe con…- Not sure what chemicals come with foam, but I know it isn’t listed as a totally chemical free product and all that good jazz so many of us look for these days. It didn’t smell coming out of the Amazon box, which is appreciated. There was no “off gassing.”

Lesa Elrosa, MN

Love it

There are much more expensive mats out there, but this one did it’s job, is cute, and cost effective. My daughter is one and we still use it since we have hardwood floors. It used to be more for padding purposes but now it kind of defines her ‘play space’ in the house. Would recommend to anyone.

Barbra Yellow Spring, WV

Nice play mat

I bought this play mat and the pink/brown one to make one large play mat for my daughter. It was easy to put together. It is definitely not an inch thick, however. I think you need two sets to make a decent size mat. It is easy to clean.

Queen New Madison, OH

Perfect addition to our playroom

Shipping was slow on this item, but it did make it in time for Christmas as hoped. The colors are bright and thickness is exceptional. It’s the perfect addition to our son’s playroom. I’ll be purchasing another set to create a larger play-pad area in the room.

Elma Martinton, IL

Great mat, visually appealing

I have to say this is a great looking playmate so much better than the crazy alphabet mats. We walk on it all day long and it never comes apart. My only gripe is the price of the mat for the size. It’s 4’x4′ So I would need to buy at least 2 more to cover the area. Of course this is my own fault as I didn’t pay close attention to the dimensions but for the price, I probably would have considered the skip hop mat for about $80 because it is a lot bigger.

Elvira Hixson, TN

What I exactly wanted

We put it together in no time. We assorted the beautiful colors. My son was chewing on one of the margins. It is sturdy and beautiful. It serves the purpose. I recommend it.

Kathleen Canones, NM

Great looking and Durable

We bought two of these mats so our daughter could play on our wood floors. The mat is perfect and although it is not the 1″ thickness advertised it is still thick enough to cushion her well. We are constantly walking all over it and we have two large dogs who run across it all of the time – the mat stays together well. There are some small divets from the dogs nails, but nothing significant. Great product, we plan to get two more to enlarge her playing area.

Nanette Beaver, KY

Great mat for the price!!

I’ve had this mat for about 6 months now and it’s held up really well. It stays together really well too unless your child decides to take it apart. Has been really easy to clean.

Lolita Ottawa, KS

Good play mat, neutral colors!

This wasn’t as thick as I had hoped, but it’s still fine – my pre-crawling baby likes the contrasting colors, and has fun popping the circles in/out to play with, plus it gives him something to get a good grip on with his hands and knees for learning to crawl. I initially bought it because when sitting, he likes to fall backwards (on purpose) and usually we put a pillow behind him but some days he misses the pillow (also, I think, on purpose!)… I don’t think this breaks his fall as well as I’d like, and I can tell that over time the notches are loosening a bit. However, it’s very reasonably priced as a first play mat to see if it’s worth investing in a bigger one later, it’s lovely and neutral and doesn’t make our living room look like kiddie-land, does not smell funny, and overall I’m pleased.

Gertrude Bon Wier, TX

great deal!

THese mats are great! I got one in the brown/taupe color, which goes perfectly with our living room colors, and does not scream for attention like most baby ,mats. It is not too thick, but good enough when I put a quilt over it. I mostly needed a clean, cushioned area for my 5 month old to creep around on, and this does the job well. I am planning to buy one more to expand his play area a little as he gets more mobile. this was a great purchase!

Anita Portage, IN

Pieces detach too easily

The squares and circles detach too easily… even just be walking on the mat. I consider this a trip hazard. It would have been nice if there were a version without the detachable circles (even though the squares themselves detach from one another rather easily too).I chose to return this product and get a 1-piece Dwinguler mat even if it is much more expensive. It is easy to lift off the floor to move or vacuum the floor underneath.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0047XZ8SK/ref=oss_product

Tori Fresh Meadows, NY


Very fun for baby. Good quality and absolutely awesome idea of simple problem solving tasks. Different colors make it fun for baby. I bought 2 sets and combined together – double the fun

Ericka Lengby, MN

Perfect, and reasonably priced

These are even better looking in person, smell very little (almost no smell) right out of the box, and are fun and quick to set up. I cannot believe the insane price increase onSkip Hop 20 Piece 70″x56″ PlaySpot Floor Mat, Brights- they used to be around 58 dollars and are now closer to 78. Is anyone buying those, at all? They don’t even have good reviews. These are a great deal and function perfectly. There isn’t much more to say. They look great, too.

Debora Rutherford, CA

Great colors

Love the colors, I wish the size was larger but you can always add to it. Our daughter is 4.5 months old…I plan to get another mat later but one with letters/numbers.

Whitney West Kennebunk, ME

Great price. Works great.

Great price! My daughter loves taking it apart and putting it back together.Great mat to learn how to crowl. It is not very thick but works for my kids.

Mindy Fair Play, SC

Great Playmat, Pretty Colors!

I love this playmat. I love the colors…they are prettier and less BOLD as the primary colors! The mat stays togethre well, as opposed to some of the skiphop ones. It turns a hard floor into a safe play space. I just wish that they came in different sizes, so you could customize the playmat to fit your space!

Lea Southport, NC

Great mat

I have this mat in the center of my son’s room. He crawls around and plays on it and it provides a softer surface for him, and also prevents tons of banging when he throws or drops toys.The man has smaller teeth that attach the squares to each other which make this harder to pull apart than the similar mat i have in the play room. this is GREAT because my son takes apart the mat in the playroom all the time, and the pieces are starting to get bent out of shape and chewed (teething).this is a small mat, they do sell it in a larger version which i will probably buy to replace the one in the playroom.one note.. the tan color here is much lighter in person… very pale with almost a pink/beige tint to it.. I assumed it was more light tan/khaki colored to match his room… but it looks great nontheless.

Amanda North Oxford, MA

love it

Cute ans contemporary. Works well with modern decor yet cute for kids. Soft and cleans easy. Would purchase this again.

Abby Lind, WA

Playmat fun!

I really do like this playmat. It’s easy to put together, easy to clean and easy to store when needed. It’s fun to take the pieces apart and make them into a cube. Our son then likes to push the circles into the “box” the cube creates. It’s also fun to watch him pull it apart and try to put it back together, like it’s a big huge puzzle. Fun colors too.

Dixie Saunderstown, RI

save your money!

This mat is very cheaply and poorly made – also much smaller than other similar mats. We purchased this when my baby started rolling around at 3-4 months… the mat would not stay together and all of the pieces would break apart from hardly any movement. We returned it and got an awesome mat we love from costco!

Shelby Drexel, MO

it tends to loosen up too easily.

It is very cute, however, it tends to loosen up too easily.

Christina Jonesboro, ME

Love it!!

I bought this for my six month old twins because they were always rolling off of the small playmats onto the floor. This is a great buy! The girls love to play on it and roll around and I think it will help once they start to crawl too because it provides a little more traction than the floor

Beryl Winterville, MS

It’ll work

When my preschooler walks on the mat, it sort of comes apart. The dots don’t stay in very well, and the squares pull apart easily. Otherwise, I think it’s great. I think it’ll be great for our babies that are on the way.

Tiffany Lochmere, NH

Love these mats!

We have the letter and number mats for my older son’s room. These are just as thick. I also think these are softer and I love the circles much more than the letters and numbers because the kids pull them out and you can just toss them back in. With the letters and such you have to search for the individual letters and the little circles that accompany the letters (like the center of the P or the two circles for the number 8). These small pieces get lost. I give it five stars! I only bought one package because I only needed a small area covered. But I might by more and get rid of the rug in my son’s room.

Teri Albion, IN


Cute, well-made, idiot-proof to put together (follow the picture on the package), and coordinates well with pretty much any decor. The only reason I took off one star is because it is also very easy to pull apart, as my son has figured out.

Kaitlin Versailles, IL

Very cute, but some uneven tiles.

Overall, the mat is serving its purpose… to protect my little 7 month old beansprout from banging his head on the laminate flooring. He has fallen and bumped it, it is only like a half an inch think, so it hurt a little i am sure, but overall its pretty good.Heres why MY order isnt satisfactory:I am not sure if i just got a bad pack, maybe? But 3 of the squares are a tad bit thicker than the others, and it makes me insane. So when i took out the circles to mix up the colors, they obviously dont fit in the squares.me and DH walk all over the thing, as we keep it on the living room floor and it does come apart, but it takes a lot to come apart. Oh and if you lift up a tile, the circles do NOT stay put. But thats no biggie for me because i just keep it on the floor, which i shouldn’t because of the next issue:THE CATS WONT LEAVE IT ALONE! I have 3 cats, and 2 of them wont stop scratching the damn thing. They dont scratch furniture or anything… but they LOVE to ruin this mat.Overall, its so cute, and it is a compliment to our living room, and it looks better to have all his toys sprawled all over that than on the floor, so in a way it makes our house look cleaner. BUT i am returning it because of the uneven tiles, because i cant leave it alone lol.

Edythe Slippery Rock, PA