Taggies Classic Blanket, Starry Night Starry Night

Taggies Classic Blanket, Starry Night Starry Night

From small beginnings, TAGGIES has revolutionized and redefined how little ones feel secure, loved and engaged in play with truly innovative attributes. Originating with a mother’s observance that her infant was more interested in the satin tags on toys than the object itself, TAGGIES today offers a broad array of fun, yet simple products designed to enhance a child’s growth and sense of security. At the core of our brand is unique, interactive and patented looped tags that baby will touch and explore. Reaching for the uniquely different colors, textures and patterns, babies and toddlers alike will engage in a stimulating, yet cozy environment. With snuggly soft fabric and tactile features, TAGGIES help Moms and Dads nurture a child for positive social and emotional development. In ultra soft boa, our portable snuggle partner is baby’s perfect soothing companion. With 20 bright, engaging and tactile tags around the border, it offers little ones hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. This classic security item nurtures with simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation.

Main features

  • 20 vibrant, textured and engaging tags around each border
  • Promotes development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, opportunity to enhance social and emotional growth
  • Ultra soft boa
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry low
  • Measures 12″ x 12″

Verified reviews


Great idea, great product

I needed to buy a second Taggie blanket after I washed the original one for about the tenth time. That was when I realized the need for a replacement in case it needed washing during my son’s nap time or over night – or if it was ever lost, heaven forbid – because my son loves this blanket so much. At first he would cover his face with it but it’s lightweight and not too big so I didn’t worry too much about it. Now, at 10 months old, he loves to rub and chew on the tags.Yes, you can machine wash and dry. I wash in cold water, normal cycle, and dry along with the rest of my laundry. The fabric has remained plush and soft. I imagine the fabric could clump over time with repeated washings so I bought a second one to prolong the wear.I have one very small complaint, not enough to remove a star from my 5-star rating, and it relates to the Starry Night pattern. My first Taggie was a gift and looked exactly as shown in the product image. My second, purchased from Amazon, did not have the pattern with the moon centered. In fact, there is no moon at all. Might sound like nitpicking but if my son truly becomes attached to these blankets then he will know the difference between them when he gets older. Makes it tough to swap one out for the other. I wish the pattern matched on both Starry Night blankets.

Vera Depauville, NY

Perfect snuggle blankie

My baby loves this blankie. If he starts getting tired or grumpy, I just hand him his little Taggies blanket and he snuggles his little nose into it, sucks his thumb, and goes to sleep. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Christie Lochloosa, FL

Good Quality and Fun!

I bought this for my daughter when she became fascinated with the tags on her other toys. She loves it, and the quality is excellent. It is very soft, even after machine washing.

Lenora Centerville, MA

Cute and soft

This blanket is very cute. It’s a good size for a security item and is very soft. It’s been washed many times and has held up very well.

Ginger Penryn, CA

Impostor Taggies Blanket

I had ordered this blanket a few months ago, and wanted to order a third for my baby to have at daycare. The Taggies I received, sold from The Pro Store, is not the real deal. First, the material is fleece on this blanket, not boa as stated in the description. There are also only four tags on each side, not five (16 total). The product tag says "my taggies", where the authentic item says "Taggies". I will be attempting to return this item and will report to Amazon if possible.

Viola Friars Point, MS

Great idea

Our baby was constantly sucking on tags of blankets. This is a great idea – a blanket with tags all the way around. This is a small blanket, not really a blanket as a soothie to hold. Works great for something to occupy his hands when nursing.

Deanne Bedrock, CO

The Small Size is Perfect

I agree with the other reviewers who say the manufacturer of Taggies need to reconsider the open loops. We don’t want the little kiddos to get injured.I do want to say something about the size of this blanket. It’s only 12″ by 12″ – and that’s PERFECT!Why a smaller blanket? Well you can tuck it easily into a car seat or stroller. It won’t drag on the floor when carried around and therefore will remain clean longer. A blanket such as this will last longer than a handmade crocheted piece. Sorry grandma. Older kids can tuck it into a backpack or in their pillowcase – no bulky blanket hanging out.My mother was a quilter and made beautiful blankets before she passed away. She would make each new family member a spectacular quilted wall hanging and gave them as presents when they were born. She also made each baby a 16″ by 16″ blankie. The blankie had satin binding around the edge. She felt the smaller size was perfect and there are numerous family members who carried this treasured piece around with them for years and years. She was onto the right idea. Taggies has also captured this idea – smaller is better. Add a touch of silky softness, and kiddos will love it forever.

Bettie San Juan, PR

love these

My son and now my daughter use this. It’s easy to wash and you can pop it in the washer or dryer and there’s no problems. It keeps them busy too. My son used to suck on every tag which kept him occupied. Who ever thought of these was a genius.

Latanya Long Key, FL

Just okay

I bought this thinking it was the size of a typical baby blanket. It is very small, a little larger than an 8×10 sheet of paper. Please look at the dimensions before you buy. Additionally, my baby loves tags but doesn’t really care for this blanket to much.

Margot Willard, NY

Baby loves.

Our baby loves this, but funnily enough favors the actual product tag over the many colored play tags. Easy to travel with and can provide him with a good distraction when needed.

Earline Chester, MT

Not really a ‘blanket’

This product looks exactly as pictured. It washed well. I look fwd to giving this to my baby once he arrives. Pls note, this is not really a ‘blanket’ as it is only 12inches x 12inches in size.

Lorrie Karluk, AK

Ultra soft, cute and 3 month old loves it

This blanket was better than I expected. It’s soft and adorable. My 3 month old son was not “into” tags but I thought he’d like it because he likes to chews on blankets. The weather is getting hot so I don’t put a blanket on him when he’s in the car seat anymore. He seemed bored and doesn’t hold on to toys for very long. So I got this and it’s perfect. He loves to hold it and suck on it. The colorful tags capture his attention too. It’s the perfect size. It’s not meant to keep him warm, just something for him to chew and play with. It’s held up for about 5 washes and seems very durable. I also ordered a learning curve teething blanket but haven’t tried it out yet. He may like it better because it has different textures but the crinkle is loud and i might sometimes prefer he play with the quiet blanket. 🙂

Eula Fingerville, SC

TAGS, TAGS, and more TAGS

If your child loves TAGS like mine then this is a must have for baby. Every toy my child picked up she found a tag on it and chewed and chewed. Being the worried parent I had to remove them so she did not rip it off by accident and choke. Well whoever thought of this idea is AWESOME. We got this for our 9 month old for Christmas and she chews on these tags all day long and trots along with it in her mouth. She absolutely loves this little blanket and when she is not eating it it is on her little baby doll. This blanket is so durable and perfect that I do not have to worry about anything falling off to hurt her.

Elinor Alice, TX

Cute, gender neutral, just not a hit with my little guy

I got this for my baby when he was about 4 months old because he had showed an interest in texture of fabrics. For example he could only sleep on soft sheets and when playing loved to rub his face on soft materials. I got this thinking he may be interested in the texture and differences between the tags. This is “lovey” sized and very soft. I thought the pattern was cute (moons, stars, clouds) and gender neutral. In reality, he has shown less interest in this blanket than any others. He isn’t particularly interested in the tags. He is now almost a year old, we continue to have this blanket around, but it doesn’t hold much interest for him. However, others use it- makes a great blankie for stuffed animals and sometimes I stuff it in the diaper bag to use for wiping off little hands/faces.

Alexandra Everly, IA

Can’t live without it!

My daughter has this pattern, as well as about four other different colors. She is almost 20 months and absolutely in love with her Taggies! She carries them around with her wherever she goes, and definitely needs at least two to sleep with. We even bought a few spare for the grandparents house and both cars. The material on this Taggie is extra soft and there is something about having tags everywhere that has comforted her since she was a few months old. I would definitely recommend at least one of these for your little ones, they will love it!

Socorro Starks, LA

crack for babies

not sure what it is about these little tags but my baby ADORES them. He has this one and the peek-a-boo bear taggies and gets so excited when we give it to him. He just gnaws on them plays with the tags.

Augusta Shirley Basin, WY

rec’d on time and packaged well

i bought this product for my new granddaughter who was born Dec 23 2012. All babies like to play the tags on stuffed animals. so we will see how she likes in few months when she starts moving around

Sophie Canton, MS

Adorable and beautiful

This little blanket (don’t let the word blanket fool you, it is teeny) is soft, and so incredibly beautiful. Babies love sucking on tags so this is pretty ingenious! My son didn’t really take to it but he has never been big on soft and cuddly things. I bought this because it was so darn cute!

Jill Hubbell, NE

Not for us

I bought this after reading and hearing lots of great things about them.But my son has no interest on it whatsoever.Some kids might like it, it is indeed very soft, nice colors and all, but for some reason, my son didn’t care for it.And believe me, the boy LOVES tags. That’s the first thing he’ll look for in any toy…

Bette Lithia Springs, GA

well made

great product, i thought it was adorable, just the right size for my crawler to carry around with her or sit and play with… baby does cuddle with it when she’s getting tired and she does keep getting it out when she’s playing, though nothing holds her attention for long. i would recommend this, it is very well made, and has survived many trips through the washer with no signs of wear.

Kathleen Cannelburg, IN

Essential baby gear

Every new baby in our family gets one of these. Good size when they are small, easy for kids to carry around as they get bigger, and when they are "too big" for blankies, they are easy to stash until really needed. I picture my kids packing these off to college "just in case".

Lorna Morven, GA