Taggies Big Soft Blocks

Taggies Big Soft Blocks

Early Years Big Soft Blocks Keep children busy with Early Years Big Soft Blocks. Light weight, multi textured and brightly colored, they Stimulate children’s senses. Carefully designed to accommodate childrenren’s emerging skills, Soft Busy Blocks enhance developing abilities while children explore the pictures, colors and building potential of these fun blocks. Why You’ll Love It: It keeps curious infants entertained not just at home but also in a stroller, highchair, or car seat. Age: Newborn and up Features Four big, soft blocks Easy to hold Surface washable Portable Clever hook and loop links attach all blocks together for play in the stroller, highchair or car seat Light-weight, extremely soft, multi-textured and brightly colored

Main features

  • Babies and kids love to rub taggies satin looped ribbons
  • Soft blocks feature lots of tags, sounds, colors and tactile elements
  • Includes links to make attachment to stroller or car seat easy
  • Stacking is a cognitive skill and perfect for early development
  • Great for babies and toddlers

Verified reviews


awesome cloth blocks

These blocks are perfect for us! They are cloth and machine washable (hold up pretty good) and my son loves them. He chews on the tags and likes the various noises they make. A bit pricey, but great blocks that I hope will continue to be entertaining for a very long time.

Cristina Colfax, WI

Great toy, well made

This is one of those toys you need many off just to have around the game room. They are soft and durable, not loud and will provide fun for all ages…first to explore the cute things on each side…then to stack up around the room…..then to throw at each other without hurting themselves or things around the room. They will provide fun for all ages through out your kid raising experience…we have had them for years.

Malinda North Scituate, MA

If only they stayed in the shape of a cube

I bought these for my 6 month old son who loves chewing on the tags of his bibs. I also liked that these were soft and he could wave them around erratically or throw them without hurting himself or anyone around him.The blocks arrived a day after I ordered them and I couldn’t be happier and immediately washed as directed. One block made crinkly noises while another had a rattle in it. The animals are cute and vary in texture. As new, they stacked and the corners were perfect. After the wash, they didn’t stack as well and one corner of every block was folded inward. This minor problem didn’t keep my son from enjoying the blocks or keep them from rolling around when tossed but its a minor aesthetic nuisance. We could pull the corners back out from time to time, but they would just fold right back in. I have had no other issues with this toy and would recommend it to anybody whose kid loves tags.***UPDATE: 7/28/11***After multiple washings, the blocks are now just lumpy pancakes. They definitely do not stack anymore but the animals, tags, crinkly noise maker, rattles are all still intact and vibrant. My son still likes them but only to chew on.

Marina Princeton, WI

Adorable and interesting

Look well made and keep my 4 month old busy for quite a bit at a time. Fun to turn and SUPRISE! there’s a DIFFERENT thing on the back, yeah! Wish they made a little more noise, but that’s my only request. Great toy, worth buying, and that’s saying a lot coming from a mom of 4 who’s seen it all!

Gertrude Bixby, OK

babies love taggies

My 9 month old loves tags and strings that stick out from anything. So I thought these taggies blocks would be great for him. The blocks are colorful and each block has different tags and strings and crinkles and jingles. Absolutely adorable! You can hang them in your stroller to keep them busy.

Tessa Loomis, CA

they pass time, fun, but…

my only thing I can hate on here is that they kind of crush in and you cant get it out, so when she oressed it in, it has stayed that way. Now that was on one of them, the one with the crinkle paper in it, the rattle and bell ones are great, but I can see it happening soon. Good product for a great deal, and amazon has the best price, as I shopped around. Make sure you wash them, not to much of an odor, but anything from china you just want to mke sure you clean them, because they go right to the mouth for the initial taste test to grade how much fun they will be for her!!great buy, great toy, amazon wins big on price (due to shipping)

Tanya Townshend, VT


Thes are so neat and very light so babies can play with them very easily. My son loves these blocks. They are also very unique with different colors and textures. Great for babies development. Happy with my purchase and would recommend to any parent.

Valarie Wyalusing, PA


We got them a week ago and they are cool. My girl is 6 months and likes them. They have many thinks to grab them by and are colorful.First I was a little skeptic because of the price but you end up having 4 separate toys that stay around in different places at $6 each, not bad:) They are great to attach to stroller or playmat or crib, they come with two chain linksthey are HUGE – almost 4 inchesthey are machine washable and you can humble them dry. Only the mirror got a “scratch” already, maybe I bent it to much :(and of course the satin white product label is the most interesting one

Cheryl Huron, TN

Disappointed… Taggies Big Soft Blocks are just OK…

I bought these Taggies soft blocks thinking that they were going to be “soft” blocks that would at least hold the shape of a “block”. They do not hold there shape AT ALL! They squish down into whatever shape… and then never “Pop” back (even if you try to re-shape them). I would not recommend these blocks. We bought them for our son because he loves this one “Sassy” foam block that he has. These blocks did not even entice him. He does play with them ocassionally because they have fun things sewn onto them, but he is mostly not interested…

Francine Rock Stream, NY

So much fun!

When I opened the box to find these Taggies soft blocks I was ecstatic. AppleBlossom likes them too. There are so many colors and textures! I love the different animals and the shooting star! Two blocks have a bell inside and the other two blocks have the crinkly material, both are great noises that really catches her attention and curiosity. Already she is grasping the tags and rubbing them between her fingers. These blocks are the first Taggies-type product she’s been around and already I can tell they are a big hit. When she is more into holding the blocks I can easily see toting a couple around in the diaper bag, and they are no problem at all in size for that either.

Rhea Northfield, OH

My daughter is not interested; pricey

I am disappointed in this item. The blocks aren’t very big and don’t retain their shape when handled. One of them I still can’t fix. My daughter isn’t very interested in them at all (she is almost 11 months now and has never liked them). I would not recommend this product.

Bernadine Marcy, NY

Overall would not recommend

Not as good I was hoping for…The tags are a bit too difficult to get to and the blocks itself crumble easily when my sons tries to plays with them. Unless I am actively playing with my son, these really do not hold his attention (I was hoping they wood). They also do not stack up nicely, keep falling down, so I am not sure if you can even call them “stacking blocks”. Taggies is overall a great company with a lot of other toys I own, but with this one I was a bit disappointed…

Naomi Winthrop, MN

Five Stars

fun for little ones

Ava Readstown, WI

Collapse every time 🙁

These blocks are super cute, but are not stuffed at all, so the minute your baby squeezes them or sits on them or anything like that, they just flatten out. They are not fun to play with at all because of this.

Willie Ixonia, WI

Fun for baby but easily crushed

These are hollow blocks, so they will get squished/crushed very easily. You can pull them back to their original square shape, but they aren’t really blocks in my opinion. They are squishy cubes. That being said, I still think they are a good purchase (again, so long as you aren’t under the impression that you can stack these blocks). They are very colorful, with many different animals, patterns, textures, and lots of tags for your baby to explore.

Helen Biggsville, IL