Tadpoles Dino Playmat Set

Tadpoles Dino Playmat Set

Let’s Play with the Dinosaurs. Using soft, plaful foam, the Dinosaur Playmat Set by Tadpoles provides a fun, safe environment for your little one. Made of large, interlocking foam puzzle pieces with removable dinosaur centers, the mats create a soft base for baby, and a great look for the room.

Main features

  • Includes 16 foam pieces with removable centers and 16 border pieces
  • Creates a soft base for creative play, insulate your child from cold floors
  • Covers 16 square feet Use 2 or more sets to cover larger areas
  • Safe, soft and durable
  • Easy care and cleaning

Verified reviews


Packaging states ages 3+?

I just got this mat yesterday, but I’m a little confused.. the bag it came in clearly says ages 3+. Kind of misleading since the product description says “the mats create a soft base for baby” and the reviews are all about using this with a baby learning to walk. I’m really not sure what you’d even use this for with a kid over 3..The mat looks awesome though, and this seems like such a great idea.

Deanna Marion Station, MD

Adorably toxic

Yes, little ones will try to chew on these and that will introduce toxins into their system. BUT, they’re incredibly cute (colors are truly as bright as pictured and dinos are cuter than the standard letter set), provide a great texture for the floor (soft enough to prevent head injuries and knee pain but firm enough to allow for tower building and whatnot), and aren’t that much of a pain to replace when pulled up (much better than the construction version by the same brand because each dino is a single piece). One other negative: the set looks much bigger online; we had to buy six sets to cover the corner of our living room we wanted to designate a play area.

Rosemary Beirne, AR

Perfect playmat for wood floors

We have all wood floors so I was looking for a playmat to protect my son’s little knees when he was learning to crawl. I already had a solid color tadpoles mat and was looking for another I could add to that. This dino mat is wonderful and so adorable. It fits perfectly with the other tadpoles mats. The foam is about 1/4 of an inch thick but it’s more than enough padding to protect my little guy from the hard floor when he falls over or when he crawls across the room. It’s very easy to put together and we had fun creating patterns with the various colors. We received a slightly different variation of color squares than shown in the picture (i.e. more green squares than blue) but it really doesn’t make a difference.My son likes to pull the edges off and play with them, but still can’t quite pull the actual squares apart. The dino cutouts are adorable. It’s very easy to clean with a wet cloth and the foam has held up well, even in our living room where we walk across it daily. We love this mat so much we’re buying a second to add to the ones we have. For the price this is the best playmat out there. And it’s not an eye sore in our living room. We get tons of complements from our friends about great it looks in our living room.

Ann Stetsonville, WI


My daughter is addicted to dinosaurs and loves this mat. It is great quality for a good price and I couldn’t be happier.

Virginia Boston, MA

Fun playmat

These playmat from Tadpoles are the best: easy cleaning, great for a baby learning to walk or to prevent scratching a wood floor in the play areas. The colors are vibrant and kids can make their own color scheme. We have already the pawprint playmat, but I like the dinosaurs one much more, when you move the mat somewhere else, the dinosaurs are less likely to come out like the little toes in the pawprint mat.

Essie Middle Falls, NY

Love It

This mat is so cute, and perfect for my new sitter. He loves the pattern and trying to pull out the pieces. And when he falls over it provides good padding. It wipes up nicely from any messes, and as long as you don’t make a practice of walking on it, it stays clean. I was worried it might be a little small, but actually it is perfect. It looks great in our living room too.

Olivia Ayer, MA

Great on hardwood floors!

I love this mat! We use it in the living room for my son’s "corner." The only problem now is that he’s figured out how to take it apart and he will walk around with the squares! But other than that, we love it, especially since we have hardwood floors! Not sure if it would work out so well on carpet.

Abigail Elm, PA


These mats are perfect. I’m glad I read the other reviews in advance and learned the dinosaurs come out of the mat. If I hadn’t known that, I would have been surprised but I actually like that feature for as the baby grows–a floor puzzle!

Paulette Nome, TX

Exactly what we were looking for.

This is exactly what I was looking for. We have hardwood floors, and my 7 month old is crawling around, and I needed a play area for him. This helped me create a space just for him, and it’s much more exciting than the boring alphabet and numbers that they sell in the stores. Woohoo dinosaurs! I’m thinking of getting a second one to make his space bigger.

Mina Elmore, AL

Adorable design, my 7 month old loves it!

It’s hard to find these playmats in cute designs. I fell in love with this one! Great quality! We have hardwood floors throughout the house, so we used half of these in the living room so he can play without knocking his head on the hardwood floors because he is still a wobbly sitter. It’ll be very useful when he starts to crawl as well. Comes with plenty! We split them in half and put half in the living room and half in his bedroom. He loves trying to pull the dinosaurs up! 🙂

Laura Mountainside, NJ

Great Product

Perfect little mat to protect your little one while they are learning to roll, crawl or just move around. My son is 6 months and he loves his mat. We haven’t had any problems with it not staying put. Very colorful!

Fern Tornado, WV

Great Play Mat

This is a great play mat and very easy to put together. My five month old really seems to like it and it makes it easier for little accidents (spit up at this age) to be cleaned up without having to get out carpet cleaning solution or the like. Took about five minutes to assemble.

Erika Mountlake Terrace, WA

Great mat

This mat is fantastic! My son and I love how the dinosaurs can come out of the mat. He is not only comfortable on the patio sitting on it but pulls out the pieces and it gives the play area an extra touch. We love it. I really recommend this one, it is money well spent

Irene Suburb Maryland Fac, MD

Great padded mat

I bought 2-3 packs of this mat to put it in my son’s room. Did not want the alphabet number mat everyone has. This fit the bill. It was super easy to put together and helps cushion a wobbly toddler from falling down. Of note, on bare feet, your feet will make these sticker peeling noise when stepping on the mat since mat has texture on the surface this not a smooth surface. Overtime, we did notice that the thickness of the mat sightly decreased and packed down due to it being stepped on a lot.

Alyson Mims, FL

Colorfun fun mat for playtime

We ordered this mat for our 6 month old and we all like it a lot. The colors are nice and the dinosaur shapes are fun, and most importantly, it provides a cushy place to play. He likes the chew on the edge pieces, and has recently developed the dexterity to take them off himself, so I don’t know how long it will hold up (we’ve had it for about 2 months now) but it’s a great product for the price.

Jeri Twin Peaks, CA