Tadpoles 9 Sq Ft Wood Print Playmat Set, Natural

Tadpoles 9 Sq Ft Wood Print Playmat Set, Natural

Using soft, EVA foam, Tadpoles Wood Grain Floor Mats provide a fun, cushioned surface for your little one. Made of 12″x12″ interlocking foam pieces, the mats create a soft base for creative play, insulate your child from cold floors, and add a great contemporary look to any room. Set includes 9 wood grain print, 10mm thick, EVA foam tiles and 12 border pieces. Covers 9 square feet. Use multiple sets to cover larger areas and create your own unique look. Easy to wipe clean with soap and water, and pack away when not in use.

Main features

  • EVA Foam
  • Includes 9 foam pieces
  • Safe, soft, durable and easy to clean
  • Available in 2 color styles
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Item color may vary from online image based on lighting conditions in your home
  • Please follow usage instruction to avoid damaging product

Verified reviews


Tiny Mat

I guess this is party my fault…I thought this was 9×9 but when I got it in it is 9 square feet. I mis-read the description, I love the mat, but give it 3 stars because the company is charging twice as much, when 16+ square feet mats are way cheaper. Matches our furniture perfectly, and if they were not so expensive I would order several. Baby seems to like it, but he’s about as long as this thing is wide 🙁 Read product description carefully. This mat is pretty, but tiny!

Margery Black, AL

Peels easily

The printed surface peels easily when scratched by tiny fingernails or toys, revealing the white foam core. Wish they would have made the foam the same color so it didn’t show so much. It looked beautiful when I got it, but within a couple of weeks, it was trashed.It provided good padding on our hardwood floors, and I actually liked that it was thinner than other mats because there was less of a trip hazard for my barely walking toddler.I’m going to replace it with an alphabet mat, which won’t be as subtle in our family room, but at least it won’t look as bad as this peeling mess.

Dena Ranier, MN

Cats like to scratch it, Toddler likes to pull it up

It looks beautiful but my toddler likes to take it apart time and time again. And then the cats started using it for a scratching post which makes a huge mess. So if you don’t have cats or a toddler who likes to take things apart, this might work for you but it didn’t for me.

Shelly Clinton, IL

not worth the price despite nice color.

I bought this for the color and was happy with just that. This is pricey for just 9 square feet. Also, color is lasting ok, starting to see bits flake off to show white underneath. My toddler has been able to pull the squares apart pretty much since he was an crawling infant, so keeping all the squares together has been an issue too.

Stephanie Morrow, AR

Can be mistaken for hardwoods at quick glance

We placed these on our hardwood floor around our area rug to provide extra cushion for our daughter when she was crawling around, attempting to stand/ walk. These really could be mistaken (at a quick glance) for hardwoods.These have been an absolute must have for us b/c it has prevented our daughter from slamming her head on our hardwoods (as she did prior to the mats) and has enough cushioning that she shakes it off when she rolls over on her head. The mats have saved me countless hours of worrying about her hurting herself as she rolls around, attempts to stand, etc. While I think any foam mat would fit the bill, the look of these doesn’t stand out to most people when visiting. A few people were surprised to know we had these mats around our area rug as it did blend with our hardwoods so well.To comment on what other reviewers noted, like most products, there will (and is) a smell upon opening. We aired ours out overnight. The paint on ours didn’t seem to chip easily as others said, although we only used them for a few months until she was walking fine. I’m not sure what the wear and tear would be after 4 months or so. Also, as far as the concern about children chomping on them when there is paint on them… I think this will be an issue with most mats since they are all painted in some fashion. I was lucky my daughter didn’t try to chomp on ours so it’s hard for me to say. But again, I’m pretty sure it’s going to affect most brands, not just this particular one.

Corine Liberty, KY