Tadpoles 36 Sq Ft ABC Floor Mat, Pink/Brown

Tadpoles 36 Sq Ft ABC Floor Mat, Pink/Brown

Using soft playful foam, Tadpoles ABC Floor Mats provide a fun, safe environment for your little one. Made of large interlocking foam puzzle pieces with removable letters and numbers, the mats create a soft base for the baby, and a great look for the room. Includes 36 Foam pieces with removable letters and numbers and 24 border pieces. Covers 36 square feet.

Main features

  • Includes 36 foam pieces with removable letters and numbers and 24 border pieces
  • Covers 36 square feet, use 2 or more sets to cover larger areas
  • Safe, soft, durable, and easy to clean
  • Encourages creativity and thinking
  • Large interlocking foam puzzle pieces with removable letters and numbers

Verified reviews


Great mat for hardwood floors and newborns

We have hard wood floors and use this for tummy time with our newborn to give him more cushion. We will be using this throughout his ttoddler years as well. Easy to put together and wipes clean.

Edith Phelps, NY

The letters & numbers just fall out

Overall this mat is simply OK but those letters and numbers fall out and baby chews on them all the time which is very unsafe. I would recommend going with something less flimsy.

Fanny Hull, MA

Large area!

We use it on top of our carpet for hygienic reasons, easy to wipe down with a 5 month old who likes to try to eat everything, including the floor. Provides a really large space as he practices rolling over. I don’t find any problems with the letters/numbers coming out too easily. Whole thing stays together really well, and we’ll be using it when he’s ready to learn his alphabet and numbers.

Verna Mentor, OH

exactly what doctor’s ordered!!!

i just got and didnt open the bag yet (package with zipper for storing!) but i likeeee it. much prettier than on the picture (i have pink/brown). not crazy thick though but i guess can do double coating?! another good thing: placed an order monday morning, got it on tuesday…WOW!!!i wish i’ve read ‘cleaning” reviews earlier, but i’ll check this out and will post it.

Leticia Logan, KS

Protect your little one

Bought this for my daughter. It protects her from the harsh, unforgiving hardwood floor. She is starting to walk and it’s great for fall overs. When she hits her head she barely cries, sometimes not at all. I super glued the trimming pieces to their blocks to keep her from chewing them. Great quality. Will keep this for all of my children. Great investment.

Gail Millbury, OH

Fabulous colors just what i wanted

It is a great product but as an adult instead of a child they bunch up under your weight when you sit on it

Leonor Evansville, IL

Be sure you want a puzzle mat, not a floor mat, be careful with younger kids.

If you want a puzzle mat then this is a good choice and easily a 4 or 5. We knew there would be some pieces that would come out but not so many. For instance the A is two pieces. On the green version there is the brown A piece and then the inner green A piece. The O is the outer ring and the inner ring. The P is two pieces, as is the D. The B is three pieces. It would have been much better if all the letters had been one piece, not some of them with 2.That being said it is comfortable to play on and covers a large area. Almost big enough to make 2 mats should you wish. The foam interlocks pretty easily. For what it is, it is well made. I would ONLY recommend this if you want the puzzle aspect. If you want a floor mat say for Montessori type play time; a place to focus on other activities not the mat itself I would look elsewhere. But if you think your child would benefit from the puzzle aspect or not be too distracted, then this is a good choice. Kids go from thing to thing so we still get benefit as a floor mat. Just too many small pieces for our liking. If they had made ALL letters only one piece to take out, it would have been a 4 or 5 for us.

Arlene Durham, NY

Really thin

We have hard wood floors throughout our house and decided to get some mats so our daughter can crawl around soon. I love the size of them and the colors but they are really thin and not very soft at all, I double stacked them because i thought they were too thin and even than they were still hard.

Kaitlyn Vale, NC


Very sizeable and sturdy. I like how it pieces together. It is also very cushiony. Although not as brightly colored as others, it is worth getting.

Cora Middlebury, IN

Protects little noggins

This is great. My toddler tends to bump his head on the floor and this protects him from the concrete. It’s easy to put together and looks great!

Consuelo Umatac, GU

Great Purchase

This mat is awesome. My son loves it and it was a great price! The others i looked at were in the $50 range and this seems just as good. It also comes in a great bag/case for restoring or packing. It has mad a great play area on our hardwood.

Ruth Tunnel, NY

Wonderful and good colors for our room

Other than wishing it were a little softer and that the numbers/letters didn’t pop out so easily, we love this mat. The colors in this particular model are a bit more understated than on other mats of a similar style, which is perfect for us. The product details say that the recommended ages are 2+, but I have seen these used for much younger babies. However, since this mat is not particularly soft, I won’t be using it for my son until he’s at least able to sit up (got him an infant gym in the meantime; it’s much softer).

Bobbie Williamsfield, IL

I disagree with other reviewers on thickness.

I have read the reviews after I bought these (rare in my world) and I’m glad I didn’t read them first or I wouldn’t have gotten these. The reason being so many people said that even with hardwood floors, the mat was too thin and uncomfortable. I have to disagree, but maybe it’s because we just got it out a few days ago…not sure. I am 40, have bad hips, a dislocated tailbone (from the birth of our daughter) and am just in general restless after sitting for a few minutes anywhere. I sat on this mat for about 45 minutes and played with our 9-month old and didn’t once feel uncomfortable. And I’m kind of a whiner. So, I would think if it was too thin, I’d at least notice it if not complain about it. With that said, my husband put the mat together and did random placement of numbers/letters and because he isn’t as OCD like me, he DID put them brown/green alternating, but did not put them in A-B-C-D order (and that’s a good thing because apparently they don’t alternate colors when they are in order). That would have annoyed the crizzle out of me. Now that it’s together randomly with the alternating colors, I like it better I think than if it was A-B-C-D order. It mixes it up.Also, someone said the parts inside the R and 6 could be a choking hazard. Um… in a word, no. They are about the diameter of a tennis ball. Maybe if you have a horse swallow them the horse would choke, but a baby couldn’t possibly get the entire piece in their mouth to begin with. We even have one of those safety things that you put objects into to measure the size to see if it’s a choking hazard or not (anything that fits inside is a choking hazard). There is no way either of those parts would fit. I could barely fit the entire thing in my mouth if I tried. Maybe if a kid ripped it or folded it, he/she could then put it in his/her mouth, but that is not going to happen with me as I supervise my kid while playing (a) and (b) my kid’s mouth is not gargantuan and (c) the foam seems pretty stiff and sturdy so I’d be surprised if one could rip it or bend it.However, I’m interested to see if this foam is chemical-free or baby-chew-safe because my daughter did pull the pieces apart like a puzzle and start chewing on them. I told her “no” and put them back down and distracted her because I don’t know the ingredients that make up the foam, and frankly, she needs to learn that not everything is safe to eat. But it does make me wonder since it’s not listed on here what the foam is made from. If anyone knows, please do post it here.I’m otherwise, so far, happy with this purchase. I’ll let you know if I change my mind in the future. Could happen. But so far, so good.

Genevieve Greenville, IA

Not Great, Not Terrible

This mat is pretty average.The connections between squares are not super strong, so after baby has crawled on the mat a bit they separate and I must go into the playpen and re-connect them.Positively, the colors are really nice and vibrant. And it does do it’s job of providing extra floor cushion.Worth it if you don’t want to spend top dollar for one of the other mats.

Rosalind Lima, OH

A must for any baby!!!

I purchased this item for my now 10-week old son. We have a house that is all wood floors and his tummy time was spent on blankets which gave him no traction when he tries to put himself into the crawling position, which frustrated him. The day we got this mat and he got to try it out he loved it. We also use it to lay down together (versus on the bed where I am worried about the pillows and blankets) and read stories together. It is bright and colorful. The red is really red (I thought it looked pinkish in the picture but another reviewer said it wasn’t and they were right). I can’t wait to have him take out the letters and put them back in. All the pieces are baby friendly (the age range said 3 years plus but I think it’s great for babies) and I can’t be happier with this purchase!!!

Brandi Pinebluff, NC

Great floor mats

I love this mat so well, I put half in the baby’s room and the other half under his play yard and it works great for extra padding.

Winnie Lagrange, OH

GREAT Product!!

I purchased this for my grandson who is 1year old and sometimes falls so I wanted a soft surface for him.The write up says 36square feet but then it says 50×50…so we weren’t sure WHAT we would get. It is 6ftx6ft and contrary to other reviews the colors DO alternate exactly as in picture (perhaps this was fixed after those orders)The only thing I would advise is to NOT let your baby see you put it together….then he knows how to dismantle!!

Kelli Apex, NC

Serves it’s purpose, but doesn’t stay together well

I purchased this for my son who is learning to crawl and stand. It definitely serves its purpose and cushions his many falls and tumbles. My only complaint about the mat is that it does not stay together AT ALL. I am constantly putting it back together. Partly because my son pulls it apart to chew on the letters and partly because they just come apart from him crawling all over them. The instructions/description does say not for use on carpet which is where I have them, so that could be why they don’t stay together well. The description also shows that you can use them as toy blocks, but once you put them together, it just takes one swipe from your baby to bust it apart…can’t imagine a toddler would be any gentler either.If I had to make the purchase again, I’d probably opt for a mat that was all one piece or go with the brand that is more expensive but offers the thicker and bigger 2×2 tiles…I’ve heard these stay together better.

Kasey Winnebago, MN

Super cute and functional, but hard to keep together.

We received this item as a gift for my 7 month old son. We have hardwood flooring in our living room and needed a mat for him to crawl around on and play on. We really like this mat, but because we have dogs we pick it up every night so they do not damage the mat. It’s really cool how all the letter and numbers come apart to work like a puzzle, but this is not very functional if you have to store the item away or move it regularly, as all the pieces fall apart from the mat. We are keeping this item, but we need to buy a mat that rolls up for our living room, so we’ll have to find a permanent spot for this one – probably in our basement living room, which we don’t use all that often. 🙁

Nadine Arkabutla, MS

Great for floor play on up

This was a great addition on top of the wood floor in our playroom. As she got bigger we made different combinations. I even made cubes with them. Easy to wipe and wash and soak in the sink for deeper cleaning.

Erica Albany, LA

Does not stay together.

I love that this is a great size and that it is a different color choice than the other ones that are out there. However, ALL of the little numbers and letters and holes come out of the mat! The squares do not stay together either, the little latches are way to tiny. Every move my child makes it comes apart. I will have to be Velcro-ing them together. Really wish it worked better!

Kelsey Bowling Green, OH

looks nice!

I bought this for my daughters room. Since she’s still a newborn, and sleeping in her crib in our room.I haven’t open this yet. They look nice and with great quality.

Annabelle Ellendale, ND

Pretty color and totally useful!

Love this playmat. It helped turn our hardwood floors into a safe place space for our son. I love that the colors are not as BOLD and BRIGHT as the primary colored ones. These are pretty and totally functional. They stay together much better than the more expensive (but cute) Skiphop circle ones. I love the number and letters. Just wish they came in different sizes…because I had to pair this with their other circle mats to make an area large enough for our space.

Alta Hamden, OH

Great Size and cushioning

I love this I’m even going to get another one for another room in my house. I have this in my living room, with a rug on top so when my son is jumping and playing he has cushion so he won’t get hurt from the tile floors. I also love this because it helps keep the noise down when he jumps.

Sharlene Soldier, KS

Love this Mat

My 6 month old loves this mat. I have hardwood floors and needed something I could put my baby on to crawl around. This is perfect. I gave it four stars only because its a little slippery and when my baby is wearing pants he slides a bit.

Kathi Turbotville, PA

Great product!

Our floor is wood so if my baby fell from being unstable (just learning to sit and stand stage), it tends to hurt. With the foam pad, the impact is reduced. It’s also slip resistant and is very easy to clean. My baby is now 9.5 months old now… and he’s starting to learn how to take out the different pieces of the foam and play with it as well. So now it’s acting as a toy too!

Lillian Jasper, MO

Not a Winner

I wish I had heeded the negative reviews for this playmat and not ordered it. But, I loved the colors and so I got it anyway. There are numerous problems with this mat. First off, it’s not thick enough. We have hardwood and it’s not really thick enough to make it comfortable to play on. Second, it’s too easy for my child to dismantle it. He’s only eight months old, and within minutes he had taken multiple squares off. It’s only gotten worse from there. Third, it is a magnet for dirt and pet hair. The static of the squares makes it so you can’t really sweep or vacuum it well, and taking it apart and washing it by hand is a royal pain. Fourth, the mat has small pieces that are not appropriate for a small child. I’m not sure what the manufacturers were thinking since most folks looking for playmats have small children, but the things like the middle of the “R” and “6” are very small and could be a choking hazard. Finally, the color block pattern of this makes it problematic (if you want the pattern to remain) if you want to change the size of the mat. All in all, not a great purchase and we only used this for a month or so before deciding to do away with it.

Ruby Chicora, PA

Great Mat

It’s just thick enough, colors are bright and clear. The foam is pretty strong – it survived a one-year old bitting on it for a months now. Easy to clean and great to teach alphabet. Only minus I found is that sometimes the thickness of the letters/numbers is not the same as the surrounding square, but the difference is minimal.

Rosalinda Bonaire, GA

Cute, Fun, Functional!

This was a perfect addition to our living room now that our clumsy 8 month old is sitting up, falling down, learning to pull up and crawling. We have hard wood floors with large area rugs in each room but it didn’t offer much cushion for the baby. Now that we purchased this (can be 6×6 but we made it more of an 8X10 to suit our needs) he has plenty of space to crawl, fall over and play. However, he likes to pull up the edging and chew on it so as long as he’s reasonably supervised it’s not an issue and something he’ll grow out of. When he’s a bit older and we no longer need it in the house, we plan on putting it on our large concrete patio for a play area there. It’s not thick or bulky but offers a decently soft cushion for safe, fun, play time.

Inez Argyle, FL

great floor mat!

I got this for my son’s nursery and it looks great, I love the green/brown coloring and it matches well with the nursery colors. Since he’s still an infant I haven’t done much with him interacting with it but there is lots of potential. When my 3 year old niece comes over her father calls out letters for her and she finds them and stands on them, it’s a fun game. She also has a similar set at home and the family loves making words together. I also had my 17 moth old nephew play with them and he loves it. He’ll pick up the A and say ‘apple’. This is a great product for learning the alphabet!

Joanne Vinton, LA