Tadpoles Organics Set of 2 Brushed Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets – White

Tadpoles Organics Set of 2 Brushed Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets – White

One hundred percent certified organic cotton healthy and so soft on baby’s skin. Grown pesticide free and manufactured without harmful chemicals. This set includes 2 ultra soft cotton flannel fitted crib sheets. Available in white and natural.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 2 Piece set includes fitted flannel crib sheet for standard cribs
  • Organic, pesticide free, and baby safe
  • Available in two color ways

Verified reviews


soft, good quality

nice sheets. Fit well, soft and well made. I’ve had other crib sheets that were softer, but these are well worth the price.

Clare Richardsville, KY

I want to love it but they Shrink!

So soft and comfy, but even when washed in cold and dried on low, they shrank. And lengthwise only shrinking, not uniformly shrunk. Frustrating, because there aren’t many nice flannel crib sheets out there. We stretch them like crazy to make them (barely) fit, but the kiddo might have to make do without this winter.

Crystal Groton, MA

Soft and Organic; Quality Sheets

I washed these sheets three times before use (as I have done with other new sheets, pads, mattress covers, etc for baby) and they are wonderful! Soft and fluffy and excellent construction. A real quality product. I will be purchasing another set.

Dina Chelsea, AL

Love how soft these are

I purchased BRU flannel sheets as well as these Tadpoles sheets. The Tadpole organic sheets win hands down. I purchased extra Tadpole sheets and they are the only ones I use for now. As my baby gets older, I’ll probably use the other ones, but the Tadpoles are my first choice. Soft, fluffy, tight fit on mattress. The natural color sheets are softer than the chocolate color sheets – don’t know why. I’d stick with the natural colored sheets.

Amparo Exline, IA

Best flannel crib sheets available

These flannel sheets are very nice given the small market there seems to be for flannel crib sheets! They’re nice and thick and washed well. I agree with the other reviewer who got the cocoa/natural combination that for whatever reasons, the natural is slightly softer than the cocoa (the dye perhaps?) but it’s still soft and we’re happy with it.I would have given it 5 stars, except we have fabulous Lands End flannel sheets on our bed so I know that better flannel exists out there at a reasonable price, my only lament is that Lands End doesn’t make flannel crib sheets! (We have their jersey crib sheets and they are GREAT!)

Kelsey Big Pool, MD

No disappointments here…keeps my baby cozy

I wanted a heavier, soft sheet for my little guy’s crib because he tends to sleep with no covering other than jammies.This sheet is the top layer of a flannel mattress pad over a quilted organic cotton mattress pad over a generic mattress cover.Yeah, it may be overkill, but it keeps my little guy cozy.I’ve been using these sheets for over five months they have held up well.I wouldn’t go with just ONE sheet, by the way, because on wash day, you’re unlikely to get that sheet washed, dried and back on the crib before a naptime rolls around.I don’t know how ‘thick’ other folks expect flannel to be, but this is hardly what I’d call thin.And they are soft enough to coax my baby into choosing to sleep with his head directly on them rather than his crib pillows.All told, great sheets, good value for the money.

Adele Smithers, WV

Scratchy and Wrong item shipped to me

I ordered the flannel sheets and was shipped these instead. My husband didnt know so he washed them and I couldnt return them. They are very scratchy and not good material. There are better ones out there.

Krystal Asher, OK

FOUL ODOR made me gag & have lung irritation!!!!

I’m not sure what has happened to the latest shipments of these sheets, but the seller needs to check the entire batch in their warehouse before shipping these out. They smell like they have been SPRAYED with something horrendous! I thought it was the plastic packaging at first, but I peeled back the plastic to check the sheets themselves- touch for softness & a sniff test. The odor threw me for a loop. I literally nearly vomited, and my lungs got irritated (asthmatic)! Whatever is causing the odor attached to my fingers from feeling the fabric, so they smelled like the sheets too (hands washed immediately)! I have never experienced anything like this. SELLER- PLEASE CHECK THE REST OF YOUR STOCK. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THESE SHEETS!! These are supposed to be organic cotton, which means they should be pesticide free & with no chemical finishes. Were they sprayed with something prior to being shipped from the manufacturer, or was there a chemical spill in the same cargo unit or something? THESE ARE NOT FIT FOR A BABY’S CRIB. My purchase is already being returned! Unfortunately, this experience has put me off of Tadpoles branded items!

Marcie Amistad, NM

Good Sheets

Yes, like the other reviews said, they have a strange smell. I washed them 3 times prior to use and it went away. Washed well, good fit, soft & warm.

Loretta Louisville, MS

best sheet investment I have ever made for the kids.

These sheets are amazing! My boys’ mattresses are different thicknesses and these are a nice, thick flannel that fit both mattresses very well. As with all new flannel, you need to wash them by themselves first to prevent pilling but after 3 months of continuous use and weekly (or more) washings, they are still very thick, warm and soft.

Sonja Castana, IA

Cozy sheets, shrink a little

These sheets are just what we needed for our little one before the giant snows of 2010 hit. He seems to be very comfy and warm in his crib with the flannel sheets. They did however shrink a noticeable amount making them an extra snug fit on the mattress.

Beverley Mendota, VA

Excellent sheets

Bought these sheets for my 1 year old daughter. They fit perfectly on her mattress (Sealy Baby UltraRest), are super soft and of great, heavy duty quality. Highly recommend.

Mariana Stantonsburg, NC

Super soft, super warm.

Since this is my little one’s first Wisconsin winter, I discovered quickly that she was not a fan of being laid on a crisp, cold, cotton sheet – and since I switch our bed to flannel sheets in winter I completely agree! These are great, I’ve had no trouble with staining at all (I normally always try to get baby things in patterns for that reason). They are very soft and more importantly, don’t wake her up as soon as I lay her down in the crib. Love them!

Linda Corpus Christi, TX

so soft

These are great, soft, unbleached and wash well. My baby and I love them. They smelled a bit when they cam out of the package but this washed away.

Janette Conesus, NY