Tadpoles 4 Piece Playmat Set, Green/Brown

Tadpoles 4 Piece Playmat Set, Green/Brown

Double sided mats allow for multiple color ways and patterns. Tadpoles Play mats provide a soft play space while insulating baby and kids from cold floors. Use anywhere a padded floor is needed playroom, den, bedroom, kitchen, basement, garage. Combine multiple sets to cover larger areas. Easy to assemble and just as easy to pack up and store when not is use.

Main features

  • 100% EVA Foam
  • Imported
  • Includes 4 foam pieces and 8 border pieces
  • Creates a soft base for creative play, insulate your child from cold floors
  • Covers 16 square feet; Use 2 or more sets to cover larger areas
  • Measures 24″
  • Each square measures 24″

Verified reviews


a staple

It has become a permanent fixture in the living room. I love it because it’s easy to clean drool ans crumbs off of and the baby seems to like dragging his nails across it

Barbra Wardell, MO

Love the look. Great pad.

It may be a bit pricey,but hey,you get what you want. And what I wanted were paddings for my baby’s safety yet also something that would fit in with my living room decor. I paired the brown and taupe with the green and brown combo. By doing that,you will end up with some mismatched boarders. I’ve tried all probabilities and yeah,still mismatched boarders! Still,great paddings!

Ronda Brookline Village, MA

Perfect playmat for infants

Love this perfect playmat! The pieces fit together nice and tight. When it first arrived, my husband thought the mat was too thin, but I think it is an ideal density to protect the baby’s head, knees and elbows and toes, without inhibiting the ability to roll, crawl, walk or becoming a trip hazard, etc. When I sit on the hardwood floor with the baby, this padding makes it so much more comfortable, so although it might look thin, I can feel the significant difference the padding makes. I’m buying the second set – love that it is expandable!

Jimmie Starford, PA

great play mat for a baby

this works well for my 6 month old baby who is learning to roll and scoot around, and putting everything in his mouth. it helped in earlier months during tummy time so i didn’t have to worry about his head crashing onto our wood floors. it’s now providing a surface with friction for him to practice pushing off.

Irene Marshall, MN

Love this playmat

I have all hardwood floors in my house and this mat works perfect for my 4 month old to play on. It is also great to work out on.

Marta Uniontown, KY


We were looking for something to put down on our tile floor for our 7 month old daughter to play on instead of just blankets. These are just perfect! They are big (both myself and my wife and can lay on them with our daughter and play with her), easy to clean (just wipe them down), light weight, and fairly soft but not super squishy so the baby is able to get good traction when learning to crawl. I can see these being a permanent fixture in her nursery once she gets a little older. They break apart and can be stored easily as well. Awesome purchase for an awesome price!

Pauline Kelton, PA


Good stuff and fun to play for baby. Would recommend to a friend. Good thing is you can buy more and expand

Mandy Elwood, NJ

Nice looking

We’re using this for our 7 month old in his play room area which is part of our Carolina room. We wanted something that was not gaudy looking and would match our decor. These are great and serve the purpose they’re intended to. I just ordered another set.

Doreen Manor, TX

Perfect for learning to crawl!

I bought two of these mats and put them together for my little girl to play on. I love that they go with the decor of my home and aren’t bright colors. All of her toys are colorful enough, no reason for the floor to be too.

Cheri Pelican, LA

nice but toxic smell

It looks nice on the floor and does the job. I ordered 4 of them to cover the large area in the living room. But the smell was rather strong, I had to keep the baby away from living room for several days. Too bad, there isn’t anything else better than this out there, in terms of odor.

Rena Palmyra, MO

Entirely different color!

I thought this green looked more like a home decor-type green but when my two sets came, they were bright, almost neon/Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtle green. The brown is as pictured–almost black–as pictured, like dark soil. I ended up returning for the taup/brown and am pleased with the quality of the mat pieces. I’ve used several different mats, and they should last. As others have stated, the backs of these tiles are smooth and not coated, so flipping them over won’t really work.

Kaitlyn Marlborough, CT

Great Alternative

Great alternative to the color explosion of most baby mats. The squares are quite large (2’x2′ each), which I like because I can pull out one square to sit on while the baby sits in whatever device (bumpo, bouncer, etc.) he’s playing in.

Marla Aline, OK

Great for the play area

Easy to mix and match. Nice that they come with the edges. Cleaning is also easy. I searched for mats that would not smell. This one does not make me worried to let my daughter play on and as babies do, put her mouth on it.

Violet Shishmaref, AK

Great floor mat with no smell

Great place for my 3 year old to play with her toys and also protects the floor. There was no smell/fumes at all. Highly recommend!

Jacqueline Mount Hope, WI

No point in trying to match your decor

Fashion over function…. bad mistake. This pad is too thin. My daughter still falls and hits her head and yes it hurts when it’s on wooden floors. Keep researching unless you plan on laying this on top of a thick rug.

Lydia Candia, NH

Better traction for crawling

I wanted this for my son who is starting to sit up and be able to play with toys. I just didn’t want to get the same ABC mat you see everyone with. This is perfect!! Would definitely recommend. It is 4 large squares, measures 4feet x 4 feet when put together. Stays together and LOVE the green and brown color. When he starts crawling, we may want to add more squares, but for now it works great to sit him up and have all the toys around. Also I love that it is easy to clean when he spits up or drools on it!! When putting him on his tummy, he gets more traction when trying to move around that he did before when we just had a quilt out. I’d buy it again!

Priscilla Lake Bronson, MN

Perfect for your mobile crawlers to walkers

I use this for my child. We started when she was crawling so they wouldn’t slip on our hardwood floors.Was great when learning to walk helped with all the falling.They stay together great!

Terri Hudson, NY

great mat

We love this mat. The colors are perfect and it is easy to clean, as it is only a few pieces. Wish we had bought this mat in the first place. Would definitely recommend.

Jacquelyn Lamartine, PA